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  1. Greetings,

    due to recent developments I decided to create little piece of CSS which would allow me to change the usergroup colours of Iwaku to my liking. As I imagine that a few others might be interested in it, too, here's how:

    1. Install Stylish for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
    2. Go to this website to view the userstyle I made.
    3. You can change the colours on the right-hand side.
    4. Install the userstyle.
    If you then take a look at Iwaku, the usernames should have changed in colour.

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  2. Updated the stylesheet to also change ribbon-colours.
  3. JUST A NOTE: No one else is going to see this color change. Just you! Because this is a browser trick. So only you will appreciate the colors. 8D
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  4. My colours match my avatar again 8'D

    /was devastated when Orange was chosen for CVs, Orange is the one colour I can honestly say I just don't like.
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  5. Thanks, most definitely using this. -_-
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  6. Is there a way we can do this for content on posts? I have vision problems so when people post in ten different colours that aren't white, I get pretty squinty.
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