How Often Do You Treat Yourself to a Date?

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  1. When I have a stressful week and I need to relax what I do is I treat myself to a date. I go visit new and interesting places and eat cool stuffs.

    Or sometimes I go to a pond or a lake and swim by myself or go sit by myself on a park bench or something.

    It's quite cathartic actually.

    Do you treat yourself to dates for one?
  2. I thought you meant a literal date, like the fruit.
    I occasionally go on walks by myself, or just go out and sit in the sun and soak it up. Or even just disconnect from the internet and all that, so it's like a mini holiday from people.
  3. When I can afford to. So, never.
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  4. Only if you count staying at home and doing nothing important as a date, because that's what I do all the time. Having a life is overrated. 8D
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  5. A date just with myself is a bubblebath. 8D I am supposed to do that once a week, but I neglect myself. T__T
  6. As money permits. It happens, just not as frequently as I'd like >.>
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  7. I usually treat myself to a day in. I stay in bed most of the day, in my pyjamas, derp on the Internet and play games. Very relaxing n_n
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  8. I'm a parent, so these aren't opportunities I get very often.

    Usually though, it involves going to a coffee shop where I can enjoy a delicious drink and pastry. Simple delights, you know? Or if I'm looking to do something that won't require spending money, just have myself a relaxing shower and then curl up in the dark to watch TV without moving at all. Preferably done while I'm high or drunk (which, sadly, costs monies) because then my active mind is properly numbed. Always can use a break from dat shit.
  9. Legit giggled at that.

    @Levusti I adore you and this idea. I've never really treated myself to anything more than a glass of wine with dinner. I need to consider this date thing.
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  10. Call me old fashioned but if I'm going to go out on a date, I'd like to take my husband with me. That being said, date nights don't happen as much as we would like but we try to at least have one a month. If we're really lucky than twice a month.

    As far as just for me...when I get paid I like to treat myself to something nice. A nice shirt, pants, makeup or just food. I'm happy with food, lol.
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  11. I givw myself a date every night

    I'm a master dater

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  12. Well, my ideal date with a girl would probably consist of a lot of gaming/anime watching + cuddling.

    And that first half I accomplish with myself just fine in my free time.
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  13. Ehh, my last place at the campus was close to a good restaurant/cake and bakery shop and I used to go there during the weekend to stuff my face with cake (nah, not really. I get one slice. Mmm, devil's food cake. Or blueberry cheesecake.) and drink tea. I may or may not have brought my best friend and some close friends sometimes on a friendly 'date' to catch up with each other.

    Right now? I don't have the time, though there is a nearby cafe that sells really cute and sweet cupcakes and milkshakes. I might go there once in a while. Or I could go get sushi if I can fit it into my budget, but I don't like eating sushi or sashimi by myself, so I don't go there unless I'm with friends.

    But my 'me-times' are usually just in my room, watching a movie or an anime or reading.
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  14. Shove a bunch of food down my mouth...while watching anime/youtube/other hobo things to do.

    Or I just roll around in bed like the anti-social freak I am.

    But in all seriousness, I don't particularly want a boyfriend (partially because I'm still in high school lol but also mostly because I'm not interested anyway), so dates right now are basically out of the equation for me. Sooooo...relax, play a few games, eat some food, and go to sleep. :P
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  15. Not often. My usual idea of a "date" involves hiding under the covers and watching a film, playing a video game, or just sitting around and chatting to a close friend or family member about the events of the week. Having something sweet to eat at the time helps too.
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  16. Daily.

    Because I never stop being awesome.
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  17. I do it a couple of times a month at least. Let's see, some of my favorite me-dates have been:

    1. Shower beer, then frozen pizza and Netflix marathon

    2. Restaurant meal, browse at favorite book store, go wallow in bed

    3. Coffee shop, do some writing there, and then getting lunch

    4. Fancy spa bath, face masks, foot care, alcohol, delivery food
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  18. One time I went on a date by myself and I ended up slaughtering an entire village....Huh? Oh, you want a serious response. The closest thing I do to a self date is going out to eat when I'm home alone. I do this a lot because I am currently not dating because I don't wanna. That is all.
  19. I'm the same as you, I would rather go on a date with my fiancé then by myself.

    The only time I go on a date alone is when, I head to my room and buy a bunch of cramp I don't need of amazon because it belongs to one of my fandoms.
  20. [​IMG]

    I need to treat myself to dates more often. ;D ​
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