How To Date A Horrible Girl

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  1. Imagine a guy about to go on a blind date: He's going to be spending an evening with her. She's supposed to be incredibly beautiful, and she is. She seems nice at first, sure, but as the night continues, he soon discovers she grew up a problem child, her parents being lily-livered rich folk who gave in to all her demands. She's got extreme tastes, skydiving, surfing, boxing/wrestling, paintball/airsoft, among other sports, an eye for fashion, especially in kinky outfits that fit her definition of 'sexy.'

    The entire time, she's incredibly positive, and he can only play along as not to shatter what he believes to be a fragile ego, messing with other patrons, 'playfully' kicking him under the table, causing him to have to evade the police while driving home, and forcing him into more dates under the threat of death, and tears.

    TL;DR: So basically, guy meets crazy lady, crazy lady likes guy and plans to make his life a living hell.
  2. I like this!
    I wanna make your life hell!
  3. Oh my god, you fucking demon!

    Oh boy! a taker! :D
  4. I am actually pretty super stoked for this! I've never played a crazy girl before. WHHOO!! :D
  5. Mmmkay! So you gonna get the IC up? Do you want me to find a picture? What do you need me to do?
  6. I'll get the IC up. feel free to get a character picture if you want.

    Any specific age group at least over 16 you want to use?
  7. Would you like to do young adults? Like 23-ish range? They could have their own apartment then, and she could try to take over his =P
  8. Mmkay! Awesome