How the tables have turned

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  1. As the doors opened, everyone turned to look, watching as the pale girl walked in. Every person smiled, and waved, though the only people that she cared to acknowledge was the ones that she thought was good looking enough for her time. This was her place, and these were her people.

    As she walked into the back, the laser lights seemed to bounce off her porcelain skin. Going to the side of the stage, ignoring every hand that reached out to her, except for one. She saw the man, and looking him over quickly. Then she grabbed his hand, and lead him to the side of the stage with her. The security guards moved to the side, not even bothering to ID the girl, or the man. Everyone knew Sayomi.

    As they entered the room, everyone passed her drinks, and she drank them just as fast as people were handing them to her. She stopped, and turned looking at the man that she dragged a long with her. She gave him a kiss, then let go of his hand, and then went into a door, leaving him with people that he didn't know.

    As she entered the room, she sat on a stool, and a mixture of people began applying neon paint to her long silky black hair, applying make up to her face and stomach, and applied a multitude of lights to her outfit, hair and around her legs. As she watched in the mirror as the subtle girl that existed outside of this club slowly disappeared, revealing the girl that she wished that she would be.

    "Sai! Your here! I thought you weren't going to show up!" Her manager yelled at her as he entered the room. He came up behind her, and kissed her cheek that had no make up on. I have something for you, that you will greatly enjoy tonight" He muttered in her ear, with a sinister smile. "Time to forget that old man of yours, and enjoy yourself!" With a fluid motion, he opened her mouth, and popped in a piece of paper, then held her mouth shut. At first, she tried to fight, but after a few seconds, and the paper dissolved she knew that what was about to happen.

    Quickly, she brought her hand up and slapped him. As she opened her mouth to yell, the music turned up, and the bass started to bump the entire club. Echoing throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. She looked at him, as she was dragged off by one of the girls. It was time to do what she was there to do.

    Walking out onto the stage, the crowd of people cheered, screaming so loud that it drowned out most of the sound of the music. She smiled as they all started to call out of her name. Outside of these walls, Sayomi was a quiet and shy mouse. She never would even speak out of turn, but here, she was in control. She was the master, the one that everyone looked to.

    She threw her arms up in the air, almost falling backwards. She could start to feel the acid kick in. Her mind didn't feel like it normally did. Without hesitation, as the bass dropped, her body moved. It flowed fluidly, no hesitations, no paused, just a nonstop array of seductive moves, every eye concentration her for the time being.
  2. The house was vast and on the outskirts of town without being out of town. It looked to be two stories high and two houses wide and another two deep. Inside the house was very neat and tidy when first entered, with the furniture all pristine and white. But further into the house it became cozier and with warmer looking furnishings. There was a chandelier in the open area just inside the foyer that looked like a small party area, and then the large kitchen off to the right. The dining room was to the left of it. The other side held the white furnishings that looked unwelcoming. Right next to it, to the right, was a large full-sized bathroom.Then there was a hall on the left side that went to the left and turned right that led to a den, office, and library. Straight back from the door was the staircase, one leading upstairs and going up to the left and the other heading downstairs away from the door and curving right halfway down.

    Downstairs were two rooms off of a long, wide hallway. One was a theater room and the other was an exercise room. A closet and bathroom with a standing closet, toilet, and sink were also downstairs.

    There were five bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms, one that was off the wide opening that made up the hall surrounding the stairs, and the other was off the master suite. Each room contained a double sized bed with standard blue bedding, a wardrobe, closet, and a small entertainment center with a TV mounted above it. The master bedroom had a king sized bed with darker red and black bedding, two closets, a large dresser of drawers and a large chest, as well as a large entertainment center with musical equipment but no TV.

    The surrounding yard had a pool out back and was heavily wooded all around three sides. This gave the house a slightly eery look.

    Tyson lived here alone with two dogs, and had a cleaning staff come by twice a week during the weekdays that he tipped handsomely and were paid well. Outside of that, there wasn't anyone else who visited the place. He had no need for an alarm system. When he left the house he just left it to the dogs. When he was home, the dogs were usually outside but had a dog door that was cut into the den wall to allow them easy entrance and exit. There was also a sliding door entrance through the dining room, but it usually stayed locked and rarely used.

    There was little reason to leave the house outside of work, so Tyson didn't really bother to leave. He did buy his groceries in person, though he didn't stay out very long when he did go out.

