How much do you talk out loud?

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  1. Here on Iwaku, we can see pretty easy who is a chatterbox and who rarely says a word. But how talky people are online, may not reflect how talky they are in person. I know every time people have come to my house for a visit, they are always surprised at how little I have to say. D: I am just not a chatty person.

    How much do you talk in person?
  2. Let me make this clear;

    Not ONLY do I talk a lot in real life and you know, have ease to converse with people and talk about any shit that is relevant, I'm really, really loud too. EVEN WHEN I WHISPER!

    Ask the people on TeamSpeak. I'm loud. (Blame the Quebecois in me)
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  3. For me it very much depends on who else I'm with. If it's with people I've never met before or don't know very well yet, I'm pretty quiet and reserved. Once you have the misfortune of getting to know me better though and I'm comfortable around you... 8D
  4. Pretty much this in a nutshell.

    Except that I still don't quite talk a lot only to the people I want to talk to. And those are my peeps. I think I have something like 3 regular people in my life that get the privilege of the obnoxious side that I have
  5. For the most part I only speak when spoken to or I have something important to say, otherwise I'm probably not initiating conversation. But I don't really like talking to people anyways so it works out well for me.
  6. Around others I tend to be cautious and quiet. I can break myself out of it to initiate conversations and the like without sounding like a complete moron, but as a teenager, I was so extremely introverted, that most conversations ended with an abrupt "thanks but I'm busy." Didn't matter if I was or wasn't: I just didn't want to human properly.

    Talking with others (especially strangers) drains on me. I play social masquerades to do it effectively without coming across as cold and unkind, and constantly measuring everything I say to ensure it won't emotionally offend someone is exhausting. That being said, sometimes, I'm in a chipper mood, and will seek out friends to hang out with.


    Silent as a lamb. If I don't have to expend social energy, I won't.
  7. [​IMG]

    About this much.
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  8. Depends on what there is to talk about. My family members often think I'm not talkative and anti-social at family gatherings just because they usually don't talk about anything that I have much interest in or where I can think of much to talk about that they'd really care about -- a common thing being "what did you do today?" and I'm thinking "well I wrote an IC post and got a great idea for something else to do with the RP, and also I was on Tumblr for a while and read some really interesting theories about the Homestuck ending -- but I feel like I can't really talk about that because you'd have no idea what I'm talking about and therefore probably wouldn't care" so then my verbal response is usually just like "oh... nothing...".

    But then, if you can actually get me talking about something I'm interested in? Oh I could just ramble forever... XD I can honestly get kind of carried away rambling about things, really. I do love to talk once you get me started -- assuming the conversation is about something that I at least somewhat care about.

    Edit: And, yeah, I'm pretty loud, too -- I just naturally have a loud voice, I guess. I don't even notice it, usually. XD I think it runs in the family, since my family members never seem to think I'm too loud -- but my friends and their families always do. o.o
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  9. Oh my, a fellow Quebecois! I don't know why I always feel surprised lolll

    I'm fairly loud when I talk as well. I don't know if it's because I "look" friendly, but sometimes random strangers stop me and talk to me like... "Such a nice purse / scarf, where did you get it?" "That hair is pretty wild, which hair dye brand do you use?" "I'm lost, where's the XYZ?" "Nice day isn't it?"

    ... I'm serious D: random people talk to me on the metro and on the streets all the time. I'm extremely sociable because I've taught myself to be. I don't talk about personal stuff, but we can talk for a long time about random shit. I've tried, at some point, to wear earphones / a huge pair of headphones and people literally poked me. I'm not sure what's up with that.

    I think it's more accurate to say that I'm good at making other people talk, I like to think I'm a good listener because I can converse about topics that don't have any interests for me. :unicorn:
  10. I'm the opposite because I have this non threatening appearance about me. People come up and talk to me for whatever reason. I freeze. My social anxiety doesn't allow me to talk to random strangers.
  11. It honestly depends on who I'm talking to and whether or not I feel comfortable around them. I can be really talkative once I've opened up to someone, but usually I'm rather quiet and don't say much at all unless I absolutely have to. I blame my social anxiety.
  12. I get that. My SO is the same. We were waiting for the metro (read: subway) train the other day and this old woman comes to me... "Oh my you look like XYZ! Has anyone ever told you? You have the same hair style!" and I was just like lol and chat back. She turned to my SO and said something random like "And you your name wouldn't be ABC?" and he just stared straight ahead loool so I answered for him.... I think sometimes we're so in sync that it's okay for me to talk for him/us in family meetings =V
  13. Hahahaa. Right now I am a man alone without a lady friend. So I have to force myself to talk as best as I can
  14. xD I get that
    First Christmas with my SO, it was the first time some members of his extended family saw him in years.
  15. Exactly. Much prefer to stay indoors. Where people aren't.
  16. I talk a lot when I'm with friends, but not all that much if I'm with people I don't know or don't trust. Alcohol helps some when we all go out, helps with flirting too, just not too much or I say literally whatever I feel like.
  17. I speak a lot. I can't uphold a decent conversation, but I speak. Like seriously, I can't possibly talk about anything other than memes and similar topics for more than five minutes.
  18. Funny, cuz I thought the thread read: "How much do you talk to yourself."
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  19. Not at all, if I can help it. I hate talking. Unless I'm talking to my aunt, or my kids. I can talk all day then. To anyone else? You'll be lucky if I even say hi.
  20. Glad I'm not the only one. XD
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