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    • [tab=Introduction]
    This is Lazer City. A city on planet Earth 9, the planet that was meant to be the back up plan if Mother Nature fast forwarded global warming and killed the first Earth. Unfortunately Earth 9 was home to a small population of Radiation Worms who crawled into the skulls of the first colony, but they didn't realize that until they started having kids with freakish mutations or crazy enhanced IQs. Fast forward ten years and Lazer City has been created by the cream of the radiated offspring crop. The only thing is that the crop has been split in half by the hyper vigilantes and the villainous kingpins, with both trying to mold Lazer City into a place better fitting of their needs, so naturally the two groups clash.

    The hyper vigilantes created a League of Heroes who scour the city for bad guys.
    And the villainous kingpins weren't all too great at getting along but they all had a common enemy so they made uneasy alliances, created a set of four rules and agreed to converge every year at a Villainous Convention (VillainCon).

    I won't go in to depth about the heroes, because this isn't called "How to be a Hero". So! There are four types of villainous races and each group created a rule. (It should be noted that these sum up the races of Lazer City and half of each group-- except for the Sewerlings-- make up the hero population)
Lazer City Races
IQDs (Intelligence Quotient Destroyers) - These are the aesthetically pleasing villains who's mutations made them frighteningly smart and they got to remain human looking. (They came up with rule 1)

Sewerlings - Probably the ugliest race, the Sewerlings are hideously disfigured and deformed creatures who are sensitive to light and live underground. They resemble the radiation worms the most and so are shunned by the 'good' of society but welcomed with open arms by the villains and their followers. Due to their disabilities, Sewerlings keep to the shadows and come out at night to spread their ill will via infection (they inherited that from the worms) or by just being general nuisances. Not all Sewerlings are crazy sensitive to light though, and some can brave the daylight under parasols and veils etc. (They came up with rule 2)

Animalistics - For some reason, the first colony brought a host of zoo animals and domestic pets with them and so the worms targeted said animals, causing them to mutate immediately due to the closeness in brain capacity. And when these animals attacked the humans, they turned into hybrids mixes of humans and whatever animal attacked them. (They came up with rule 3)

Robotists - A few years before Lazer City was created, a group of scientists wanted to create a squad of robot exterminators to eliminate the radiation worm problem, and they succeeded in both endeavors. Unfortunately they underestimated how adaptive the worms were and before they were driven completely to extinction, they infected some of the robots, effectively turning them into AIs. So when the scientists wanted to retire the robots now turned AIs, said machinery got the hell out of dodge and some joined the heroes, but most joined the villains. (They created rule 4)
  • Be respectful to each other.

    At least one post per week.

    Don't Godmod.

    Don't create perfect characters.

    This is a Multi Paragraph RP, so at least two paragraphs per post with over 5 sentences each.

    This is not a libertine rp, so fade to black for romantic scenes that move past making out.

    Have fun!
  • Character Sheet
    Fantasy Appearance or Description (If description it needs to be 7 sentences min.)
    Age: (15-23; Good Kid should be 12-17)
    Gender or Gender Identified With: (Robotists can be androgynous)

    Personality: (Don't list.)
    Strengths: (At least three)
    Weaknesses: (At least three)

    Crimes: (They should not be too crazy, as they are still junior villains. Omit for Good Kid)
    Writing Sample: (At least ten sentences. Write in POV of character.)
    Theme Song (Optional)

    Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
    Lessandra Lorenzo - The Good Sewerling played by Thingtastic
    Grizabella Ladroni - The Villainous Fashionista played by Autumn Wyvern
    Hospes - Animalistic
    Rin Mico - Robotist
    Aria Valle - IQD
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  • The Good Kid

    She is able to open her mouth, but not very wide, so she can't pronounce certain sounds. She has a long grayish-purple tongue that can stretch out of her mouth for about 12". Her hair, is in fact not hair and excess skin cells that have warped into tendrils. Her body is relatively humanoid shaped, but she does have a short tail due to a mutated tail bone. The tail resembles a lizards and whips back and forth. Her limbs are long and spindly, but her arms are a bit longer and so if she's walking, they drag on the ground. She has long bone claws that are hard to break, but if they are broken, they will stay that way. Her entire body save for her claws are covered in light green scales, but her stomach is soft and moist. Her claws are painted with various bright nail polish colors, and she has adorned her head tendrils with barrettes and ribbons.When she wants to walk on the surface, she wears a long black hood and veil.

