How morbid are you?

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  1. Seeing how we just entered October and everyone's favorite holiday is coming up at the end of the month, I think it's appropriate to honor this month's first day with a morbid quiz :D

    How morbid are you?

    Was the quiz accurate? Half accurate? Not at all? Feel free to tell us why or why not you don't enjoy morbid stuff and where your limit is drawn :)
  2. Totally morbid
    You are an extremely morbid, twisted and dark human being. You think about death a lot, and you are drawn to grotesque, creepy imagery whether it's on TV or in real life. Make sure you keep that stuff to yourself, you don't want to creep anyone out.

    This is a quite accurate description indeed, though when it comes to real life I would be a bit more squeamish about it. For the most parts it doesn't bother me in real life either, but there would certainly be limits. Not sure exactly where those limits goes as I haven't gotten any opportunities to test them, but I'm pretty sure my limits goes somewhere around seeing people die in front of me. I would be a terrible serial killer :9 Already dead bodies though, I doubt it would bother me at all, except for the smell if they have decayed. My gag reflexes are horrible T-T
  3. "Totally Morbid" apparently. Not used to results breathing. Thought my eyes were playing a trick on me for a moment.
    Probably half-accurate. I find a lot of morbid things fascinating or interesting. I admit I find a certain appeal in the grotesque and disturbing as well. However, there are some morbid things I have no interest in and others I simply want nothing to do with at all. My mood at any particular time might also affect the results of this quiz. Finally, I like a lot of things which aren't morbid at all. "Totally" implies that is nullified.
  4. Totally Morbid.
    Seeing these types of quizzes though I think it's likely being overly generous.

    I honestly wouldn't call myself Morbid however. Because Morbid suggests a fascination or deep Interest in things like death.
    Granted I've seen a number of videos that would disturb other people to the core, but not out of any fascination or interest like some people might defensively accuse one of.
    But I see that stuff for learning purposes, one can best combat the world's problems when armed with the information to do so.
    How are we going to combat the world's atrocities with we're too afraid to even witness it/admit it exists?

    Even then though I don't go out of my way to find that stuff, I only tend to watch the stuff that others show me/bring to my attention.
  5. Yeah, it's totally too lenient and generous, which is why I told people to tell us how accurate the test was on them and explain their morbid or non-morbid views with their own words if they want to :9
  6. Totally Morbid.

    I would say it's partially accurate.

    For the Car Wreck one, I would stay to see if Anybody was ok, not just because of death.

    Death fascinates me.

    So yeah, it's a bit wrong but otherwise it's ok.
  7. "Totally morbid"

    I mean, I the choices I picked is what I thought anyone would of picked really.

    Has anyone not gotten Totally morbid?
  8. That's actually pretty accurate, I have a very large sense of morbid curiosity and absolutely love dark humor, I am generally very positive and upbeat (at least I try to be). Also, apparently I'm the first person to not get "Totally Morbid." Hurray for being unique!
  9. [​IMG]
    I tease, love you Hatsune Candy. <3
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  10. >Answered that I didn't like looking at or thinking about death.

    >Got "Totally Morbid" anyway.
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  11. Got Totally Morbid.

    Not sure if I agree with it the way the test meant it though, I've been fascinated by some strange things before, like when I was in high school I would look up things about old torture methods or old serial killers but at the same time I am very squeamish. Reading about gore is fine I can do that (unless it has anything to do with eyes) but seeing it is a whole other story. Dead bodies freak me out too actually seeing them I remember nearly hitting my own grandmother on three different occasions because she either made me get closer to a dead body at a funeral or made me touch a dead body before the coroners got there. Reading about this stuff on the other hand is something else that I can handle and am actually curious about sometimes a great deal, depending on my mood. I do think about my own death a lot though what would be done, how it would be handled, and sometimes how people would react though I find that to be a rather normal thing to think about, after all death is something that is going to happen why wouldn't you think about it? I would say I'm just a little morbid though not total.
  12. I got totally morbid, to no surprise.

    You are an extremely morbid, twisted and dark human being. You think about death a lot, and you are drawn to grotesque, creepy imagery whether it's on TV or in real life. Make sure you keep that stuff to yourself, you don't want to creep anyone out.
  13. *Makes special snowflakes rain down on Hatsune*
    First person to not become a psychopath, yaaay. :D
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  14. Not all psychopaths are morbid and not all those who are morbid suffer from psychopathy.
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  15. THAT IS NOT WHAT HOLLYWOOD HAS TAUGHT ME! You can't mean that Hollywood is lying D:
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  16. Oh shoot! I have destroyed the image that Hollywood has been trying to create. ;_;
    Now that it is done you can join the dark side where we also have sociopaths and schizophrenics :bsmile:
    A few of them are bound to be those murderous villains we love so much.
  17. *Sniffles* Do you have cookies too? I won't join without cookies (;_;)
  18. And pie. Baking is a very important skill that everyone learns. Except the pyromaniacs.
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    I'm yours!
  20. :devil: Soon this shall be a cult. Very soon.
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