How many times can I break till I shatter?

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    Katherine O'Brian, more commonly known to the population of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as "Kit", was quite the hell raiser. She wasn't exactly popular, but people knew her by association. She spent most of her time with a group of Gryffindors led by Kayne Rittner. She didn't mind attention, when she was doing something worth it. For instance... This morning, slipping a potion into the pumpkin juice of Alexander Nott that turned him purple. Unfortunately, she hadn't realized that she didn't bring her wand with her... And that was why she was racing through the halls with Nott following somewhat closely behind. He was much larger than her, with longer legs, but Kit was a rather fast little bugger. She was an escape artist of sorts; the girl always managed to find some sort of trouble, but she always miraculously got out of it.

    Of course, she supposed that came with being a part of the group known as the marauders. Everybody knew that ninety percent of the time, they were up to no good. It was one of the many reasons she got along with them so well. The friendship had begun with Kayne, who had become an older brother of sorts to her, and it wasn't long before they met the Hufflepuff girl, and of course the Slytherin boy that Kit was constantly butting heads with. They fought a lot, but he was still one of her closest friends.

    Kit was a fairly pretty girl, standing just an inch over five feet with a slim, rather wispy frame that was perfect for the position of seeker. She had dark brown hair that fell in soft curls down her back, with velvety grey eyes that had specks of forest green in them. Her skin was a cream color, with freckles dotting the bridge of her small, button nose and high cheekbones. A full, bow shaped mouth finished the look, making her appear almost sweet and innocent. However, she was quite the opposite. No, she was one of the biggest pranksters in the school.

    She turned around a corner, and ran straight into a rather tall guy. She grabbed his arms to steady herself, sighing lightly when she looked up, seeing that it was her Slytherin friend. Great, now she was probably going to get scolded for forgetting her wand. It was almost annoying how overprotective all of them could be at times. Then again, she did have a knack for finding trouble.

    When she heard Nott's footsteps coming closer, she knew that she had to act fast. She yanked Sirius into a little crevice behind a gargoyle, putting her hand over his mouth. It was a little uncomfortable being so close to him (particularly because it brought back memories of the previous year when she'd gotten drunk at a party and dragged him up onto a table with her and snogged him senseless in front of everybody) but she'd rather have that than get detention for fighting.


    Kayne Rittner was sitting in the library, half dozed off near the window with his feet up on the table in front of him. It had been a long night, especially for someone who was used to getting a rather large amount of sleep. However, it was their seventh year... And he did want to please his parents. There was no way he was going to do that unless he got Outstandings in all of his classes, potions included. It wasn't that Slughorn didn't like him, but... Well, he just really didn't find any interest in it. He did okay, but the homework was just so dull. He didn't mind actually making the potions in class, where there was always the possibility of someone blowing something up, but sitting there listing off ingredients? Ugh... However, it was at least a Saturday, so he could relax. Besides, he'd gotten his weekend homework done already...

    Kayne actually looked rather peaceful while he was asleep, which was much different than usual. He always had so much energy, but then again, it was difficult not to have energy when one had the friends that he did. It still amazed him that he'd managed to befriend three people that were in different houses than him. As a pureblood, he knew as well as anybody that the houses usually didn't mind much. However, he found that his favorite people were in Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. It was amusing, to say the least, and the teachers certainly liked it.

    He let out a soft snore as he leaned back, his head falling over the wooden back of the seat. His shaggy, dark blonde hair fell loosely in front of his eyes, but the shaggy look was kind of his signature look. He was a rather tall guy, standing at almost six feet tall, with a broad frame. He was, after all, a beater on the Quidditch team. He had dark brown eyes the color of the sea, with slightly tanned skin from being on the field so much. He was an attractive guy and he knew it... Not that he really did much about it. No, he was usually pretty busy being entertained by his friends, and he wasn't really one for meaningless sex.

    Honestly, he'd had a few semi-serious girlfriends, but it never really amounted to anything. The last girlfriend he'd had was during fifth year. He didn't mind, though... None of them were okay with the fact that he spent so much time with his hufflepuff friend (while the other two were off arguing and trying to kill each other), and he wasn't about to ditch one of his closest friends. Besides, when he wasn't with his friends he was studying -big surprise there- or playing on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a beater. He didn't really have time for a girlfriend, unless he ditched his friends.

    Sighing, Kayne stood up as he finally realized that he wasn't going to get back into his deep sleep. He headed out of the library, walking down to the Great Hall for food.

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    Rosemary Spears awoke earlier than most of her Hufflepuff classmates on a Saturday, tracing the pattern of light displayed on her sheets with her finger before she decided to roll out of bed. She walked across the room to the restroom, her feet making no noise along the way. The girl went through the daily routine, humming a song that was stuck in her head. When she was ready she sneaked out of the girl's chambers and slunk down the stairs. There were others in the Hufflepuff Common Room, and Romy made it through silently and completely unnoticed.

    It was a bit of a specialty of hers, the way she could sneak up on just about anyone. She could very well sneak into a Professor's classroom and steal a quill without the Professor or the entire class noticing. Romy was that good, and that skill was just one of the reasons she was in her small group of friends that happened to spread across the entire spectrum of houses. But Romy had another quality that made her a quick friend with everyone, she was the peacekeeper. Romy seemed to be the only one who could talk down down Kit and Blake at the same time, a quality that had gotten them all out of trouble time and time again. But that didn't mean she never got mad, but when she did all hell broke loose. Sure, it was bad when the other two would get in a fight but no one had seen anything like Romy fight.