    Lessandra (She believes that her father meant to name her Alexandra, but their kind aren't particularly adept at vocalizing certain letters and sounds) Lorenzo
    Gender Identified With
    Female (Like most Sewerling's Lessandra was born without any private parts, so she just identifies as a female due to once being mistaken as one after surfacing. It was at night and her back had been to the guy. Then she turned around and he'd run screaming into the night.)

    Lessandra is a meek girl who tends to see the best in everyone. She likes to try and understand people and compromise with them if they're having problems. She can be a bit of a doormat though, because when she tries to help her fellow sewerlings and they start taking advantage of her by asking too much or getting her to do everything for them, she doesn't realize it until someone points it out. Even then she'll just say 'no harm no foul' and go about her business. She is a patient girl and likes to float through life, rather than rush. Her dream is to help her fellow sewerlings integrate properly into surface society by wearing clothing that hides their mutation. Aside from not being evil, the only big problem with Lessandra is that she isn't accepting of her own nature and often wishes that she was an IQD or even a cute Animalistic.
    • Spectacular Sense of Smell
    • Good Communicator
    • She's spectacular at sewing, designing and mending clothing.
    • Infectious Spit (If she spits on anything other than another Sewerling or a Robotist, they will become infected and mutate. However, she has never spat on anyone and refuses to.)
    • Retracting Claws
    • Bad Eyesight (Everything and everyone's a blur to her no matter how close they are)
    • Needs to be sprayed with water every hour and completely emerged in water every four hours.
    • Can't and refuses to fight
    • She refuses to use her infectious spit.
    • She's sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate.
    • Bleeding heart.

    Writing Sample
    This was it. Her time to shine. To show people that she could be...Well a person!

    She had spent months on this outfit and had perfected it to the point that she looked like a surface walker. She knew this because after walking through the sewers with the outfit on, more than a few of her fellow Sewerlings had run from her until she revealed who she really was. So now here she was, standing right below the east manhole, about to climb up and finally be...Normal. Pushing the lid up and to the side, Lessandra crawled out of the manhole, being careful not to rip her outfit. The manhole was in the back of an alley so she didn't run the risk of blowing her cover by revealing that she had exited from the sewers. When she was completely out, she pushed the lid back and twisted it till it clicked, signalling that it was locked. It was a gutsy move, locking her only way back home, but she was confident that this was going to work.

    Standing tall, Lessandra fished a bottle of expensive perfume out of her gown and spritzed herself excessively to remove the smell of waste, while simultaneously hydrating her skin. She'd made the outfit porous for that one purpose. Picking up her dress, Lessandra strolled towards the mouth of the alley and melted into the crowd. No one took any notice of where she had come from, although a few did stare at her outfit. Although Lazer City was home to quite a few fashion cultures, not that many people dressed in Victorian garb nowadays. The current 'it' fashion was skin tight and a plethora of zippers, which was cute, but Lessandra couldn't wear that stuff without revealing her true nature. Besides, she liked dresses, they were splendid.

    After walking for quite a bit, Lessandra spotted a quaint tea cafe and decided to check it out. Teh Robotist shopkeeper greeted her with a bright smile. Or at least, it sounded like he was smiling.

    "My, aren't you a tall glass of water! Quite literally!" He commented, marveling at her height. Lessandra giggled in what she hoped was a normal way and sat down at one of the round tables.
    "What'll you have?" The shopkeeper asked, pulling out a pad and pencil. He was one of the more humane robots who preferred to serve humanity with themes and characteristics that would better suit those who were nostalgic for the first Earth.

    "What'ssss, good on the menu?" The sewerling responded cursing her stupid mouth for putting so much emphasis on her s'.

    Unbeknownst to her, the shopkeeper frowned at her response. His next words were hesistant and twinged with suspicion. "We have a new drink, the shockachino. It's a cappuchino with tiny electric currents mixed in. It's a good boost of energy for the downtrodden and a favorite of Robotists with a palate for humanoid sustenance.

    "I'll take that then!" Lessandra decided and the shopkeeper left to make her drink. He came out in about two minutes with a small cup with blue steam rising above it, but as he approached her table he seemed to trip over nothing and the boiling hot contents of the cup flew through the air, splashing Lessandra in the process.

