How Much Is Too Much?

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  1. This has probably been discussed before, but I just wanted to ask. How many role plays is too many?
    I've been guilty of it before. Get a few going and the replys are slow. So you go and look for a few more to join. Then, suddenly, all your RP's are going at once. So my question is, how many RP's do most of you have going at one time\what's the most you've ever had\what do you consider too many RP's?
  2. Three... Any more than two and I'll surely fuck up them all since my focus isn't on one and instead on many. That and sadly it's hard for me to do many RPs at once without either not posting for any of them due to procrastination, losing creativity and just repeating myself in all the RPs at once or hitting writers block.

    One RP: YES
    Two RPs: You're lucky
    Three RPs: I'm so screwed.

    As for my maximum... 12. I was in 12 RPs all at the same time at one point.
  3. Depends on the individual rp and their requirements; how often they expect regular post updates to be, how long each post typically is, the number of other players, how much free time you're willing to put into rping, etc.

    For me, personally, one rp is enough, but that's because the rp I'm GMing is daily, has a pretty good length for post and has nine players in it total. Naturally then, if I want to keep my sanity and enjoy other hobbies, I'm not going to open myself up to other rps and bite off more then I can chew.

    Personally, I think players should be a bit more conservative and realistic about how many rps they join before jumping in to too many and inevitably getting burnt out or needing to leave some, if only for the sake of others in those rps. Be mindful of how much you can commit, and then tailor your rping activity to that. :)
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  4. For 1x1 I try and keep it at three and a max of five, but I do a different RP each day. Monday is RP #1 Tuesday is RP#2 and so on. I've done more, but it seems like only two or three get my full attention the more I take.
  5. i say whatever you can reasonably handle personally is just enough!

    for me, its like 3.
  6. One is my maximum, these days. Work and social commitments keep me busy enough that even one RP can sometimes be difficult.
  7. As many as you can handle without losing quality.
  8. There is no concrete number, as others have already said in various ways. It's all about a very simple and personal equation.

    Daily time required to participate in roleplays to your minimum quality standards ≤ Daily free time you're willing to allot to roleplaying

    A lot of that depends on what the pace of your active roleplays are, what the average post size is, and how many posts from other people you expect there to be each day. It might turn out that you can handle half a dozen glacial pace roleplays with small groups and huge posts because you could work are a rate of reading/writing no more than a couple posts a day, but you'd get quickly swamped by just two face paced large group roleplays.

    That said, currently I'm in three slow paced roleplays with moderate sized groups (well, more like subgroups within a larger group, due to player characters being split into teams for separate missions) and average post sizes of about 3 paragraphs. After getting used to a new work schedule, I've found that it's taking up so little of my roleplaying time that I'm considering hunting down more games to join. I could probably handle 2 or 3 more of the same reading/writing requirements without any problems.
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  9. I've found that three tends to be a good comfort zone for most. I'm currently in four (with the fourth in OOC stage) and they work on something of a weekly post expectation basis, so it works out well for me because I can try to work a Monday is RP 1 type deal.

    As everyone has said, though, some people have a lot of free time or are very fast writers and can handle upwards or five moderately paced RPs and others have just one or two and are happy. Basically, whatever number lets you enjoy both your real life and your roleplays.
  10. I think I've gone up to six roleplays before, back when I was younger and didn't have to worry about school and work so much. Nowadays, my max is four, but I go over from time to time if I really like the GM; and these are all weekly-post roleplays.

    Also, I'm typically aware that if I join five or so roleplays, some of those are going to die, and not out of any direct fault of mine.
  11. When I was in top form I could do about 20. >> 3 or 4 group games and the rest being one on ones. Mind you, I don't have a job or school so I'm free from the usual obligations that keep most people offline.

    Currently I am at ZERO and trying to revive the ones I let die while I was sick forever. @____@ I haven't quite picked myself back up yet.

    Ideally I would be writing three or four roleplay posts every day, with some days being posting spree days with a partner or GMing chat roleplay! That's where I am happiest. :D
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  12. I can handle a maximum of three, but then I could probably crank it up to five if I wasn't so preoccupied with making huge projects. Really depends on size.

    Stuff where I'm a player, managing one character, in a standard 2-4 paragraphs per post 1-3 posts per week format? Yeah I could handle like five of those. When I'm a GM, however, I'm typically managing several dozen NPC's, multiple instances, and accounting player actions into different twists and turns in the plot in an adaptive fashion that acknowledges their actions--that's hard. Much harder. Takes a lot more time. I can handle two of those at once plus one role play on the side.

    I hate saying no to good RP ideas though. I like to watch others who come to me for advice and occasionally give them a nudge in the right direction. Most of them have learned so well on their own though, I'm ultimately unnecessary as anything other than emotional support. GO ROLEPLAYER GO! *Pom poms*
  13. 3 group RPs is my comfort zone and around 3-4 1x1s with flexible partners on top of that. Past that and I go nucking futs
  14. I have difficulty keeping up with five or more
  15. That's probably a question you should ask yourself.

    Me? I can handle liiiiike three slow paced RPs, but I prefer one since I can do that one better. Right now I'm busy with all sorts of RL shit (Life, my other hobbies, and so on) and I only have time for one RP.
  16. I think I've got like 6. I love them all, but it's so hard to keep up. I used to have more and there are at least three I haven't replied to in a month.

    So I'd say five or less.
  17. Joining in the echo. Depends on the individual.

    As a kid that just moved to a different state, I played a lot of RPs every day, I'd be bored because the other players hadn't posted within the last hour. But as I got older the RP's I joined had higher standards for writing, I had more friends, more schoolwork or work-work, more things to take care of or family to help out. There's just less time now, so I don't go past two. Three if I'm generous or I was trying a 1x1.
  18. Last year, I was involved in the Tumblr RPing scene where you have one blog per character. Writing for just one character, I - at one point - juggled almost twenty different threads. It was kind of intense, but it was easier because I only had to write for one personality type. On forums where I juggle a different character per game, I can only handle five at most.
  19. 1. Can do, no sweat. 1-4 Paragraphs

    2. Yeah, alright, no problem. 1-4 short Paragraphs

    3. This is reasonable... 1-3 short Paragraphs

    4. So much posting to do... 1-2 Paragraphs

    5. This is becoming a bit much. 1 1/2 Paragraphs

    6. I-I gotta drop "somthig"! 1 short Paragraph

    I tend to stick in my olive zone.
  20. You forgot the final two zones...

    7. I can't do this!!! I CAN'T DO THIS!! MUST DROP MORE!!! 1-2 sentences

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