    Romy was very slow to anger overall, and most of the time acted very cheerful and had a big smile on her face. The girl practically skipped off to the library, where she knew she would find her close friend Kayne, who was known for his sharp eyes but had never once been able to catch Romy, and to her delight would get a little annoyed every time she managed it. Her friend was always too serious, so she took it upon herself to tell him a joke each day. Today she had written it on a piece of paper and was making her way through the library until she spotted him near the window, about to doze off. A sly smile spread across her face and once she heard him snore quietly, she slipped next to him and planted the written joke into his pocket and sneaked off before he had time to take another breath.

    With her mission complete, Romy jogged down to the Great Hall for her breakfast, taking a seat and filling most of her plate full of fruit.



    Blake Bellator had crawled out of bed earlier than usual, he had his empty stomach to thank for that. It gave off an unhappy groan and he returned it with a groan of his own. He quite literally rolled out of his bed and landed on his back, actually falling asleep for a few more minutes only to receive another wake up call from his stomach. "Alright, I'm up. Bloody hell." He cursed, pulling himself to his feet with the help of the bed side table. Slowly Blake made it to the bathroom, dragging his feet that felt like cinder blocks, and took his usual morning leak, followed by his usual morning hair and teeth brush, followed by his usual morning admire yourself in the mirror you handsome prick.

    The young man man his way out into the Common Room where he would receive at least twenty different death glares, to which he would completely ignore. He was a Pureblood Slytherin, and he hated his entire class, each one of them spoiled brats. He made a friends out of his house and it enraged each and every one of them, so he made two more. The death glares were almost welcomed and he sauntered out of the Common Room whistling a catchy tune.

    As he made his way to the Great Hall his stomach began to become more and more talkative. "Shut up," He said, looking down and speaking to his stomach. A few moments later his stomach groaned again and Blake actually began having a conversation with his gut, asking how the weather was and how it was enjoying life, to which his gut would respond with the same groan. People stared at him like he was an idiot, and he didn't give a flying fuck.

    "Okay, why would you say something like that? That was very rude and hurtful, I expect an apology." Blake spoke to his stomach, not aware of what was in front of him until someone bumped into him. It happened to be none other than Kit, just one of the four in the Extraordinary League of Badasses, or that's what he called his group of friends who did not seem to let the name catch on. "Hey, there, short shit. Where's the fire?" He smiled that stupid, charming smile he knew she hated. Kit glanced behind her, and suddenly covered his mouth with her hand and shoved them both behind a gargoyle. "Are you drunk again?" He whispered, knowing they were hiding from someone. This was a regular occurrence between them.
  3. Kayne read the joke as he made his way to the Great Hall, chucking lightly when he sat down next to her. "Good morning," He said, running a hand through his hair. He had dark circles under his eyes, but it didn't really matter to him. After all, they had all day to relax.

    He grabbed a few pieces of toast and some eggs, yawning a bit again before taking a bite. "So, do you have anything planned for today? I was thinking we'd go find Kit and Blake and just go hang out in the Room of Requirements. I'm tired as hell, I just want to relax today." Then again, getting them all to be calm at the same time was nearly impossible. He could always go down to the dungeons and find some kind of potion for it...

    As if he hadn't thought about that one before. There were many occasions in which he would have loved to drug his friends, particularly Kit and Blake.


    Kit didn't speak until the purple Alexander ran past them, waiting about a minute after that before taking her hand off of his mouth, glaring up at him. "No, Blake, I am not drunk and I've already told you that wouldn't happen again." She grinned, stepping back as much as she could -which wasn't much-.

    "I put a potion in Nott's pumpkin juice this morning that turned him purple... But he knew it was me, and I forgot my wand up in my room, so I was running for my life. You just so happened to get in my way, as usual."
  4. Romy happily dug into her breakfast, being ignored by the rest of her house. While her house was full of people who had friends outside of Hufflepuff, none of them were in such a naughty group as she was. Even though Romy wasn't ask much of a prankster or a badass as her friends, she knew her position was just that, to be their friends. Romy often wondered what would happen to the group if something happened to her. Kit and Blake would never stop fighting and Kayne would probably get sick of it. So in a way she was the glue that kept them all together, and she was glad to know that any one of them could come up to her and tell her anything in the world and be comfortable talking to her.

    While Romy seemed to be staring off into space, someone took up to seat next to her, looking up to see none other than Kayne, the cool guy Ravenclaw who was always more worried about his studies than himself. He greeted her, running a hand through his hair. He didn't know it but simple actions like that made the ladies around them swoon. She was used to it by now but she couldn't quite shake the feeling of jealousy deep down. "Good morning to you, sleepy head." Romy smiled as he began preparing a plate for himself.

    Kayne when on to ask if she had any plans, and was considering finding the two knuckle heads and going to the RoR for the day just to relax, mentioning he was tired as hell. Romy snorted as she let out a laugh. "You really think you're going to sleep with those two around?" The girl stabbed a piece of cantaloupe with her fork. "What will happen is you will fall asleep, and Blake will eat his weight in food and pass out, then Kit will find a permanent marker and draw on your faces." Romy predicted, eating the piece of fruit.

    After a moment the girl sighed and looked seriously at her friend, placing her fork down. "How many times do I have to tell you you need to take better care of yourself?" She gave him a worried look as she looked into his tired eyes.


    Blake snickered as Kit told him she wasn't drunk and the snog fest would not happen again. "It's not like I wanted it to, dear. You used way too much tongue, you were literally drooling." He poked fun at her as she backed away from him as much as she could, which wasn't much at all. He listened as she told him about pranking Nott, but forgetting her wand and running for her life. Blake gave her an 'are you stupid' look and shook his head. "What kind of prankster forgets her wand?" He scolded her, just before his stomach gave off another hearty groan.

