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  1. Okay so the site I am use to roleplaying on (IMVU doing nothing but T1 Para/Multi Para) is set up so that if a person really wanted to they could create multiple roleplay characters under the same account.. I really want to use this account more/less for one RPC but I come to the decision two wouldn't hurt.. As I was thinking about this I realized I had no clue just how many characters a person can have on here, it's not like it's all that important but I would like to at least hold such knowledge in my head.

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  2. Sounds like IMVU has a very different set up then us. Basically the account you have is an Out of Character account. Here at Iwaku we make charcters based on the needs of the individual games. Except for some Jump-Ins & 1x1s RPs have an OOC thread for character bios and plot discussion & IC threads where the RP actually takes place.

    If this doesn't answer your question please let me know. I don't get out of Iwaku much.
  3. This is a multiple roleplay forum ran by multiple game masters, you can have limitless characters! You only get one account. :D
  4. Thanks Ochalla and Diana, you both were very helpful. However, I know how the whole forum thing works, was just curious about the character part; Diana was able to anser my question. Thanks again, really appriciate it.
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