    Tonight Tyson was in his office working on the booking for one of his three businesses. Both dogs were laying on the floor behind him, totally passed out.
  3. Sweat dripping from her brows, and from everywhere else on her. The body paint seemed to be melting off of her body. Without meaning to, slowly, she stopped dancing, the darkness of her mind consuming the world. As she looked out, all the bright colors seemed to start to become dull. As if something was sucking the life out of everything, and everybody. People's eyes glowed evilly, with their 'true' intentions.

    Standing, with a dumb found look on her face, slowly swaying from her concentration on everyone, she just looked over every person. Seeming like she was looking into their souls. She could see the evil. Slowly, their voices rang out to her, in whispers, calling out her name. Calling for her to join them. Out of nowhere, hands started reaching up to her, trying to drag her, faces turning even more horrible. Eyes glowing, fangs showing, bats flying out from every corner. Sayomi started to kick and scream, trying to get them to let her go. She didn't want to be one of them. She liked who she was. She didn't want to turn out like any of them.

    "Don't drop her! The paramedics will be here soon! Keep her restrained!" Yelled her manager to all the people that it took to get her off the stage, and to keep her safe. He had given her the acid, but didn't take it himself. It was brewed wrong, and there were already multiple people going by ambulance, and willing ravers to take them to the hospital. One person had already died from it. There was not more music, no more lights. Just a family of people, trying to keep on of their kin safe.

    She may have been slightly small, a size 10, she was realitivly strong. And finally, after biting the hand that was holding her head, and kicking the others, she was dropped. Within seconds, she was up, and running. She couldn't stay there. She had to find a safe place. She ran out, into the cold. barely dressed, and not even a little sane at this point.

    Looking around, she could hear as the voices came closer. They wanted her soul. She ran up the hill a little ways, but soon realized, she could hardly breath. Dropping to the ground, she held her head and rocked back and forth. She still lit up from all the lights. The lights that were attached to her glowed, and swayed and danced in happy manners. They were still attached, they hadn't been captured. They were happy. She kissed one that was on her knee. "I will protect you. Don't you worry. I will run forever, if it means keeping you all safe." She cooed to them.

    She watched as a truck pulled up and stopped. He stopped, and got out of the car. He talked, but she didn't know what he was saying. He didn't look the same as the others. But he didn't look happy like her lights. She started at him, as his hair grew and shrank, and twirled about in odd manners. She never spoke a word to him. Finally, he just picked her up, and put her in the truck. Thinking that she was drunk or something. He started to drive. The music in the truck was happy, so she decided to trust him.But as they got to the top of the hill, things started to get dark. He began whispering to himself in a dark manner. Then slowly, his hand touched her thigh.

    Letting out a high pitched scream. The pale girl opened the truck door, and jumped. He was one of them. She knew she couldn't trust anyone. When she hit the gravel, she rolled. She could feel the blood running down her arms and legs, but didn't stop. She had to go.

    She ran off, into a wooded area that she she saw. "We will hide in here my little friends. Do not worry. just light my way!" She said to them, running. Without even realizing it, she ran into a house. She looked up at the tall house, which seemed much much larger then any house that she had seen. She wondered where it came from. It was not there before. She was in a forest. Slowly, she began to see if there was a way in. Maybe she could hide in the house. To her, it looked deserted. She went around to the front, and saw the front door.

    Slowly, she turned the door knob, and opened the door. And amazingly, the door just opened for her. She went in, there was some light, but not a lot. Enough for her to see. The room seemed very small compared to the rest of the house. She wondered why there was not more. It was just a dark room, made out of sticks.

    Slowly, she wondered into the large, white room. She didn't see anyone, and her lights seemed to be even happier then they were before. She decided she would stay here for the night, then continue her run away in the morning. She noticed a wooden chair. She went over, and sat in it, sinking deep down in the depths of comfort.

    She just sat in the what was white chair, that was now covered in blood, dirt, pain, and sweat, talking to her 'companions' about what to do next.
  4. One of the dogs' ears perked up at a sound, which was followed by both heads lifting to look at the door, causing Tyson to pause and lift his pen. When the dogs stood to leave, he stood as well and put his pen down. The dogs would not leave him, choosing to protect instead of attack immediately. Of course, they can also "hear" their master telling them to stay close instead of attacking, as well.