    Blake reached up and patted his stomach. "I know buddy, we'll get you happy in just a minute." He cooed as he walked casually out of their hiding spot and toward the Great Hall where he found both Kayne and Romy enjoying breakfast. He placed himself across from Kayne much to the dislike of his fangirls and grabbed a plate. "Make way for the growing boy," Was his morning greeting as he took the rest of the eggs from the plate Kayne had just set down and dumped it all onto his plate along with bacon and sausage, the works.

    "Have you ever heard of a napkin?" Romy chimed in, receiving a raised eyebrow from Blake who burped before responding. "Why use one of those? Isn't that what a shirt is for?"
  5. "I know, I know," Kayne replied, sighing. "But I wanted to get my homework finished so that I could just enjoy the weekend. Now I don't have to work on any of it, and I can just enjoy myself. Besides, I'm fine. Eat your fruit." He grinned at her, then looked to Blake as he sat down, followed by Kit who sat next to him.

    Kit filled her plate as well, somehow able to stomach just as much food as him and not gain a pound. She credited it to high metabolism and the fact that she was constantly running, more often than not being chased by one of her victims, and that was right on the dot. "I was not drooling, and you enjoyed it quite a bit," she said as she sat down, smirking over at him. "I may have been drunk, but I still remember. In fact, I believe you stuck your grubby paw on my-"

    "Okay, that's quite enough of that," Kayne grinned. "I was just telling Romy here that we should all head up to the Room of Requirements and relax a bit. Maybe you two should come with us, if you think you can keep your hands off of each other for two seconds. As amusing as this whole sexual tension thing usually is, I'm kind of tired, and it'd do us all a bit of good to just shut the hell up and relax for a little while."

    "Relax?" Kit asked, sounding almost as if it were a foreign concept. "Hm. I suppose I can try that."
  6. Kayne explained to her the reason he had stayed up to late, just wanting the be able to use the weekend to relax and unwind. He told her he was fine, but she knew otherwise, even with that handsome grin of his. Romy knew all too well that he was under some major pressure from his parents, this being their last year and all. Romy thought he was pushing himself too hard, and she knew that when they would all be 'relaxing' Kayne would fall asleep and she'd end up working on her homework while Kit and Blake bickered. She decided to leave him alone, though, as the infamous knucklehead duo arrived at the table filling their plates to capacity. She had to admit she was a little jealous of those two, if Romy wasn't careful about what she ate she would gain weight easily.

    Before their asses even hit the benches those two were already at it, apparently discussing the drunken snog fest that happened a few years ago. Romy remembered dragging Kit back up to her chambers all while she was muttering about how hot Blake was with his shirt off or some nonsense.

    Blake opened his mouth to retort Kit, but Kayne interrupted them both, saying something about the Room of Requirement and relaxing before sticking something in there about sexual tension between him and Kit. "Yeah, well at least I get something sexual, unlike you, hardass." Blake snickered before stuffing his mouth full of food. That seemed to be his way of saying yes. "By the way, I expected your bum to be a lot firmer. It was kind of like a flat balloon." Blake muttered before he chugged half his glass of pumpkin juice. "You two never cease to amaze me." Romy laughed, shaking her head.
  7. "Actually, I've been told by a few of my special friends that I have a rather nice arse," Kit snickered. "Nice and bubbly, apparently. They also said-"

    "We don't need to hear it," Kayne sighed. "We have to hear enough about right after it happens. I don't know why anybody in their right mind would brag to either of us about either of you two girls, but I will gladly block all of that out and go back to thinking that you're both virginal saints that have never even held the hand of any of the disgusting blokes in this school. I swear on Merlin's beard, the next time I have to hear some sap drooling over either one of you and talking about your bums or chest, I'm going to hex somebody." It wasn't exactly a secret that the two girls had grown into rather lovely young women, but that didn't mean that he needed to hear about what guys would do with them if they managed to get a night in bed with them. It bugged him more when it came to Romy, for reasons he didn't even want to think about, and it was quite annoying that the males at their school never seemed to realize that Kayne and Blake wouldn't want to hear about those things.

    He finished off his food quickly enough, not usually very hungry in the mornings, and glanced to Romy. "If you're finished, do you want to go with me? I'm just going to head up there now. I figure if it's just me or just you and I that the room will actually turn into something relaxing, rather than a torture chamber or something." He stood up, grabbing another piece of toast to eat on the way. It was nice that everybody seemed to be in a good mood this morning. Despite the bickering of the fiery duo, they were mostly teasing, rather than actually fighting, and of course he himself and Romy were getting along as usual. They rarely fought, which he was thankful for. Sure, he could be nearly as cocky and arrogant as Blake sometimes, and he did occasionally enjoy a good argument, but he didn't like to fight with his friends.

    Kit frowned a little, turning her gaze down to her plate. Oh, she knew full well that she had a bit of a reputation among the seventh year boys, and while some of it was true -she did like to have her fun, after all- it was mostly exaggeration. She'd given up on catching all the people who claimed to have shagged her, mostly because she let everyone believe it for about two years before she finally started denying it. It simply wasn't worth the time. It did bug her, though, that guys didn't ask her on real dates. when they did ask her out, it was just for a one night stand. Her reputation could be blamed for that equally as much as the fact that nobody was going to try dating her while everybody was assuming that she and Blake would get together. It was an annoying assumption, but nobody wanted to step on his toes. Apparently, shagging her wasn't stepping on his toes, but taking her on a decent date was. Oh well, it wasn't as if she cared too much most of the time. She wasn't too interested in most of the males at Hogwarts, and just because they asked didn't mean she had to say yes. Besides, she didn't much care what they had to say about her- her friends knew that she didn't generally sleep around.
  8. Kit went off on a tangent about her fine ass and Romy just giggled until Kayne cut her off. He started to complain about the guys at school who spread rumors around about the pair, mostly Kit. She understood why most of the boys did it, it was because the two girls were untouchable, completely out of anybody's league but their own group of friends. Two lovely bad ass, no bullshit chicks and no man seemed to be able to get their hands on them. Though there were plenty of rumors about her having snogging sessions with guys, none of that was actually true. Romy hadn't even had her first kiss.

