EXERCISE How Peoples Came to Be

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  1. When you have a people, be they human, werewolf, faerie, vampire, or cat - they had to come from SOME where! In our modern reality, science tells us that humans evolved from apes. Christianity says God created humans. Other religions have their own stories and theories!

    In YOUR world you will have your own theories and realities of where a people came from.

    For this exercise, describe how your group of people came in to being. Whether they evolved through science, magic, gods, humanity, or something else entirely!
  2. There are many tales as to how the Kichomari-Zandi came to be. A race of Shades and Geists that dwell in the Nightmasani, the darker, hellish area of the Dream Realm where nightmares are forged in black flames and used as the weapons of the race, meant to instill fear in the living so they do not disturb their peaceful existence. They can be seen, if one looks closely enough, in some part of the background of a nightmare, following the dreamer. Some say they were created by humans, an embodiment of fear. Others say they are creations of God, meant to teach the arrogant fear and humility. Some say they are the creations of the Devil, servants sent to corrupt the souls of the weak, and to sort them from the strong and righteous. Some say they do not exist at all. More say they are gods, demons, and other divine beings. The truth about the Kichomari-Zandi, however, is only known by the few, and spoken in hushed whispers. They are actually the spirits of the dead, and the embodiments of the terror, rage, and pain felt by the dead in their passing. They travel through the portals created when humans dream, and spread darkness into them, sometimes telling the mortal a tale of it's death, or how the dreamer will die. They use this power to keep the mortal world at bay, keeping them from wanting to intrude on the Dream Realm, like they have the mortal world and the space beyond it.
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  3. NOTE: The planet's name is Tamre. It's also the name of the representative goddess. I apologize for any resulting confusion.

    GENERAL CREATION MYTH - The "true" story
    In the beginning, the World was barren and bleak, for the Tamre was still a maiden and Her fields and folds lay unexplored. The many gods of the heavens begged for Her favor, but She refused them all, happy in and of Herself. She remained that way, cold and distant, for millions of untold years, Her land untouched and Her seas unseen. Then lo, one day a meteor that was not a meteor at all fell from the skies over the planet, and made quite a rift in one of Her virgin plains as it fell.

    The meteor that was not a meteor was a strange vessel with only a single occupant. He named himself Major Tom, named his vessel a starship, and named himself a man. This was all quite strange to the Tamre, who was not a terribly social deity. When She first came to visit She did not think to take an appearance that he may find less startling, and so he did scream and shout bloody murder when She did approach in her true and terrible form. After a time She came to realize that he feared Her, and took on an appearance to match his so that he would not tremble at Her approach. He asked Her what She was and She asked him what he was, and over time they came to be friends, Major Tom and Maiden Tamre.

    And when he grew old and frail, She did come to realize that soon loneliness would overcome Her, so the Goddess asked of her first and truest friend what she should make for company. Her first and truest friend revealed to Her within the confines of his ship vast stores of seeds and samples collected from his own planet, and bid Her make use Her fertile fields and luscious valleys with the flora and fauna of his home. She did these things and gladly, and with his collection and her magic, grass did soon cover the prairie and trees did soon make vast forests. The seas became rich with fish and the skies did fill with birds, and the Tamre was quite pleased. Yet still, it was not a perfect world, for none of these birds or beasts could make conversation with Her, and this made her very sad.

    Major Tom, to comfort his new and true friend, told her tales of his own world, of races of creatures known as Elves and Dwarves, and bid her make fill her planet with these two sister races that may fill the Tamre with their chatter and their works, and be good and loyal servants to Her. She did this, carving from wood the lithe frames of Elves and from stone the stocky forms of Dwarves, until the Major was quite satisfied and bid her breathe life to them. She did this, and one more thing also. She took from Her first and truest friend a drop of blood and a single strand of hair, and with this made a race of men like Major Tom, and though he would be much pleased to see this.

    But the Major was sore afraid of what She had done, for he and his kind were not right and good people. They were filled with hunger and malice and cruelty, things She did not understand and could not put into Her creations of Dwarves and Elves. Nevertheless, she created this race of Men, and though good Major Tom warned her against it, She did assure him that the new race of men would be unlike the old, and populate Her verdant expanses without the wars and plagues and genocides that the old world had known.

    It was not long after that Major Tom did die, and she mourned his death and buried him well with his ship, so deeply that his child-race would never uncover the ship and know from whence they came and all the sins that came with the planet.

    By now Maiden Tamre was far too busy with her new-made children to notice much that went on in the realms of gods, and her inattention did allow the others to leave their marks. The Father of Heaven sent down his Angels to watch over the planet, and when some of them did Fall and become mortal, removed from his power, they named themselves Icarii and masters of the Southernmost continent, and were ever close to the Heavens. Jealous of her twin's success, the goddess of Dark Heaven countered the Icarii with a race of snake-people she named the Naga, and bid them make the Icarii low and never more permit them to regain their Angelic heritage. The Sun and Moon, unwilling to be left out, did seed the Tamre with creations of their own in a hundred thousand shapes and sizes, each individual unique from the other, and named these beings the Fey. Potently magical and fickle and cruel, the fey did make mean little men from mud and dirt, and named these men Trolls and gave them life, and when they forgot some of their toys on the shores of a distant continent they slowly went from earth to flesh and became sentient, and from whence comes the race of trolls and their child-race, the Orcs. Not long after the Orcs came to be, a minor deity who named herself the goddess triumvirate stole away a number of the Elves, and made them her followers and did change and transform them and name them Drow, made forever to feud with their parent race for the pleasure of their patron.

    And so it came to be that the Tamre was filled with peoples before the World Goddess did know what had happened, but now she did not mind overmuch for these various peoples all fascinated her and let her forget the loss of her One and True friend, the mysterious Major Tom, who she had loved like no other before or after, though she would later bear thirteen children- that, though, is another story entirely, and we haven't the time tonight.
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