How many times have you been sexually active?

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How many times have you been sexually active. This counts all virginity losing types of naughty stuf

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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
Original poster
This topic came up when chatting with Diana.. we got curious..
I'm going to come straight out of the box and say that I am a virgin when it comes to having a sexual relationship with anything but my hand. While a lot of my friends tend to make a big deal about it I also don't get into a relationship just to get laid out of it. Neither do I see sex as the ultimate goal of one.

Call me strange but that is how I am.
I'm glad we see eye to eye on this Sol. Only difference is my religion plays a huge role on all relationships for me.
I still have my V-card too.

At first I was distraught over it, but now I'm all, "Eh, fuckit." Obviously not literally, of course.

Honestly, I've just never been in a situation where I was able to lose it. I don't go out much, and when I did, my confidence level was never good enough to land a girl solidly enough to drunkenly stumble back to either of our dorms AND fuck. Only stumble to the hall.
...Wow.. interesting..

the results of this study are all ready surprising me!
Yeah, I usually sound like a stud and know what I'm talking about when I talk to/about women, don't I?
I see relationships the same way as sol and tux... though my complete lack of religion does put some off. I've never just gone ut with someone to get lucky... and have never had sex with anyone I have not previous been on a date with (with the exception of my first time).
Yea.. Now that raises my suspicions of you being a bit fruity now Seiji..
Hey Isabella, I had sex with your SISTER.

<- Makin' that face now.
And I bet you qualify for the over 15 too.. You both have sex a lot.
Well, I'd be another virgin...

Yeah yeah...the pervert is a virgin.

Don't look at me like that...
I hit number 6 last weekend. :D

And I'm English.

So there's hope for all of you yet.
Hold on, I'm trying to count....

five..... ten....

Eleven times

plus three....

Why do I sepperate them?

Because I wish I was a virgin still...

The eleven times mentioned, were the times I knocked back a drink because I knew she was coming over. Eleven was the amount of times I had sex without my own consent really.... This happened four years ago, from the end of summer to december, I was someone's slave practically.... my best friend..... and now worst enemy...


aaaaaaaaand the other three.... Thanks twin.... *Devilish smile*
Now I feel less awkward admitting that I have never had sex. ololol.

Sexual intercourse in a relationship isn't a priority, nor do I want to do it. It looks tiresome.
Been around a wee bit. Never anything meaningful until I met the girl I'm with just now, though.
Its odd... after losing my V card it is something I have wanted more than before. However I really don't find it worth it to pay for it and the locals don't seem totally keen on me going on so much of a date with them.

Now get me back to the states and things seem to have changed in my favor...


Just putting that out there...
Oh wow, this reminded me to take my birth control. . .

*Feels like a total whore*

Thanks a lot, internet! *cries into her breakfast bar*