    Romy smiled and placed a gently hand on Kayne's arm, attempting to calm him down, after all he was always quite the grumpy bear when he was sleepy. "We all know Romy has never had any. Oh, wait, that's not true. Second year she held my hand and made me skip down the hall." Blake was able to say past his mouthful of eggs. "Yeah, that was charity work. Leading the slow boy to class." Romy shot back with a snicker. "I might be stupid, but you all still love me." He shrugged and got back to eating. Kayne turned to Romy and asked if she wanted to head to the RoR before the duo, to avoid them somehow turning it into some kinky sadomasochism liar. "Sure, better than watching Blake chew like a cow." Romy stuck her tongue out at Blake before standing and following Kayne out the door.

    Blake continued to shovel his breakfast into his mouth until his noisy stomach was content. He sighed and rolled his head back a bit, and out of the corner of his eye she spotted someone from the table next to them completely scoping out Kit. Despite their constant fighting, Blake had always been a bit over protective of her, and was now sending a death glare to the ogler, who realized just who was staring at him and backed off. The young man grunted, slightly frustrated. "Are you ready to go? These fools are cramping my style." Blake casually recovered from his lapse of jealousy and was now standing and waiting for Kit to lead the way.
  9. Kayne grinned at Blake, shaking his head. "I don't know if 'love' is the right word, mate. I mean, you're cool and all, but I don't actually swing that way, so..." He trailed off, laughing lightly. He and Blake were close enough friends that they could joke around like that and not feel at all uncomfortable. It was one of the many things he about the group: despite the awkward situations that they had all been in, they were rarely ever actually uncomfortable with each other. They got each others' quirks, knew most of each others' secrets... He stopped at that thought, mostly because he didn't want to sound too sappy. It was bad enough that the first thing he did on every train ride to Hogwarts was complain about how hard his parents were pushing him. Sure, he was smart, and he definitely didn't mind doing his work, but it was like they expected him to be a damn genius. It was frustrating, to say the least, and he was excited to get out once the school year ended. The four of them had contemplated renting out a house together, and it wasn't a bad idea. He personally had quite a bit of money saved up, as his family was extremely well off, and had put some in savings for him. Kit worked over the summer and saved up all of hers, so she had some, and he was sure the other two would be able to contribute. Hell, even in they couldn't, he himself probably had enough money to buy a house if he wanted to. He just wanted to get out, and he knew Kit would as well. None of them knew much about her family, which led him to believe that they didn't get along.

    He sighed as they got out the door, though the sigh soon turned into a yawn. "I hope those two can mange to tone down the fighting, because I might actually kill them both. I'm dead tired, I just want a nap." Despite his previous words to Blake, he did love the both of them, but if they started yelling at each other, he was definitely going to explode. He could sleep through quiet bickering and even them rolling around on the ground, but he couldn't sleep through world war three. It simply wasn't one of his talents. He could sleep heavily, but he couldn't just die in his sleep and become completely oblivious.

    Turning down the hall up toward the fourth floor, he stopped in front of the wall where the entrance was, silently thinking of what they needed. A place to relax, with a fireplace and dim light. Sure enough, the door appeared a moment later, and he walked in to find nice, large couches with pillows, in front of a fireplace. The lights were low, and it even smelled relaxing, though he couldn't place the scent. He walked over to the couch, flopping down on it, and patted for her to sit on the cushion by his head.

    Kit stood up with Blake, not even noticing the fact that some bloke had been scoping her out. Luckily for them, that type of stuff usually went way over her head. sure, she could catch obvious flirting, but subtle stuff like that? No way. "What'd you just give Tony Lemley the death glare for? I think the boy about pissed himself," she noted with a small grin as she walked out of the Great Hall with him, heading in the direction of the RoR.

    She was excited to relax for a little while, despite the fact that she usually had a ton of energy. She, like Kayne, didn't seem to have been sleeping well lately, though she disguised it much better than he did with the use of makeup and glamour charms. However, she was excited to just get to lie down and use Blake as a pillow, as she usually did when they did this sort of thing. It was just about the only time they did manage to get along, honestly. They might both be assholes, but Kayne couldn't function well without sleep, and if they knew he was tired, they would at least tone it down a bit.
  10. Kayne laughed as he told Blake he just didn't swing that way before him and Romy left. "Kaaaaayne, you cannot deny our bromance!" Blake shouted across the Great Hall, attracting some of the weirdest stares in the world and he just brushed them off. Romy and Kayne traveled quietly, just content with silence for once. Whenever the two knuckleheads were around silence was rare, and between the two of them they savored the quiet. As they reached the RoR Kayne let out another yawn, mentioning that if Kit and Blake were to fight loudly he'd most likely kill them. Romy just laughed. "Did you see all the food they ate? They'll both be asleep in no time," Romy assured him as they approached the wall.

    The two stood quietly for a moment, just thinking about their needs before a door appeared, and they both entered to find two large couches and a lovely fire. Romy smiled as she set her bag down by the couch and rolled her shoulders, her right shoulder giving off a loud crack. She had always had problems with that shoulder. Kayne practically threw himself onto the couch, seeming happy just to be able to lay down. He patted the cushion above his head, signaling for her to sit down and she did without hesitation. Romy leaned over him a bit and gently brushed his hair away from his forehead, laying her hand across it to check if he had a fever. Luckily he didn't, and Romy smiled softly. "Just don't push yourself too hard," She said softly.

