How to create a Fantasy Universe (Part 1: Typical Fantasy) [Episode 1]

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  1. So, you might be wondering... "How do I create a fantasy universe? Not just any universe. A balanced and logical one." Well, fear not because here I come with a tutorial.
    So, this first part will be the typical fantasy- like for example Lord of The Rings or The Wheel of Time.
    To not make you absorb too ma=uch at once I split this part into several episodes. So, first important thing:
    Inhabitants (aka Species)
    So, you first need to decide which species do you want to throw in. The most common are
    They're tall, they are wise, they have pointy ears and handle bows with ease. Basically every MMO, Fantasy book or movie has them, but you can be an exception and leave them out of your work.
    So, dwarves are often the race unfriendly towards elves. Dwarves are small, have beards, handle axes and drink tons of beer. Another generic race, which is supposed to be in every fantasy ever, yet again you can be original and not include them.
    Orcs are ugly, smelly, they are often controlled by an evil force. They get no special, big role in the books, movies, etc. but they are (just as elves and dwarves) vital for the universes (because of reasons.)
    Ogres are huge, brainless creatures that eat humans alive and tear buildings apart. They are not a big part of a fantasy, and (for once in a while) you don't have to put them in.
    The "Not- Generic" Races/Species
    So, there are the ones that are always in the books, movies, etc. but there are also a few races that not many fantasy creators use and they're good races after all. So, to not make it too long:
    The Khajit
    Being a creation of Bethesda, makers of The Elder Scrolls, Khajit are the cat-people, which in our real world would be called "furries". They are often merchants that wait for customers outside the city.
    Yet another Elder Scrolls race, the Argonian are antropomorphic (human-like) lizards. They are great at swimming, as they can breathe underwater.
    Another game species, but this time WoW. Pandaren are the inhabitants of Pandaria and are humanoid pandas (duh). They often wear the triangular chinese hat and are overally based on asian cultures.
    So, that would cover the first part of the series. Next time: The Beliefs.