How many times do you eat out in a year?

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  1. For me, that's at least 6 for every birthday in my family that we go out to celebrate, plus how ever many times we go out to eat normally, so that would probably equal out to around... 14 times a year.

    But I'm just curious how many times one of you guys goes out to a restaurant and such every year. Like, what would you average that out to, any ideas?
  2. I would probably say... Quite a few times? I actually have no clue whatsoever O__O
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  3. As often as she shaves.
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  4. You do realise that a large portion of women shave, don't you?
  5. Depends on how often your mom comes over. Get it? Cunnilingus. It's a sex joke. Man, I'm so fucking witty.

    Not often. Maybe 4 times a year on average. Usually only for birthdays and when family visits from out of town. Shit's too expensive to bother with for anything but special occasions, and the food is never any better than what I could make at home if I gave a shit to make the effort.

    EDIT: Damn you Windsong, you got the joke in less than a minute before me. XD
  6. It's in regards to my wife.


    Points for making it a mom joke though.
  7. Do fast food places count? If so then a lot. If not maybe seven to ten times
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  8. Too many times
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  9. I was thinking more along the lines of actual proper restaurants, so yeah, fast food places don't really qualify. Believe me, my number would be much higher if they did.
  10. What about Five Guys?

    We consider that eating out.

    Otherwise I'll be honest and not crack a sex joke.

    A few times a year. It depends on money really.
  11. No fast food places? Well.... Non if we don't count restaurants that allows take away. The only proper food we ever get that isn't cooked at home comes from a Taiwan/China restaurant (I think it's Taiwanese and Chinese food they have), but we always take it home instead of eating it there. Usually it happens a couple of times a year.
  12. It used to be about 5 times a year.

    Then I moved to America and started getting paid enough to experience small moments of joy and physical well-being...

    Now it's about once a week.
  13. Like... a lot. With my mum, not that often - maybe 7-8 times a year. But me and my brother go out for dinner with my dad a lot - whenever my brother is down, so like once every three weeks, and I meet him and his girlfriend in the city for dinner about once a week to catch up and stuff as I live in London too now. I dunno why, guess he can afford it, and the commuting time in London combined with the stress of their jobs means both of them are usually exhausted by the end of the day and can't be bothered cooking for 4 people.
  14. I don't know, really, I've never been to five guys. It's not like the rules are like super strict or anything, it's just a simple question. The only reason I excluded fast food is because more often than not people go through the drive-thru and then take the food home to eat; and it's not really eating out if you're eating the food at home, now is it?
  15. I eat out about 3-4 times a week. I suppose according to maths that'd be about 156-208 times a year. Studying culinary arts so it's beneficial in more than one way.
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  16. I'm really struggling to refrain from making a joke here.

    But typically quite a lot. My father's side of the family are big into restaurants, and any time I see them (which is quite frequently) I end up getting invited out to eat with them. Before moving to university that used to be two or three times a fortnight, which stacks up extremely quickly over the year.
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  17. Sit down places......maybe like...6 times a year?.....if that......Man now I wanna go to a sit down resturaunt!
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  18. Zero, I'm not old enough.
    -Nudge Nudge-

    Seriously though, like... thrice a year? We hardly ever go out.
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  19. If fast food counts, I'm at 5+ a week in total. Now that I'm attending grad school after work, a lot of times I don't have time for dinner and have to pick up something quick.

    If we're only counting sit-down restaurants where you are served and not fast food, I'm at about twice a week.
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  20. On average I'd have to say approx. one-hundred fifty times a year plus. I have a to-go order at a local Chinese restaurant every other day. Only about four dollars for a good sized lunch.
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