    Kit stood up with Blake, thankfully not noticing that she had just been checked out, she did, however, notice that Blake had been giving he guy death glares. "Oh, he was talking to my painting this morning. That's my painting." Blake casually lied, though he did have a painting that he regularly talked to. Blake noticed a small grin on Kit's face and returned it with a smaller one before allowing her to lead him toward the RoR. With his stomach now full he was about ready to take a nap and digest it all. Just the thought of a nice comfy couch and a warm fire made his groggy as they walked toward it, and once again Blake would be pillow and Kit would be blanket.

    The two reached the RoR and Blake opened the door for Kit, at this point too tired to even be a cocky bastard. He made a beeline for the couch and just collapsed onto it with a groan. "Blanket, nap time now." Blake called to Kit, waving his hand in a motion for her to come over to him. Once they were settled in it didn't take long for Blake to pass out, and quietly begin sawing logs. Romy who seemed to be the only one who got enough sleep, dug out her homework and silently worked in the dull light, happy to be able to be with her friends.
  11. Kit didn't bother arguing with him, simply walking over and laying down half on top of him, snuggled into his side with her head on his chest, legs wrapped around one of his. Within seconds, she'd fallen asleep, cuddling up to him like a sweet kitten rather than a ferocious tiger.

    Kayne, still awake at that point, glanced over to the two, and rolled his eyes, before scooting up to use Romy's lap as a pillow. "Never gonna understand them," He mumbled, yawning as he drifted off to sleep.


    It was a few hours before Kayne woke up, his head still resting in Romy's lap. He groaned as he sat up, stretching happily. It had been a nice nap, and he finally felt like he'd caught up on rest from the night before. It was difficult to completely wake up though, and he simply put his head back where it had been on her leg, sighing. "G'morning," He murmured, grinning a little bit. "I think I'm ready to actually face the day now, kind of." That didn't, of course, mean that he actually wanted to move. It was dark in there, and the relaxing atmosphere was keeping him in a rather sluggish mood.

    "You get much of your homework done?" He asked her curiously, rolling over so that he was lying on his back, glancing up at her. "What did you guys want to do today? Or is it a Hogsmeade night? I can never remember when those are..." Not that it actually mattered if it was a Hogsmeade night or not. Kit had drawn them out a map of Hogwarts, including all the secret passages she'd found, and Kayne had charmed it so that they could see where anybody in the castle was at any given time. It was a complete work of genius, and it had helped them on so many occasions.

    Kit woke up once Kayne started talking, sighing lightly. She was still snuggling with Blake, practically purring. She disentangled her legs from his, poking his side lightly. "Oy, pillow, time to wake up," she said, though she simply flopped back down, cuddling into his side again, mostly for the warmth. She, like Kayne, was having troubles with actually waking up... She was comfortable. Of course, she also knew that once the both of them were awake, they'd probably go right back to fighting.

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  12. Blake smirked to himself as Kit cuddled up with him, thankful she hadn't made a fuss. It was interesting how the two could go at it like angry tigers and then curl up like little kittens. Blake had never actually thought into it, all he knew is that he enjoyed it and would continue to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. Now with his Blanket all curled up, her warmth spread to him, he was a goner and zonked out before Kayne glanced at them and made his comment.

    Romy chuckled at Kayne's statement, "Well, there isn't much to understand about them." She said as Kayne situated himself to use her lap as his pillow. Romy used the armrest as a table for her studies, and when she was sure Kayne was asleep she sighed quietly, looking over the boy's features. "What I don't get is you. You push yourself so hard, and for what? You've made yourself sick so many times over the years by not taking care of yourself." Romy whispered, talking to Kayne but not trying to wake him. The girl couldn't remember how many times she had forced him to go to the hospital wing when he had pushed himself to hard and given himself a fever. She looked up and watched the other two, sleeping soundly cuddling up to each other. While she was sure they all had no idea what they would do without her, she also knew she would be lost without them.

    After about an hour and a half of homework, Romy had finished the assignments for the weekend and was now reading a book about dragons. After a while Kayne let out a groan that actually startled her and he stretched as he sat up. Apparently he wasn't completely ready to get up because he just laid right back down on her leg, sighing with content. Romy glanced down at him from her book, noting the small grin on his face as he said he was sort of ready to face the day. Romy glanced at her wrist watch, and it was still technically morning at eleven am. When she didn't say anything Kayne rolled onto his back, looking up at her, asking how much homework she had finished. "I finished everything I had left, there wasn't a whole lot." Romy responded.

    Kayne went on to ask what they all wanted to do, or if it was a Hogsmeade night. "I think it's Tuesdays that Kit sneaks down there, just because it's during the week. But its Saturday, we can just go hang out down there. I could really go for a butterbeer." Romy said before returning to her book. It was then that the two cuddlers began stirring, and he awoke as Kit poked him in the side telling him to wake up. A loud groan escaped from Pillow, "Damnit, Blanket, don't tell me what to do." He said, still half asleep and rolled over, draping his arm over Kit. Romy laughed. "He's still sleeping," She said before Blake fell asleep again, letting out snore.

    Romy closed her book and chucked it at Blake's back, the young man waking up with an "Ow!" and turned over to glare at Romy, who just smiled innocently. Blake was finally able to sit up, reluctantly leaving Blanket's warm. "Guys, I had this awesome dream about me fighting a werewolf with cupcakes. It was bad ass." He yawned as he rubbed his eyes.
  13. "Fighting a werewolf with cupcakes?" Kit asked, also sitting up. "Wow, Blake. You never cease to amaze me- and no, before you ask, that is not a good thing." She grinned at him, clearly ready to get back to arguing with him as if they hadn't just been cuddling up to each other. She didn't fully understand it either, which was probably one of the reasons they argued so much. Although Kit wasn't the type to raise her hand in class to answer every question, and she always did her homework last minute, she was a very smart girl. She didn't like anything that she couldn't understand, and she didn't like anything that made her nervous. As someone who frequently invaded her personal space and who had just as much attitude as she did, he definitely made her nervous. Not that it was something she would ever admit...

