How to create a good Introduction to a RolePlay

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  1. How to create a good Introduction to a RolePlay

    Your introduction page is the start of your role play and you should make it as appealing and drawing as possible, so that your target audienceare instantly hooked on your rp.

    One of the first things you will want are sections. Most introduction pages will have a quick explanation of the role play setting, theme,and plot. It will also have the rp specific rules, as well as anintroduction to start off the role play. You will want to put thesein sections, often emphasized by editing the title text format of the section. I will now list the three basic sections of the introduction page.

    Section1: Setting, Theme, and Plot

    In this section you want to post the role play setting, theme, and plot.The first thing you need to know before explaining these things, are the meanings of the words, setting, theme, and plot.

    The setting is where your role play takes place. This will be the time frame, country, city, town, etc. Your role play can have several settings. The theme is pretty much what your role play is based on, weather it be a tv show, a movie, book, or something as simple as an emotion or symbol such as love, hate, war, or death. Finally, the plot is basically the story line of your role play, what is going onin your rp world? Describe the way the world used to be, and how it is today. You want to put your role play world's image in your target audience's head.

    Section2: Rules

    Most role plays should have a list of general rules the members should follow, so that no one has a bad experience with your role play. The first thing you should do is always post a link to Iwaku's Official Rules which apply for all threads made. Following that, you should organize a list of rules that will prevent members from doing things such as god modding or bunnying.

    Section3: Role Play Introduction

    Every role play has to start somewhere, that is up to you, the creator of the role play. You should make some kind of plot starter to givepeople something to do in the role play. This can be as simple as describing the environment, or creating some kind of event that the members can interact with upon joining. It will give your role play apush to get a flow of posts and making your role play a success fromthe start.


    If you follow this, your introduction page should be perfectly appealing to your target audience, and drag them in. It is also a great idea to add pictures and banners to the header and footer of the thread, so that your audience isn't bored from all the information posted.

    I hope this guide helps you all with your introduction pages!


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