    Tyson started walking down the hall, flanked on both sides by dogs. He paused as he entered foyer, and then turned to walk towards the door. Checking the knob, he saw that it had been unlocked and gave reason to believe that someone could in fact have entered. He paused again before turning to the white room. There sat a girl, covered in dirt and blood.

    Ticking his tongue, Tyson moved towards the girl. The dogs, hearing the tick, walked off and went outside to check the property. A human entered their master's realm; they needed to check for more on the property.

    The dogs gone, it was only Tyson and the mysterious girl. He approached her slowly, hearing her talking soft and low to something or someone. She was probably crazy or something, was his first thought, but then he was met with clarity the closer he came to her. The girl had been drugged with some kind of hallucinogenic, he decided.

    "Hello, miss," he said, his voice low and husky. "Can I help you?"
  5. Just sitting and finishing her conversation with her lights, Sayomi just sat and hummed in the chair, enjoying as the world became bright and swirled around, changing. She was happy now. She had nothing to worry about. She was safe. Once she heard the clicking of a tongue, the world melted in front of her. All the bright and dancing colors, all the smiles, all just turned to liquid and melted to the floor. Everything was replaced by the darkness again.

    Closing her eyes tightly she rocked back and forth faster as she held her bleeding knees. "Nothing will hurt me... Nothing will hurt me.." She muttered to herself over and over again. She believed that her pink lights would protect her. Slowly, she opened one of her piercing green eyes, and saw the man before her. At first she was able to take in all of him as a person and was at first taken back at how good looking he was. Then soon, he started to change like everyone else did. He became dark, and his eyes red, that seemed to look into her. His teeth and mouth grew, and became sharp. He was one of them. She was out to get her. To take her into the darkness of the souls of the world.

    Both her eyes opened, and widened as he talked. Like the man in the truck, she couldn't understand any of what he said. as she screamed "No! Leave me alone!! I won't go with you!" She jumped over the back of the seat, staining it with more blood, and paint. She ran. The house was now seeming too grow. She didn't know where to go, or where she was. She just ran, until there was no where else to go. She was at the end of a hall way. She crawled under the end table that was there, and closed her eyes again. Hoping that it would make him go away.
  6. With what he hoped was a calming, welcoming smile, Tyson approached the girl. She was looking at him, and he hoped that meant she wasn't totally removed from herself due to the drug she had been given, but that was proven wrong when she then jumped up screaming at him. The sound summoned the dogs back, and Tyson turned to stop them a flick of his wrist and a low growl before they scared the poor girl anymore.

    "It's all right, miss," he said as he tried again to approach her. "I only wish to assist you." Tyson was sure this wouldn't help either, given her reaction before, but he still wanted to try. He did know the house well, and if he had to he'd use his more... unusual talents to catch her and help her sleep the drug off.
  7. Rocking back and forth quicker, eyes closed tight she tried to get the world to leave her alone. All That she needed was her music, her lights, and to be alone... At least that was what Sayomi told herself every night after coming back from school, and her week job. The pale grew to a ghostly white as she felt a sudden urge to spew everywhere. She opened her eyes, and saw the man. Like before, he was at first normal, but she knew better.

    She just stared at him, with empty eyes. Though every inch of her body was telling her to fight, she didn't. She felt like she had nothing more to fight. And if life had taken her to this place, then maybe this was where it was meant to end. She slowly made her way out from under the table. She just sat on her knees in front of him, head held up high.

    Drenched in sweat, she covered her mouth as her body tried to find any way to reject and kick out the badly made drug. She kept her head high, trying to show no hint of shame, or regret. "Please... Just try to make it as quick and painless as possible if you can.." She asked him, her green eyes glistening.
  8. He was a little confused at the girl's words when he came close and asked her to make it quick and painless, but Tyson didn't let it keep him from kneeling down next to her and getting a better whiff of her. Beneath her now strong personal scent, which Tyson thought was quite pleasing, he could definitely smell the drug. Lifting her, he carried her from the room and up the stairs to a bedroom. His grip was tighter on the chance that she might try to fight him on the way. Choosing the least decorated room, he took her to the bed and laid her down. Before she could say more, he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.

    "Guard the door," he told the two dogs that had followed. "If she tries to leave, call for me and contain her."