    "I heard something about butterbeer," she said excitedly. "The Three Broomsticks has the best food, and I'm starved, so let's go!"

    Kayne just sat up, looking over at her wish an almost disbelieving stare. "You're starved? You're joking, right? Merlin, woman, you are such a cow!" He laughed lightly, knowing that she would just ignore the comment. He stood up, stretching once more, and popped his back. "Well then, since everyone seems to like the idea of Hogsmeade, let's go get ready. Meet by the Great Hall in fifteen minutes?"

    "Yeah, I need to grab my wand anyway," Kit grinned, at which Kayne rolled his eyes. Everybody knew that it was probably the dumbest thing possible not to have their wands on them at all times. He stood, waving at them before leaving the room of requirements, heading to his dorm in the Ravenclaw area. It didn't take him long, since he didn't bother changing, only grabbed a sweater. He pulled out a small pouch of money, sliding it into his pocket before heading down to the doors of the Great Hall, leaning against the wall just outside them.

    Kit had headed up to her room as well, changing into a pair of slightly baggy jeans with a gray t-shirt, pulling on a dark blue and white striped zip-up hoodie over it. She didn't really like to wear her cloak, even though it was much warmer. She'd grown up in a muggle household, and was used to muggle clothes, so more often than not she wore them when she got the chance.

    It was almost a miracle that she didn't mange to get in a fight on the way down there, but she finally leaned against the wall next to Kayne, glancing over at him. "Romy is right, you know. You need to start taking better care of yourself. One of these days we're going to drag your overly exhausted body to the infirmary, and I'm not all that sure that I could carry you." Despite her joking, she was completely serious, and he just rolled his eyes.

    "At least I'm putting my energy into school work. You're always in the infirmary with concussions or broken bones because you can't manage to stop getting in fights," he said. "Besides, I'm perfectly fine, I was just a little tired earlier. You all just need to stop worrying. Besides, until you stay out of the hospital wing for a full week, you don't get to criticize my health."

    "Well meow, somebody's grumpy," she muttered, crossing her arms. He laughed, glancing over at her, and poked her side.

    "C'mon, don't be mad at me, Kitty. You can't be mad at me AND Blake. Then the only friend you have left is Romy."

    "Who said I was mad at Blake? And I'd be perfectly content to only have Romy as a friend, thank you very much."

    "You're always mad at Blake. Where are they, anyway? I want to get going." He was definitely excited to get some butterbeer in his system. The drink made him feel warm and relaxed- the perfect thing after a nice, long, relaxing nap.
  14. "Yeah, everybody loves cupcakes." Blake said as if it was perfectly normal. Kit grinned at him and Blake just shrugged, "He was totally attacking Romy and she was like "ahh, help!" and the werewolf was all "aaaarhgggh" so I threw a cupcake at him. Duh." Blake explained as if this was all fact, including sound effects and everything. "Whatever, I could totally take on a werewolf." Romy said sarcastically, and curled up her arm as if she was showing off her muscles, which didn't exist. Now that the knuckleheads were up, Kit mentioned she was starving and butterbeer sounded good. Romy opened her mouth to ask if her gut was bottomless when Kayne spoke up and stole the words right out of her mouth.

    Kayne stood up and cracked his back, saying for everyone to meet at the Great Hall in fifteen. Blake left the RoR and headed to the Slytherin Common Room for a quick change in clothes, leaving the same pair of jeans on, changing into his better shoes and a Slytherin green shade hoodie, slipping on a pair of his favorite sunglasses. Romy was the last to leave, having gathered all her homework and the book she threw at Blake, and scurried off to the Hufflepuff Common Room. Today she decided to dress up a bit, jumping into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with nice boots and a cute patterned sweater that had a v-neck. Deciding she looked cute enough she skipped out of the Common Room and headed toward the Great Hall.

    Blake walked along with his hands deep in his pockets, ignoring everyone as he walked along. Romy walked briskly through the halls, seeing Blake at the end of the hall walking casually as always never in a rush. "I can't believe that guy," Romy heard someone ahead of her say, "A Pureblood Slytherin friends with two muggle born girls from different houses? What a complete waste of space." Romy was now right across from them, having stopped walking and was now staring at them. "Excuse me?" Romy growled, approaching them. "Want to say that kind of shit about my friends to my face this time?" She approached them, looking extremely intimidating. The gossipers looked as if they were about to have an accident in their pants when someone came up behind her and picked her up.

    Blake turned the girl around and picked her up by the waist, placing the girl on his shoulder. "I just saved your lives." Blake said to the two gossipers before continuing walking on his merry way to the Great Hall. "Blake, let me down, I'm not a sack of potatoes!" Romy growled, beginning to beat on his back but Blake just walked with her like that all the way to the Great Hall. "Howdy hey," He greeted their friends. "I caught you a little lady there friend," Blake said to Kayne with a horrible hick accent. "Let me down!" Romy yelled, struggling, "Are you calmed down enough?" Blake asked as if he was talking to a child in time out. "Yesss." Romy hissed, and it was good enough for Blake who plopped her down onto her feet. "You know I don't like it when anyone insults you." Romy scuffed, crossing her arms. "I know, but if I let you do anything to them they probably would have wound up dead." Blake said, fixing his sunglasses. "Onward to Butterbeer!" Blake announced, leading the march out of Hogwarts.
  15. Kit raised an eyebrow, then grinned at Romy as they began walking. "Let me guess, some bitch complaining about how Blake shouldn't be wasting time with mudbloods?" She asked. "Who was it this time?" She wanted to know, of course, so that she could do some damage. It was amazing that there were still people who dare ran their mouths about the four... Romy could be scary when she was angry, and Kit always got revenge. She had a tongue as sharp as a sword and the temper of a firecracker, and when she got genuinely angry about something -not that she was now, and it took a lot to get her to actually explode to her full potential- people would probably be safer hiding in the fiery pits of hell. She rarely got to that point, usually just getting angry enough to get her revenge and be done with it.

