How much does a Life cost?

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  1. With heavy breathing going through the dark mask he looked at the dead people lying down on the ground covered in blood, now one is left but where the child took off couldn't he guess straight ahead. He dropped the knife to the ground as the sound of it hitting the ground echoes through the empty room. He took off his shirt and took on the tee and a hood over his head, shut the clothes together and was ready to go outside, he fixed his mask a bit to check if it was sitting tight on his face while walking around, he heard a noise and turned to his left. He saw a small leg moving, the child. He backed inside to the dark and disappeared in the halls. He fixed his gloves and walked inside a room. He heard the boy breathe and with a steady grip around the knife he closed up.
  2. The hooded man seemed to appear out of nowhere, wielding a strange weapon. Nothing about it resembled something manufactured by human hands... He trained it on the masked killer, standing in the way of the boy almost defiantly...
  3. He looked at the person in the darkness and stod still, who was it? It was a little too hard to see but he managed to get a small glimps. He looked at the child and then at the hooded man, he didn't say anything and a small quietness filled the room.
  4. Hearing things she knew that were going to haunt her the rest of her life, she quickly but quietly hid in her closet. The closet that was in her bedroom, the first room to the left upstairs. Shivering, holding her breath, scared but also had rage for the person who was downstairs, doing who knows what, but she didn't want to think about it.
  5. "Leave them alone, and I'll let you go unharmed..." The hooded man spoke with an unfamiliar accent.
  6. He looked at the man and hold in his laugh, who does he think he is? He rised his knife higher up.
    -"I'm not done with my mission here yet." He said and the mask made his voice seem darker than it was and more "trapped" inside the mask.
    -"Who are you anyway?" He then asked.
  7. "In that case... My mission isn't over either..." The hooded man spoke, his tone changing to a more threatening one... He raised the strange weapon, it emitted a strange glow.... "My identity won't matter to you, but I'll give you one last chance" He spoke, his voice at a level, but still threatening tone.
  8. He looked at the man, he didn't have time to argue with some stranger. No, soon someone would come and he didn't have time to get caught. He put his knife away and started to run with all his might out of the house, to the main door and out to the foggy night street. Next time, he shall do it but for now...


    He walked down the street and looked at the big house and then saw a man running out, he had a gasmask on. He didn't knew that masked person but he didn't have time for that. He had to go after him. He fixed his hood so it would get lower down to hide his face even more and then went into the house and looked at all the dead people. A little stunned he looked at the bodies.
    -"Wh-who... did this?" He said to himself and then looked at the stairs. Are there survivors left?
  9. The hooded man heard the door open... And witnessed another hooded person entering... "Who are you?" he asked
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  10. He looked at the huge mess around the building and then at the person standing there.
    -"No.." He said very low.
    -"You...You couldn't have done this?" He kept saying to himself while looking at the other hooded man. He then took off his hood and showed his face that would be half shown by the light from behinde and from the windows. He had white hair, a very young face if almost a boyish kind and light gray eyes.
    -"Don't you remember me?" He then asked him and took out the very same weapon he had, just a little different on the top. He then raised it and rested his cheek on the top of the weapon.
    -"Maybe... I shall give you a hint." He said with a smile.
    -"I'm very close to you... But never really there."

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  11. "I... Remember..." The hooded man replied, then he also took off his hood, showing a similar appearance, except with darker hair...
    Appearance (open)


    "I guess I was a little late... I wasn't able to save all of them... But my intervention saved a boy, and perhaps others hiding around here too..." He said, then he smiled slightly.. "Glad to see you made it here in one piece... Brother....."
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  12. The last thing she heard were foot steps. It sounded like it was heading towards the door, then soon after she heard the door shut. Silence filled the place. She slowly let out her breath, that seemed like she was holding in forever. Standing up and quietly opening the door, taking steps out of her room towards the stairs that lead to the main floor. She then came to sudden stop as she heard others.
    'Who could that be now? What's going on?' She thought to herself.
    Taking another step to sneak a peak, something she regretted right away. A loud creak from the floorboards echoed throughout the house. She wanted to run, but she couldn't move, she just stood there frozen..waiting for what was going to happen next.
  13. The un-hooded man looked upwards, hearing a creak... "Someone else is alive! I never thought there was another! There may still be time... We need to help them!"
  14. He saw his brother run away without even one thought about the consequences, he sighed and followed with a tight grip around his weapon. He looked behinde him where the masked person once had ran out from but then shook his head, no time for this. He stopped and saw that there was a little girl there and then remembered.
    -"You said that you saved a boy as well..." He then looked at the girl.
    -"Do you know if there are more survivors?" He crouched down to the girl so he could get a glimps of her face.
  15. "I think I heard a sound coming from upstairs... So it's possible there's at least one more...
  16. "I'm not sure" She said softly as the man crouched down in front of her. She wasn't sure what to think of the man in front of her. Should she run away? Go hide somewhere? Where there actually anymore survivors around here? These questions were floating around in her head. She shrugged her shoulders at his question.
    She decided that maybe that he could help her. "There might be more survivors. I wasn't really paying attention to things. We could check the rest of the house if you want to." She replied.
  17. He looked at the two and nodded.
    -"Okay, then let's go upstairs to see if the are survivors left. I don't think I want to be here longer than necessary." He stod up and started to walk upstairs, the stair was wide and the halls where long and thin, this was quite a big house afterall. The lights outside however didn't help much to light up the halls but if they had a lamp it could be easier. He thought while looking at the two of them and then at the two different halls again.
    -"Which way?" He then asked.

    He then heard a sound, is the police here? No, not yet. What shall they do? He looked over at his brother.
    -"What do we do?" He asked him and then looked at the girl, they haven't found the other survivors yet.
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  18. (OCC:hope im not to late to join)
    Officer Stanly Sarif enters the building via the back door and stops in the door way to one side and uses his radio "Base this is Striker 1-5 I'm at the premise where domestic disturbance is"
    the radio falls quiet then the silence clears "this is base Striker 1-5 be advised suspects are reported armed and dangerous". Stanly pauses and replies "copy that base have Swat ready for deployment Striker out"
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  19. "We need to do something, quick! I don't think the police will be aware that someone else killed them... We can explain our predicament in a manner that won't make them think we're crazy... Or we can get out of here, fast!" I replied
    ((Out of character here... I shall now talk in first person to make things easier for now))
  20. Stanley's radio comes to life again "Striker 1-5 we got the Swat in position the building is surrounded front and back, base out". Stanley quickly replies "copy that this is Striker 1-5 dont spook them out". Stanley moves quietly through the door his gun at the ready he moved to the kitchen.
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