How to avoid peeing yourself

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  1. It's not usually fun to admit, but we all have something that makes us want to scream and/or hide under a blanket. Spiders, heights, closed spaces, clowns, being on planes, leprachauns.... You name it and someone out there in the world is probably afraid it. There are all types of fears, including some really unique ones, but people don't just go around saying "I'm afraid of belly button lint," so it's a memorable event when someone decides to tell you their fears. It's interesting to learn what other people are afraid of and how they cope with it.

    So tell me:

    1.) What you're afraid of

    and/ or

    2.) How do you avoid peeing your pants when you are really afraid?

    If you have any facts or stories ya wanna share, definitely share'em.

  2. 1) I've learned that I'm afraid of lots of stuff: conflict, rejection, not having control over a particular situation, financial insecurity....Ad infinitum.

    2) I cant say that there are many of these I would urinate my trowsers over, but as a recovering addict I need to remain fully aware that my fears do have the power to kill if I let them dictate my behaviour. Thus, I have learned that the best course of action for me is acceptance of those circumstances whatever they may be. Humor helps me alot in coping reframing my response. So does self talk, people may look at you a little funny if they hear you but it is a healthy coping mechanism.
  3. 1) Spiders. Nothing very unusual, really, but its not weird. Just look at the little bastards!

    2) I try to find the closest shoe. Then I start hitting the spider with the shoe. Then get paper and throw the remains into the fireplace. BURN YA BASTARDS!
  4. 1) I actually am afraid of peeing my pants... Since youth I had this problem with my bladder. It is hypo-sensitive. So when I don't go regularly to the toilet and then laugh as hell about something funny, I might as well pee my pants.

    2) I go to the toilet every hour. That is how I avoid peeing my pants.
  5. 1) Spiders, Gorrillas, heights and lake water.

    2) Avoid at all costs. If that doesn't work then proceed to cry. No lie.
  6. 1.) I am afraid of a lot of things. Such a timid guy I am. Freakishly tall women, any animal that's bigger than me, spiders, heights, rejection, Mike [my step-father], loud noises, awkwardly long eye contact, dolls, people who walk too close behind me, being an aeroplane passenger... I'm also scared of the dark if I don't have my lightsaber flashlight. There's a lot more to my list but I'm not going to clutter this topic.

    2.) I... Actually have never wet myself because of fear. Maybe when I was a kid, but adult? Nah. With most things, I react with a defensive stance unless I am scared so badly that I just run away. If it's a mental thing, like when I encounter dolls, I just stare it down. It's kind of weird. I'm trying to train myself to face fears, no matter how terrified I am.

    I do pee myself when I laugh too much, though. :D Not proud of how often that's happened.
  7. 1.) I am a bit afraid of bees, and I sometimes have an irrational fear of dogs. I also have other, smaller fears, but those I usually manage to overcome, so these two are the most prominent. Bees usually just surprise me and I am afraid of touching them with my bare hands because they might sting me, but I have had a fear of dogs for a long time, and I do not think I will be ever cured of it.

    2.) I have not peed my pants in fear, yet, just got really scared a few times.