How many people are into rps with a gore/horror slant anyway?

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  1. I myself adore gore/horror rps, and I have a habit for playing the aggressor more often then the victim.

    What about you?
  2. I wish there were more sensible gore/horror role-plays around, that actually had a story. Though, I myself enjoy detailing the spilling of blood and the reactions of the victim.
  3. I too enjoy gore and horror! They're the most interesting role-plays in my opinion, but not many people I meet seem to think the same.
  4. Blood and gore is a tad over done in my book.
    The best scars that can be left are the ones that can't be seen. Psychological horror is grand unsettling fun.
  5. I agree. While pointless hack and slash can be fun I enjoy ones with real plots the most.
  6. I Agree. I meet more people who out right refuse any form of gore tinted rps and it's sad. I can't rp anything where the chance of gore is 100% cut out.
  7. I actually love all types of horror and gore, which is pretty interesting considering a lot of gore often makes me sick(One of the reasons I haven't, and probably won't ever watch Snk.) Generally during horror scenarios, I prefer playing the victim.
  8. Oh, but playing the offender is so much more rewarding! The victim's reactions are the best to watch.
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  9. Yes, I suppose that's true. But I've never really been good at playing that kind of character.
  10. See I can't look at some real gore because its a huge trigger to me, but I can rp it just fine. It's odd.
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  11. I use to be all about being the victim, but now I haven't played one in years.
    All my offender are super damaged and gross it's just... More fun. And a great, safe vent after a shitty day.
  12. I prefer psychological horror when it comes to writing. Gore is best left to TV, it's so much easier to shock people on such a device. Also, it has to be well written. A lot of horrors just end part way through or get too confusing to continue, or simply aren't scary. I think more people would be interested than they are if horrors had a reputation for being awesome.
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  13. I see now I could have worded my thing a lot better ahah.
    I don't mean just out right slasher rps when I say gore. I mainly drive to have psychological rps that just get really gross from time to time.
    Like man I have people willing to do a psychological horror thing but they refuse any gore in it and sitting here like; butwhy?

    Ahah but yea.
    That's a thing.
  14. You still have to balance the gore though. Too much ruins the psychologicalness. I think my preferred quantity is the occasional brutally murdered guy pinned to a wall by 37 silver daggers when you turn a corner with no explanation as to it being there. Saw-like gore (lol rhymes) would just be boring too. Horror's gotta be the single hardest thing to get right. Theres only a tiny bracket in which something really works. Go outside it and it's just like a magikarp splashing in blood rather than water.
  15. I understand there needs to be balance, and how hard it can be to get it right.
    A lot of the time, yes, gore in horror comes off as cheesy but in the end for me, I don't mind it. It's not for everyone, but I don't mind a lot of the over used bits in horror. Sure, a well thought out horror plot is always, always better, but yea.

    I can't say I mind short, senseless slasher rps. Sure, they normally don't last long and all that, but I still find a bit of fun in them.
    I've had some of my best rps evolve from joke rps so in the end I think its just about talking to your rp buddy and finding out what you both want out of it all.

    What I do mostly is my one OC kills people and feeds them to a gator, so most gore set ups relate to that. I like to to think it was a place in the roleplay, and is not just senseless gore. But have of late I picked up an OC that's guts fall out all the time, which I understand is more senseless but it's legit more for humor then anything at this point.
  16. I generally find that subtlety should always be used with gore, if it's in horror. There's nothing scary about reading a paragraph in which a character walks into a room to see a madman brutally murdering an old guy by tearing off his fingernails, embedding them into his cheeks from the inside, shaving his head to the point where it's more blood than anything else, stuffing the mess into a hole specially created in his intestines, cutting of his feet and hands, cauterising the wounds, sewing the items onto the man's shoulders then taking a rusty hand saw and a hammer and alternating between sawing and hammering out his teeth, one by one. It may be scary in real life or on TV, but the pace is drastically slowed down in writing and as such, gore needs to be able to adapt to that.
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