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How tall are you?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hana, May 24, 2016.


How tall are you?

  1. Shorter than 5'0"

  2. 5'0"

  3. 5'1"

  4. 5'2"

  5. 5'3"

  6. 5'4"

  7. 5'5"

  8. 5'6"

  9. 5'7"

  10. 5'8"

  11. 5'9"

  12. 5'10"

  13. 5'11"

  14. 6'0"

  15. Taller than 6'0"

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  1. I'm 5'1" and I've given up hope of growing any taller. > > Not that there is any pressure to be tall in my country, though. ^^; Though it looks like the younger kids are getting taller and taller each year...

    How tall is everyone on Iwaku? Are you happy with your height? Is it average from where you are?
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  2. I AM 153.5CM

    AKA 5 FOOT



    and yes I'm happy because I'm kawaii as fuck.
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  3. I'm 161.5cm

    Sooo that's around 5'3"

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  4. 160 is not short.
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  5. It is in America and other Western countries, I think. :P Also don't say that when Masaru is practically dwarfed by Kin from our RP xD
  6. Then what does that make me ; _ ;
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  7. A cutie <3
  8. > / / / />

    no u
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  9. 5 feet tall. I thought for a little while that I was 5'1... I was wrong v.v

    I've tutored ten year olds taller than me who'd cuddle me like I was the little kid XD
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  10. 5'7", so for a white American woman I'm a little above average. I wish I was taller though, so I like wearing shoes with thick heels. Gotta get that Amazon look.
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  11. I'm 5'11"... which is just right for me. Or perhaps I've grown accustomed to it (pun unintended)
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  12. 6'3. Swedish genes yo.
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  13. 5'8 for a girl that's tall my husband is 6'1
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    Or maybe about 161 cm (5'3" or so) , wtf happened to me? My grandfather was almost seven feet tall in his youth. Stupid genetic lottery.
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  15. On the bright side, people tend to find short girls cute, so there's a plus I guess :P
  16. 5'5" Which is actually pretty tall for my family.
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  17. *reads over posts*

    ...What do we say to inches and feet?

    Not today. Bit over 180 cm.

    Hold on a second while I get an online converter...

    Ok, so say 5' 11''.
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  18. Wow you guys are making me feel really tall as over here! I'm 6' 4" which puts me at 192cm (I just checked)
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  19. I'm 5'3 and a half. yes that half is very important to me! I am however, still considered short. Rain, though is 6'4, sooo a total full foot taller then me XD
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  20. I'm so tall that I haven't checked recently >_> I think I'm nearly six foot though.
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