How many Role-plays do you normally have at once?

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How many RPs do you have going on ATM?

  1. 15+

  2. 10-14

  3. 7-9

  4. 4-6

  5. 1-3

  1. I'm curious I normally run 3-5 at a time, including both on Skype and on Iwaku. I heard some people do like 10 or something. I would like to see how many other people have going on.
  2. 1-3 when I'm actively role-playing. I would love to have more but past experience has shown that I can't be trusted. :I So many ideas but not enough mental energy to keep up with them all.
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  3. Same for me, but the opposite. I normally I can't think of a large number of things, I just think og one thing I really like or ues my partner's ideas if I doesn't work out we start over.
  4. I'm in six at present. I usually try to keep it down to 3, but I kind of had things creep up on me/ ideas I couldn't say no to happen.
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  5. Given the amount of effort that goes into my RP's, I'm not sure I could even handle more than 3, haha. ^^"

    In fact, I'm a little bit worried about what will happen to said RP's once the school year starts... I'm not sure I'd really be capable of giving them the attention they'd need. o_o"
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  6. When I was young and spritely and had no life, I could be in upwards of 20+. O_O MOST would be one on ones (which are really easy to post regularly in and keep up with.) and then 2-3 Group roleplays.

    These days I'm practically not roleplaying at all, and when I do I can usually only keep up with 4-6 one on ones, since they can go at any pace me and my partners are comfortable with. Groups are a big NO right now. T___T
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  7. I'm in five long term rps that I reply to on a regular basis, two short term rps, and three group rps. *Prays they survive*
  8. Currently running 4 with one in the works.

    Normally I like to keep it at 2-3.
  9. At the moment I'm in two 1x1's and two group RPs. Usually it depends on how quickly the RPs are moving, how large the group is, and how often the GM requires a post and etc. Usually I'll have 2-5 depending on those factors.
  10. I currently have three (2 group, 1 one on one). I like to keep it at somewhere like 2-4 group roleplays, and I usually don't do one on stuff at all.
  11. Usually right around three. I like to have one 1x1 that me and my partner never reply to, and two slow group roleplays.

    What can I say? A roleplaying beast I am not.
  12. I used to be part of a whole ton of RPs, but nowadays I find myself too unreliable to be in more than 3 or 4. And I don't trust myself to even run a single one anymore.
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  13. I'm comfortably sitting on 4 right now. :3
  14. I have 3 right now, with another in the works. But it's been in the works for months, and I'm beginning to doubt anything will come of it. They're all 1x1s, though I am considering looking for a group thing.
  15. For RPs, I used to do primarily group RPs, but I've started to grow fond of the level of organization possible in 1x1s. However, I still do group RPs, as I've found that environment produces lasting friendships. I will only ever run a single group RP, but I'll happily join one if I don't have too much on my plate. Right now, I am in 3 different 1x1s. Spellheart, Mitsuki's Kingdom, and HxH The Truth is There. I have an idea in the works, but it is on the backburner now since I picked up Mitsuki's Kingdom. This is basically my limit for RPs unless someone has really low standards for how often I post.
  16. A bunch.
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  17. 5 1x1s and maybe 30-40 groups rps that I know how to keep up with since I love writing stories and adding new chars... I might win for most rps for one person XD.
  18. holy damn
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  19. Yeah I have a problem but I can't stop joining new rps xD.
  20. Assuming you don't have a job, did nothing but eat-sleep-shit-role play (8 hours for sleep/eating 16 for role playing) you'd still only have 32 minutes to respond to 30 RP's. For 40 RP's, that turns to 24 minutes.

    Assuming you wrote at the site aggregate average of 552.1 words per post, you would have to write approximately 16,563 words per day at 30 role plays, or 22,084 words per day at 40 role plays. Assuming you wrote at half the site average (276.05) you would have to write 8,281.5 words per day at 30 RP's or 11,042 words per day at 40 RP's.


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