    She hopped into one of the carriages that sat on the grounds on weekends to take them to Hogsmeade, keeping her eyes away from the thestrals. She didn't like that she could see them, so she generally just pretended that she couldn't, and left it at that. She pulled out a small bag, grabbing a piece of muggle candy called a jolly rancher from it, and popped it into her mouth.

    Kayne got into the carriage as well, sitting across from Kit. "So do we need to stop anywhere else before we go get our butterbeer?" He asked. Kit shook her head, so he glanced to the other two, wondering if they had anything that they needed to get. He planned on asking them about their previous plan to rent a house together after school got out, while they were sitting at the three broomsticks. He knew that he'd be moving out right after school got out regardless of what they did, and he knew that Kit had been serious about it. Now they just needed to know how the other two felt about it.

    Honestly, it wasn't as if they wouldn't practically live together anyway. They usually spent as much time as they could together, although that time diminished a great amount during their summer break. Once they were all in and the carriage flew off, Kit turned in her seat, putting her feet in Blake's lap.

    "I say we get the butterbeer first and then walk around Hogsmeade like silly tipsy teenagers," she said, smirking. She personally got inebriated very easily, so she limited herself to one butterbeer, to drink very slowly. They weren't heavy drinks, but they got to her faster than most people. She was a lightweight, the complete opposite of Kayne.
  16. "Not just that, they called him a waste of space." Romy sighed, trying to calm herself. Hopefully nothing else like that would happen today because she was already about ready to explode. A butterbeer would calm her nerves. "Meave Hildegard and Laila Kumari." She answered Kit as they moved toward the carriage. She didn't understand why some people still seemed to have the balls to say that kind of stuff, after all it wasn't really the guys they needed to worry about, it was Romy and Kit that were really scary. Despite the constant fighting and bickering, Kit never actually showed her full potential unless absolutely necessary. There was once that both Romy and Kit got pissed off, a few years ago after being tormented repeatedly by the same two guys. A full four months detention for broken noses and internal bleeding.

    As they filled into the carriage Romy decided to sit next to Kayne, just to let the knuckleheads keep to their side. Neither Blake nor Romy could see the thestrals, but Romy knew she could see them and always left her alone about it. Blake plopped himself down next to Kit, letting off a heavy sigh. Kayne asked if anyone needed anything before they got butterbeer, and Blake just shook his head. "I need to stop at the Quill Shop, but we can do that afterwards." Romy spoke up as the carriage began moving. Kit turned and laid her legs across Blake's lap and he stared at her from behind his sunglasses with his 'are you serious?' look. After a moment he just shrugged and began attempting to remove her shoes, why, just because he could.

    Romy let out a sigh as she watched them, and shook her head. She silently wondered to herself what would happen if she ever did anything like that to Kayne, but most likely he would just accept it and let her. The Three Broomsticks was not super full, and the four took seats near the back. The boys who were much bigger would need about five butterbeers to even feel a buzz. Romy wasn't quite as bad as Kit, she could have one butterbeer and feel pretty happy. "This would be awesome to have with cupcakes." Blake spoke up. "What is with you and cupcakes today?" Romy looked at him like he was an idiot, and he kind of was. "Cupcakes are awesome, everybody knows that." Blake scuffed as he took a swig of butterbeer.
  17. Kit got a butterbeer and a large tray of fries with melted cheese on them (The Three Broomsticks had a surprising amount of muggle food, something she was extremely happy for), sitting back in the booth next to Blake. "Chocolate cupcakes are the best," She piped in, grabbing one of the cheese-covered fries, practically melting in happiness at the taste. "Oh merlin these are so good. You know, if a guy ever proposes to me, he better do it over a nice, huge feast, or an insanely chocolatey desert. I mean, I'll probably say no either way, but at least if he does it right he might at least have a chance."

    "Oh c'mon, Kit, you have to settle down sometime," Kayne rolled his eyes. "We're all going to eventually get boyfriends or girlfriends, get engaged, move in with them, and have kids."

    "Right, and with my luck, I'd end up with some asshole who'd be jobless, with no social life, and who wouldn't want me hanging out with you or Blake," Kit replied to him, popping another cheese fry into her mouth. "Every guy I've ever dated" -which wasn't many- "has had a problem with the fact that we all spend so much time together, particularly with Blake because everybody knows you two belong together. I'm not going to be forced to ditch my friends just to start a marriage that is probably going to end in failure, like ninety percent of marriages these days do."

    Kayne just raised an eyebrow, not quite sure what to say to that. "Uh... Wow, Kit, way to give us all such great hope for the future... Just because you might not find someone doesn't mean that none of us will."

    Kit laughed, shrugging. "I never said you won't. Besides, like I said, you two will probably end up married with adorable little babies. Blake will end up a lonely old rich man with a bunch of gold-digging sluts chasing him, and I'll end up a stripper or something like that."

    "Sounds... Fun?" Kayne said, raising an eyebrow. "Uh... I'm not sure what to say to that? What gives you the idea that Romy and I are going to end up married." He shifted awkwardly, running a hand through his hair.

    "Just because," Kit shrugged. "You just will. I'm psychic."

