How Satire Works

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So how do you feel satire works? How harshly do you treat people? What people would you target? Do you think it is an acceptable form of comedy? To give you a good example here is this video which I'm sure you guys might enjoy.

To answer my own questions I feel satire really only works if you express the opinon of the common pedestrian (the real one not the street people on the news). Then exaggerate certain proportions and finally wrap it up with a clever metaphor. Ta-da Satire. Along with such a thing you are criticizing a lot of people and you have to treat a certain group or groups with a level of disrespect and respect at the same time. Makes it a really blurry edge between flat out insult and insults that the rest of the population can get behind on.

Of course I think satire is an acceptable form of comedy, after all if you plan on being the target of such nonsense you must be fully dedicated to doing something ridiculous in the first place.

So what do you think? (both satire in general and the video)
I think a lot of people get the comedy of Satire mixed up with Sarcasm. >>; Satire is all in good fun, while Sarcasm is just a fancy way to be insulting.

People also mix up Satire with being plain assholes. It's one thing to make clever jokes, but it's a whole different bag of tricks when you're deliberately making jokes to be hurtful.

I LOVE Satire myself! If you can't laugh and make jokes about stuff, be it good or bad, then you have a very miserable existence. t____t I think a lot of people take themselves way too seriously.

The greatest person on earth is a comedian who is sure of his intentions.

You mock people to find out what offends them. And usually what you find is that most people are offended by stupid things that don't matter, or things that are a product of their fear and weakness, or things that pale into insignificance compared to the suffering of other people.

If you expose them for how stupid they are, they quickly learn to chill the fuck out and grow up. Because no one likes to look like an idiot. And no one likes to believe in or value something that is ridiculed. That's why I endorse jokes about religion, race, sexual depravity, murder and oppression - because mocking them takes away their power to make us feel like shit.

Satire. Irony. Sarcasm. Three of the greatest educators in existence.

As Nietzsche said, Man's greatest power is the ability to laugh at himself. By doing so, he finds out the things that truly matter and makes himself stronger.

See you in the Cbox, you baby-raping cunts.
I dont' really know that much about satire as I don't use it however, if that is satire in the video I find it highly amusing.