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  1. This is actually rather simple. All you have to do is describe 5 objects from the room you're in without actually saying what the object is. If other members know what you're describing, you are great at describing objects! If they don't know the object based on your descriptions alone, ask them how they would describe it and try again with a different set of items! (To make things easier, use things that are generally well known, ie, books, desks, etc. Nothing like a statue, because people might not get it if they never seen it.) Good luck!
  2. I sit and look,
    I see a box,
    A rectangular box used for playing games,

    Many types of games from rated E for everyone to M for Mature,
    the games can be single or multi-player but only up to four,
    Unless of course you are playing online then it can be more,

    You can get points for a profile on this box,
    so that you can buy more games,
    items, or explanations,

    These points are owned by Microsoft,
    And the box can go on live,
    Do you know what item one could be?
    Well I guess just wait and see.

    This is a creature,
    A small house hold pet,
    The colors of it's coat are,
    white, brown, and black,

    They can not climb,
    They are not rats,
    But our close cousins,

    Do you know what that creature is?
    If not here is one more hint,
    Think of an animal with the name pig,
    Have it now?
    I hope but you'll find out soon enough.

    The third item is very common,
    And it can be worn,
    They come in many styles,

    This one is black and blue,
    They come in many sizes,
    Small, medium, and large,
    These our the most common worn,

    They help hold something up,
    Or sometimes just to add style,
    Do you know what it is?

    Item four is rare not to have,
    It comes in many shapes and sizes,
    Some our flat and some our wide,

    They come with a remote,
    So you can turn it on or off,
    It shows many things,
    And has many uses,

    You can plug up different items,
    just not your phone, ipad, or mp3.
    What is this item?
    Do you know or have a thought?
    Well find out if it's right soon enough.

    Our finial item is something,
    Different than all the others,
    It is fluffy, and soft,

    You usually use it at night,
    There are many different,
    designs, shapes, and sizes,

    But you still do one simple thing,
    You can use it to,
    Cuddle, or snuggle,
    Be under or above,

    Many find it comfy,
    And will turn to it,
    When they are,
    Scared, upset, hurt,
    Or just need to relax,

    What is this last and final item?
    Well take a guess,
    Do you know?
    Do you feel there all right?
    Well let's find out.

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    X-box live/360/One, guinea pig, a belt, a t.v. and a blanket
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  3. Many a sheep gave it's wool to produce such a monstrous thing. Each little segment dyed another horrendous colour not even near the rainbow makes up the whole. Though it appears hauntingly gaudy, it provides quite a copious amount of warmth, and for that I am grateful in the winter months.

    It stands tall and proud in it's own holder, never used. It smells ever so faintly of lavender, and would a flame kiss the top, it could light the whole bathroom.

    So soft and fluffy, covered in a cloth. It supports my head as I rest and nap, and I'll sometimes have to fluff it again.

    Slender and tall, dripping with moisture, this quenches my thirst after a long day. The frozen bits clink against the glass as I move it to my lips to take a sip of its cool, clear contents.

    The little beastie stirs in sleep, his limbs pointed to the air and his smashed in face upside down in his awkward sleep. A wee tail curls behind him and he loves to try and chase it.
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  4. 1). Dark furnished lumber form the shell of it, as this cube shaped piece stands aloft in the middle of the room. Roughly two or so feet high, this cube of wood houses objects within, and on top it has a piece of wood that is slimmer, yet slightly bigger, protruding out from the top of said cube. The edges of said top piece are rounded, and only about an inch tall.

    2). This polyester rectangle gets used every night to place my head on.

    3). This polygon is awkward, in the fact that it is metalic when you tap on it, yet is light weight. From the top, it is circular, but from the sides it looks like a rounded rectangle. Being about two inches tall and six inches wide this object houses smaller objects within it when you take off the top part.

    4). Rounded rectangle with a strap and a handle on one side. Black in design, and slim being only four inches high by about twenty inches wide. The side of it has a zipper, of which is used to open and close said object, while the one side has a flap that can also zipper to open or close for a smaller object.

    5). A small white rectangle on the wall, about roughly an inch across by about two inches long. It has two metal pieces screwed into it to support it's location. There is a lever in the middle of the rectangle.
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  5. Scattered keys of black and some white rest lazily beneath pecking tendrils of a fleshy hand. Illuminated by soft light cast from the source above, falling on soft pillars stacking high and neat, surrounded by tomes and pancaked orbs held neatly in molded packs; alphabetical, a neat little row of the sum of the minds of others portrayed in great images to stir the mind. Oh the days of heat and blistering skies would bring long bouts of exploring these visuals, wrought by a contrasting cool of spinning blades, seesawing in unison whilst rotating, emanating an artificial breeze. As the days pass by this is opposed by both time and climate, red coils would glow a warming spell, expunged to fill the cracks of a whining house against the chill of winter.

    ...somehow I feel I may have been to... uh...
    Abstract? No... I can't think of the word.
    Edit: Vague. That's it.

    Answers. . . yup. (open)
    You see a keyboard beneath your typing hands, illuminated by the electric bulbs above. The the lights cast shadows through thin pillars and shelves upon stories between the medium of book and movie, all aligned and organized. On hot summer days one would find themselves escaping the heat which the time brought through reading or viewing cinema; hailed by an oscillating fan and over bearing air conditioning. As the months fade through the course of the year one finds these tools replaced with fire like coils within a fine space heater and the furnace below. The heat seems to bloat the house during this time, leading to a what is like a steady breathing, artificial in a sense, yet as natural as the humming sea.
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  6. A little bit vague, but you described it good enough for me to be able to guess ^^