How To Act During a Natural Disaster

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    "Begin cherishing your electricity like it's the last makeout session you're going to have with your high school boyfriend before the two of you go off to college. Lovingly gaze at your outlets, enjoying every moment you have with their precious output. Charge up all of your electronic devices. Run a load of dishes. Do all of your laundry. Take a shower, and revel in the hot water. THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME FOR AWHILE. Allow the worst case scenario fill you with melodrama. Open your fridge and stare at it. Fill a bunch of ziplock bags with water and put them in the freezer."

    This seems pretty legitimate.

    In all seriousness, though, how do you prepare for a natural disaster in your area? Especially in Florida, because you guys get smacked in the face by hurricanes/tornadoes constantly. ._.;
  2. >.> ... The worst we normally get around where I live are white out blizzards. Which can knock out power for a couple hours during winter (though its rare.) and causes some major accidents on the road (cause we're Canadian and think we can beat teh snow.) So we just wear our warmest clothing and wrap up in blankets. The heat usually comes back on right away. We just look at it as more shovelling :/

    But since that's the worst we get, we're totally unprepared for when something serious smacks us in the face. <---Something like this

    Though that was strange and rare. We get tornados but they're usually small and in remote locations that do damage, and some injuries, but nothing too major. This tornado sparked Alberta to get its alert system in place. A bit late, considering. Still, at least we have better warnings for when disaster strikes. We all take the alerts pretty seriously. While we don't stock up on supplies and get ready to bunker down, we're ready to flee to our basements and wait out the windstorm ^^;;

    EDIT: Also, on a sort of unrelated, yet still tied in topic, I used to get so confused when my American friends talked about "Black Friday" due to this.
  3. The only disaster my country suffers from is flood, but unfortunately, there is nothing that can really be done against it. People tend to stack up bags of sand or build high-houses that stand on pillars around areas that are bound to be affected by flood, but every year, flood causes great damage regardless of the preparations. Sometimes, due to the floods or the heavy rains, certain regions also suffer from landslides, but that is very rare. Fortunately, I live in a place that is not affected by floods, though, so I do not really have to prepare for them.
  4. Where I live in Sweden there has never been a natural disaster (while I have lived)... So I don't know how to prepare for anything xD I would probably panic if something happens, but it rarely happen things in Sweden x3
    So when I move to Japan with earthquakes and tsunamis and such things, I think I'll be screwed xD
  5. Louisiana gets hit with a hurricane every so often, and it usually sucks. The best we can do is to elevate the houses and stock up on emergency food, candles, and tons of bottled water, because power gets taken out pretty quickly. For Isaac, we actually grilled outside, so that was pretty funny. =P