How the Board Games Section works!

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  1. Here is a handy dandy quick and dirty list of "stuff to know!" about this section!

    In this area are POSTING GAMES and QUIZZES not Roleplaying Games!
    That means you're posting games like Boys vs Girls, What Senshi are you or Caption The Avatar Above You. Any one can post a game, or repost an old game!

    If a thread hasn't had any new posts in it for over 30 days, it gets archived.
    We like to keep things tidy, so dead threads go to the archives. Again, anyone can restart a new game at any time!

    Don't post any games that might become OFFENSIVE or cesspools of trolling.
    "Insult the member above/below" sounds well and good, but some people take it too far and too seriously. Also remember that the public forums are visible to everyone and be sure your content is also age appropriate.


    • Ask A Stupid Question - Get a Stupid Answer
    • ^<V (Previous Poster, Me, Next Poster)
    • Three Word Story
    • The Forbidden Yes/No/Sometimes
    • Girls vs Boys
    • Word Association
    • Caption ^'s Avatar
    • Kiss or Kill
    • Corrupt a Wish
    • The Vending Machine
    • King of the Thread
    • Change One Word
    • Yes or No
    • Phrase from Letters
    • This or That
    • Have You Ever...
    • Word Association SONG TITLES
    • ABC Names
    • Last Letter of the Word
    • Last word of the sentence
    • Describe the poster above you with one word
    • Image Want (I want a picture of...)
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