    "Aaaaah!" She shrieked, getting up quickly. The porous qualities of the dress turned against her as the hot liquid seeped into her dress and onto her skin, thoroughly scalding her. "Aah! Aah! Oh no!" She yelled, ripping at her costume and revealing herself to the shopkeeper. Said Robotists began to shout out with glee. "I knew it! You're a sewerling! I'm going to alert the authorities and---Error. Error. Error." Suddenly the shopkeeper was ripped in two, by another patron that neither Lessandra or the shopkeeper had noticed. The stranger was wearing a black trench coat, shades and a cowl, but Lessandra would recognize him even with the costume.


    "Let'ssss go." Shrederick Lorenzo hissed, grabbing his daughter's arm and pulling her out of the shop by way of the back door. They made it back to the manhole in record time and before she knew it, they were wading into the disgusting green water and returning to 'civilization'.

    When they got back to her father's office, the older Sewerling slammed his fist onto the desk. "Thisss hass got to ssstop, Lessandra!"

    She wants to create a fashion boutique for Sewerlings who want to live on the surface and blend in with 'regular' society.
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  • Reserve for my animalistic, as well!
  • Does it matter what race I pick for the good kid? @Thingtastic
  • WIP

    Image (open)

    Name: Aidana
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wolf Animalistic
    Physical Description: Aidana has long and silky dark brown hair that verges black. It tends to come down in waves reaching just past her shoulders, often seeming tousled and wild due to her near-constant running. Protruding from her head is a pair of equally-silky wolf ears of a similar in shade - these ears often being the best way to read Aidana's emotions, as they serve to be very expressive. Along with the ears, Aidana has a matching wolf tail just above her butt: something that also displays lots of expression for her. All-around, Aidana is rather petite, something that annoys her greatly. Her skin is pale and she's not exactly the curviest girl you'll find around.

    Personality: Aidana is a sassy and energetic little ball of fire. She's stubborn as hell, never going without showing her pride and boasting whenever she gets the chance - and always trying to establish a dominance and higher reputation over those around her. At times, her fiery and fierce attitude can come off as a bit childish, though she'll snap if you try to tell her that. Her shtick is that she loves 'playing' around with those she preys on, often trying to psychologically mess with them, and always throwing taunts and snarky remarks their way. But, beneath her thick shell of attitude and sass? Aidana is rather mellow and laid back and feels very lonely, though it's hard to get through to her enough to see this side. A piece of advice, though - don't push her too far. She might seem harmless from a glance at her antics, but when she gets mad, this wolf has claws.
    Strengths: Running, tracking, and climbing. And, if it qualifies? Aidana is the queen of taunting and mockery. She's very fleet of foot and agile, making it easy for her to run and climb to large extents. Her wolf senses allow for tracking things down in a snap. And, well, her favorite hobby just might be taunting, mocking, and toying with her 'prey'.
    Weaknesses: While her enhanced senses are a blessing, they also serve as a curse. If one were to overwhelm her with loud noises, strong scents, or anything that might throw off her vision, she'd be rendered temporarily out for the count. Perhaps even unconscious. On top of this, Aidana occasionally gets too caught up in her sass, snark, taunting and her general attempts to remind everyone she's alpha that she provides opportunity for a blow or an escape to be made.

    Crimes: Disturbing the peace, vandalism, harassment, and petty theft.
    Writing Sample: (At least ten sentences. Write in POV of character.)
    Theme Song or
    Other: Aidana is pansexual.​
  • Also, so we don't fill out the personality? Or we don't put it in list format?
  • Well we already have two animalistics and two sewerlings so it can't be that.
  • Yeah just don't put it in list format. Also I'm a bit confused about the appearance of your animalistic? They're supposed to ay least have some animal parts but yours looks like a human?
  • Sweet. As for the appearance, I actually intend to include a more detailed description with the picture. I just couldn't find a fantasy image that also had wolf ears/tail.
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  • WIP

    Name: A
    Age: 23
    Gender or Gender Identified With: Male
    Race: Robotist