    Then Tyson went to his own room.
  9. As she was picked up, she tried to fight, but noticed quickly that his grip was too tight on her. She just sighed and laid limp. At least she thought it would make it more awkward for him to carry her. "Where exactly are you taking me?" She questioned him. As he walked, again the house seemed to grow. Between the trails of color, and the kaleidoscope vision, Sayomi had no idea which way they had been going. She sighed again, then out of no where was set down on a bed. She sat up quickly to ask another question, but the man was already gone, the only thing of him lingering was the smell of his cologne.

    She climbed to the foot of the bed, and looked around. She looked down at her lights, that were now dimming. She reached up her skirt, that didn't even cover her rear, and pushed a button, turning off her body lights. She slowly took them off, and set them on the floor. "Sleep now little ones." She said to them, as she turned off the lights that were in her hair, taking them out too.

    "Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now,Thus much let me avow- you are not wrong, who deem that my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away, in a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.." She recited as she walked around the room. Edgar Allen Poe was someone that she admired. He was a beautiful writer, someone that was extremely misunderstood. Was thought to be a dark person, but in reality, that was not him, at least not until his wife died.

    Sayomi thought that like him, she was misunderstood. She lost her mother, and ever since has had to act different then what she was used to, and for that, people forgot who she used to be, and concentrated on what they thought she was. Just like Poe, she had just lost her muse.
  10. Tyson had stripped quickly and laid down in bed. He wasn't particularly sleepy, which was why he had been in his office earlier working. However, he wanted to be close in case the girl tried to leave and the dogs warned him of that. He had to close his door, something he rarely did, so that he wouldn't hear her so easily. She was intriguing, but he wanted her to be more herself than these drugs seemed to have her being. He had heard a little of what she was saying in the room before he had closed his door, and he was impressed by her words that he had heard. Not many could recall such a literary piece while under the influence. It only served to intrigue him more.

    After a few moments, he realized that if his dogs summoned him he would be wearing little and would likely only scare the girl more in his lack of dress. So Tyson jumped out of bed and found a pair of pants. But then he couldn't lie down again. He was restless. Tyson growled lowly at that. He would need to take time along outside if this got any worse. He couldn't risk the girl seeing him like that, after all. No one could. If his presence was frightening to her earlier, this would only make her fear worse. He wasn't sure why he cared so much about whether she feared him or not. After all, he was only making her stay in that room so that she could recover from that drug without hurting herself or anyone else.

    Too restless in his room thinking about her, he opened his door and stood in the spacious hall for a moment. Tyson would normally go outside as soon as this restlessness struck, but... He didn't want to be out while the girl was here. What if she needed him at some point in the night? The dogs would be able to summon him, but his reactions would be slow because of what he would be out there. He couldn't show her, not yet. Probably not ever. No, he corrected himself, he would never show that to her. The thought made his heart heavy, knowing his time was limited and yet he had little hope left for the ending he hoped for. Certainly this girl wouldn't be able to make a difference. She would only run like others had in the past.

    But what to do now?

    Tyson huffed and sat down against the wall by his door. He wouldn't go outside. He would merely wait. The girl wouldn't be able to stay in the room all night. He had a feeling that even once the drug fell away she would want to leave again.
  11. Slowly walking around the room, she could feel the drugs need to try to reject. Finally enough of it had reached her system, that her body wanted to get rid of the rest of it. She had taken it orally, on a piece of paper. She was starting to flat line on her peak, which made things easier on her. Things were finally staying in one crazy form, not always changing as more of the drug absorbed into her system. She looked around quickly. Sayomi just wanted to find something that she could throw up into. She couldn't find anything. She looked at the window. She quickly went over to it. she tried to open it, and realized that it was locked.

    She looked around to see if there was a way she could unlock it, or something to unlock it with. Then, like in a movie, a light bulb appeared above her head. Slowly, she opened the door, peering out at the dogs. She examined them both and in a quick motion, pulled one into the room with her, quickly shutting the door behind her.It was a risk that she didn't care about. She let him go, and just watched him. "Will you keep me company?" She asked him, her head tilted.

    Within a moment though, she couldn't wait to see if the dog was going to come after her. She took off his collar, and pulled two bobby pins from her hair. She went over to the window, and jimmy rigged the bobby pins under the lock, then used the collar to pull down, applying pressure evenly. In one hard motion she pulled down hard, and heard it click. No sooner did she open up the window did she lean out, nearly falling out, and threw up everywhere. She felt like all of her organs were trying to come out.

    She just stayed out of the window ricketing back and forth, her feet not even touching the ground. Sayomi just groaned. "I hate this.What is going on? This needs to end..."