    "Okayyy," Kayne grinned, glancing over to Romy. "What do you want to name our kids?"
  18. Blake stared at the basket of cheese fries as Kit went on about how delicious they were. She went on talking about how if a guy ever proposed to her he better have a bunch of food there. Blake attempted to steal a fry while she was rambling. "The quickest way to Kit's heart is food after all." Romy chuckled, watching as Blake was still attempting to steal food from Kit, and was failing. "Dude, get your own." Romy slapped Blake's hand and he just looked at her, pained. "But they taste better when they're free." Was all he said, continuing to stare at Kit's food. Romy and Blake listened as Kit went on about how bleak she looked at her future. Blake stared at Kit and poked her cheek, actually looking serious for once. "Drink some butterbeer and cheer the fuck up." He told her, shaking his head at her.

    "Well, Kit, maybe you'll find someone if you stop being as stubborn as a mule." Romy commented after Kayne. Kit then laughed and pointed at Romy and Kayne, saying that the two of them would get married, and that Blake wouldn't end up with anyone and would just go after sluts. "I don't know what you're talking about, I'm definitely getting married." Blake said, "That way I don't get any STDs." So what had started out as what seemed like a breakthrough with Blake completely backfired and Romy sighed at him.

    Kayne spoke up about the comment Kit made about him marrying Romy, shifting a bit in his seat and running a hand through his hair, his nervous tick. Kit shrugged and joked about being psychic. Romy couldn't deny that she hadn't thought about it before, and even over the years had developed a bit of a crush for Kayne that she kept very well hidden from the knuckleheads. The girl never thought they would really end up together, she just wanted him to be happy, she wanted them all to be happy. It was then that Kayne looked over at her, asking what they should name their kids.

    "Keeva Kit and Finnegan Blake." Romy smiled shyly as she spit it out. "I've already thought about having kids, I guess I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic." Romy let off a nervous chuckle.
  19. "Finnegan?" Kayne asked, raising an eyebrow. "I won't have a kid named Finnegan. I like Keeva, but we'll have to work on the second name, love." He put his arm around her shoulder, the gesture only half teasingly done. Honestly, he didn't think it sounded like such a bad idea, but he supposed they'd figure that out if they ever did express interest in each other. For now, he was content to just go about his usual flirting with her and let his three friends wonder if he was serious.

    Kit grinned, pushing her plate of fries over so that Blake could have access to them. "I'm not being morbid, I'm just telling it like it is. I have no problem with my future as a stripper, I've been told many times that I would make a fantastic stripper. Besides, you guys will need to have at least one single friend, to keep things fun, right?" Despite her claim that she wasn't being morbid, she grabbed her butterbeer, drinking it down to the halfway mark before she finally put it down.

    "You know, you two could always get married, too," Kayne said, laughing. "It could be like an arranged marriage, just for the sake of us all staying friends. We'd all have bloody adorable kids, and we were talking about getting a place together after school anyway."

    "Woah there, hotshot, just because blondie here and I snogged once at a party doesn't mean we're going to put on the old ball and chain and shag all the time," Kit smirked. "I'm sure he'd probably enjoy it, but we'd probably kill each other. Anyway, Romy, Blake, were you guys still wanting to do that? I know I am, I'll need a roommate, and I'm getting out as soon as I can."

    "I was thinking we could get a place near diagon alley, in the wizarding community," Kayne said. "That way we could just find jobs in some of the shops there, until I become an auror and you lot do whatever it is you wanted to do."
  20. Kayne repeated the male name back to her, saying that he wouldn't have it as he put his arm around her shoulder. Romy smiled, not feeling at all uncomfortable, and chuckled a bit. "Who knows, we might not even have a boy, we might be stuck with two girls." Romy said as she took a sip of her butterbeer. Things had been close between them like this for quite a while, just as he had used her lap as a pillow this morning. Nothing too serious just casual flirting, and she kind of knew that Kayne wouldn't be the one to take the first move but for now she was still to shy about it all. After all, everyone at this table had had at least one relationship while Romy really was the virginal saint Kayne wanted her and Kit to be.

    Blake cackled as Kit grinned and shared her cheese covered fries, pushing his sunglasses up on top of his head as Kit went on about her future as a stripper. "Kitty, friends don't let friends become strippers." Romy shook her head at the girl as she downed half her butterbeer. Kayne commented on Blake and Kit getting married, and that would should all stay friends and have adorable children. The thought made Romy smile, even as he mentioned moving out after school. Blake had removed his attention from the food when they mentioned him marrying Kit. Kit went off on a tangent about how she wasn't going to marry him but Blake shook his head. "Listen up, I'm not going to marry you if you're a stripper. Buck up now and I'll consider it, though you'd have to be drunk off your ass.." He trailed off.

    Romy nodded in response to them asking about moving out together. "I already have plenty saved up from his summer, and I talked to my folks about it. Though Papa says he'd need to check everything out before he lets me leave." Romy chuckled at the mention of her father. He was a tall, intimidating wizard but was basically just a big teddy bear and was madly in love with her muggle mother. "All I have to do is the night before we move in, steal money from the safe in dad's office and I'll be good for like six months." Blake grinned and gave everyone a thumbs up.

    Kayne mentioned living in the wizarding district and working at the local shops, and Romy grinned. "Yes, yes! Maybe I could work at a book store like Flourish and Blotts or Obscurus Books. Or maybe a pet shop like the Owl Emporium or Magical Menagerie." She giggled with excitement. Blake laughed, "I want to work at the candy shop so I can eat my weight in sweets all day! Oh, man, a kabob sounds really good right now." Romy stared at him like he was nuts. "What is with you? Are you having pregnancy cravings or something?"

    Blake patted his belly happily and then rubbed it as if he was expecting. "It's Kayne's." He said with a grin.