    Personality: A is cold and ruthless, never showing mercy to any enemy. he is also known and feared for his cruelty and brutality. He is very arrogant, but also has a somewhat cowardly side; he tends to flee when the tide is against him. Despite this, he is also quite relentless; he is totally determined to destroy the all the heroes, and will sometimes fight them even when he is in a bad condition. However, A is not completely heartless, caring for his people and animals, and on one occasion, even showed pity for a hero, letting her land minor hits on him before knocking her out.
    High speed and strength
    extremely proficient sword wielder
    skilled pilot
    decent shot with a gun
    skilled military tactician
    Can split his arms in half to make an extra set of arms

    easy to trick
    Water (He can stand the rain, but if he's dumped into the ocean, or a pool, he's done.)
    Extreme heat
    Crimes: Assault
    Writing Sample: Clank! The high pitched sounds of the swords clashing could be heard all through the empty building. Inside the building was A and he mentor having a sword fighting training. A's master was blocking all of his swings, and A was getting frustrated. "Stop using the standard attacks, use the unorthodox." A's master said as he blocked more of A's attacks. A gave his master what he wanted. He attacked him with the sword, and tried to sweep kick him. But A's master blocked both of his attacks. He was then back to the same attacks again. "How often must I tell you? Control my central line." With one hand, A, swung the sword down and made his master move a little to the right. He then swung the other sword, in his other hand, to the left. Unfortunately his master dodge this move to. "Good." With all his might, A, charge at his master full speed. His master quickly moved out of the way. The robot tripped into a pile of barrels. A got back up, and started to attack his master once again. "Faster, must destroy focus." With that said, A started to swing the two swords faster. "You're holding the sword to tight." A loosened his grip on his swords. His master then he A's right hand and his sword flew out of A's hand. His mater caught the sword and spoke. "Now to lightly. Hmmm, a new one." His master said as he examined the sword. Yes, Your training has served me well my master. It had rewarded me many trophies. A said as he placed his sword on his back. "Don't let pursuit of trophies cloud your reality. Remember I taught you A, in order to succeed against the best of the hero's, you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. If any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage the, only then will you ensure your victory, and have your trophies." A's master said as he handed A back his sword. A slowly grabbed his sword, and placed back on his back. "I think that will be all for today." His master said as he walked away. "Oh, your father wanted me to tell that you will be training, along with others, Lorenzo's daughter how to be evil." With that said, A's master left the empty bulid building, and so did A
    Theme Song
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  • Okay!
  • Can i Reserve for a IQD? or would you rather another race? @Thingtastic
  • Can you check my CS @Thingtastic ,and tell me if anything is wrong with it.
  • I'd actually prefer another Robotist, seeing as all the other races have been doubled up.

    Honestly, I don't think he seems like a good guy, just like he's apathetic when it comes to doing anything that doesn't benefit him, which would make him a sociopath which is still kind of bad. I was honestly imagining somebody more innocent and naive. Also you said in his personality that he's not altruistic but the whole point of the rp is that he SHOULD BE. If he's not a good person, then there's no point to the rp.

    Also despite the length of the sheet's personality part, that's still a list, it's sentences that doesn't seem to come in a particular order.

    The nano suit also seems to make the user invincible, which even though this rp doesn't quite focus on battles, that's too OP. I need a set time limit for the modes. Also I have no clue what EMP means, so if you'd define that, that would be good.

    Actually if this is too much for you, and I know I said I wouldn't be playing the good kid, but I could play them instead and you could just play one of the villainous children.
  • Yeah, you take the good guy part. XD I can play a robotist, for that other person can play as a IQD.
  • Never mind you can have the IQD, as @Cats has decided to take the Robotist. :D

    Awesome, sorry for the confusion!

  • e562e0cabdb7e45bd8ad4a82d0ef8e97.jpg
    Plex is one of the more human version of Robotists, but also has a habit of removing her face on occasion. She is a lighter build, not heavy armor or platting, and instead has a sleek design of sliver plating and black looking armor pieces that aid in strength. Her eyes are black with color changing orbs, typically blue which is her best visual setting. Her ears look like huge headphones, but act as her hearing sensors ranging in about a hundred foot radius. In the same manner, her boots are actually her feet. Plex has a habit of dressing provocatively, for better functionality and lack of humility. All of her parts can, and usually are, traded out for more realistic human parts when committing one of her crimes; even her hair, seen in a variety of styles and made of silky plastic fibers, is switch to wings that are the real deal.

    Name: Model Number PV573
    Plex Variant (self-given)
    Age: 20
    Gender or Gender Identified With: Mostly female with removable (non-functioning) parts; has been seen as male from time to time when impersonating.
    Race: Robotist

    Personality: Plex, like many other Robotists, is for the most part apathetic. She doesn't really care one way or the other about certain subjects, but that doesn't mean she's completely mechanical. Being more on the android side of things, Plex's model came with a full set of programming that allows her to understand emotions and even, after the new update, feel them to a certain degree.

    Plex likes to challenge herself and therefore goes for more than just the simple voice of and everyday person. So over the years, she has learned to mimic a variety of voices, in a plethora of accents, octaves and tones. She can even impersonate a couple of sewerlings. Because of this Plex is multilingual and can understand a good amount of species.

    Though callous, Plex shows an uncharacteristic loyalty towards her friends and a select few of fellow Robotists. She does what she can to help in whatever way they need, usually getting some form of compensation out of it, and is there when someone needs her. Don't get her wrong though. If one of them fell in front of her she'd just laugh at them until they pick themselves up.

    Absolutely shameless and has used her..."parts" to her advantage on more than one occasion.

    Needs to be charged for at least four hours a day (something she forgets to do often)
    Sinkable with compromised core under 300 feet.
    Literal(doesn't quite have a handle on sarcasm or jokes/puns)
    Weak Joints(parts can be knocked off easily if hit the right way)

    Multiple accounts of Identity Theft and False Pretense
    Several accounts of Public Indecency
    Two accounts of Prostitution
    Writing Sample: "Model Number PV573," the officer read from the bar code permanently inked to the top of her breastplate. His eyes lingered a few seconds too long on the curve of her bosom where her artificial skin shone, barely covered by the light weight banding she wore. Plex rolled her eyes, both at his staring and the use of her model number, before crossing her arms over her chest to break his eye contact. He cleared his throat before continuing,"Are you aware of what prostitution entails?" "The exchange of sexual acts in return for some sort of benefit," Plex recited from her database after a second.

    "So you're fully aware of the charge I'm accounting to your record?" Plex rolled her eyes, a habit she picked up from her last identity theft, and cocked out her hip. "These aren't even function parts," she muttered under her breath just loud enough for him to hear, aware of how his eyes followed her movements. She could almost hear his thoughts. That's too bad. "Sorry, but even though there was no penetration, what we did catch you doing was enough to take you in," the officer pulled out the cuffs. "Kinky," Plex commented while turning around, complying while the IQD cuffed her. As he started to read her rights, the amended version since she was a Robotist, Plex spoke up again. "Tell me Officer. Did the IQD Senator get arrested for solicitation?" She already knew that the answer was no, and when he fell silent she couldn't help but chuckle. She sat in the backseat with a smile, clutching onto her new stained glass butterfly tenderly.

    Theme Song:

    Favorite Song:

    Other: Plex has a strange fascination with stained glass anything and will usually barter for something other people might see as junk. She is also fond of sexual jokes and cracks them from time to time.
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  • [​IMG]
    Appearance: A large tan noodle of a beast. Her skin is fleshy, smooth, and has a bit of a squish to it like a lizard or a dolphin. She has eight beady eyes on her eyeplate, which is blue and is more chitinous and sturdy. Her arms and hands are thin and black. They appear to be the same as her claws at first since they are shiny and hard to the touch, but are in fact much more supple and allows for a large range of motion. She likes to adorn herself with frilly clothing, and is usually seen with a parasol regardless of if she is in daylight or not.
    Name: Grizabella "Bella" Ladroni
    Age: 17
    Gender or Gender Identified With: Female
    Race: Sewerling

    Personality: Bella is envious of all and riddled with jealousy and masks it all under a boastful ego and vanity. She craves the spotlight and wishes for nothing more to see to it that those already there are ruined and dragged through the mud... Or slime, whatever works. She is, of course, aware of the position in society that she was born into but if that bothers her she doesn't seem to show it. She has radical ideas on this matter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She collects parasols and has a taste for lolita-style fashion, even if she has to tailor everything herself. An overall huge brat.
    Strengths: Sturdy frame- she's hard to knock down
    Seamstress - Those tiny hands are good for something. It's sewing
    Slime - She oozes it (usually when upset)
    Weaknesses: Physically weak - She can take a hit but she can't dole one out
    Poor eyesight - Quantity over quality with this one, has to get uncomfortably close to things to see them well.

    Cumbersome anatomy - Slow moving, no grace to speak of, that tail is way too long.

    Crimes: Multiple accounts of petty theft, disturbing the peace, once got really upset and covered a man in slime.
    Writing Sample: After hearing about a quaint little cafe that stayed open late Bella knew that she just had to go an check it out. All the smaller more humanoid lolita girls get to eat at cafes with their cute little teacups and cakes and she was determined to show them up in cuteness! Once there she found that the door was a bit smaller than anticipated and required bowing her head down and lots of wiggling. Once she got in about three people left. She cast a disparaging glance at them as they ran past. The thought that if she ever saw them again she'd spit on them crossed her mind, but she wasn't able to get a good look at any of them so they'd be near-impossible to recognize, ah well. She made her way over to the counter at her typical lumbering pace, and at the counter found that she still could not read the menu from where she stood. She leaned over the counter as best she could and tilted her head back and forth at a futile attempt to read. She towered over the poor frightened barista who could only mutter a weak "can I help you?"
    "Oh yes you certainly can!" Bella started, "don't you have some sort of paper menu I could look at? The text on the one above you is far too small for me to read." She re-positioned herself so that she was looking at the poor fellow with four of her beady little eyes.
    "Oh, um no. Sorry but I can... um... Read it to you? If you want?" They fumbled over their words and kept trying to look anywhere but at the sewerling before them.
    "Ugh. Spare me." She sneered. "That'd take far too long I'm a very busy girl I'll have you know." She made a noise halfway between a growl and a huff and made her way to the door. She was going to go home and write up a very nasty blog post about this cafe and how unaccommodating it was to her disabilities! She spat a glob of neon blue slime on one of the tables on her way out, for good measure.
    Theme Song I'll make an 8tracks playlist by the end of this just watch me

    Other: she has a blog most of the posts are aesthetic posts and selfies as well as the occasional rant about her own special ideas on "social justice"

    old post (open)
    @Thingtastic Well. This is a bit awkward because we kind of had the same idea... And I was really exited so I kind of started without looking at the other apps... And by kind of started i mean. Almost finished.
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  • Oh that's completely fine! In fact we can say that Bella was Lessandra's mentor or something due to them having similar traits and interests.
  • Sounds good to me ;V
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  • -Almost done- WIP

    Name: Nicole D'Lacrue
    Age: 20
    Gender or Gender Identified With: Female
    Race: IQD

    Personality: Nicole is very self absorbed and confident. She believes in herself that sometimes all the time, it gets too much. Mistakes, are something she believes she will never make and should she do, she will deny it vehemently. Nicole, despite being smart is horribly clumsy. She has the tendency to trip over her own plans, or just plain knock things off their place. There was once a time she set up a net trap and accidentally set it off. Nicole is also pretty fickle, making up her mind quickly. It's also because of her fickle nature that she often leaves her plans. They only get about halfway or sometimes nearly finished before she loses interest and cancels it.

    Nicole is quick on her feet, being fickle-minded she finds changing or things not going according to plan easy to adjust to.

    Intellect, as it comes with her race, she's just about as intelligent as all of them. Often playing mind games, should the situation allow her.

    Nicole is skilled with computers. Finding it easy to hack files and other basic things. She's gradually getting better at this.

    Being fickle-minded she's indecisive. When given an important decision to make, she spazzes out.

    Nicole is physically unfit. You can make her run a short distance but things as jogging a kilometer tires her out. As well as lifting things, and being flexible.

    She's claustrophobic and can't stand tight spaces. She isn't able to think straight once she's put in such a situation. Often getting panic attacks due to tight spaces, she's trying to slowly make it bearable.

    Breaking and entering. Petty theft. Aaand, hacking.
    Nicole had a neighbor who was so full of himself. He often bragged about his accomplishments to the whole neighborhood it was annoying her. So, she decided to mess with him. She got on her computer and hacked his, while he was using it. Files opening and closing. Images popping up and codes that it freaked him out making him move to a different neighborhood a week after her hacking spree.

    Writing Sample:
    Jamie. It was that godforsaken name again. That prideful little nuisance that needed to know his place. Oh, how she loathed his very existence. WIP
    Theme Song (Optional)
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