How many people actually read RP Resumes?

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  1. While I'm fairly new here, I'm taken with the RP Resume feature. I think it's a wonderful way to easily scout out potential partners, or determine if an RP applicant is going to work or not. I especially like having writing samples to read, although not many people fill those out.

    So my question is, how many people actually bother to go through and read these? I'm sure it's standard practice to glance over them when someone is joining your RP or responding to an Interest Check, but I'm more curious if people just take time to seek them out and read them. Whenever I see a new member post, I check to see if they've written their resume. If I see someone who seems to share an interest, I read their resume. I make sure to look over the resume of the host of any RP I'm looking at joining, and the other players too. I love being able to quickly get to know some of their preferences. When I'm bored, I pick out random people and read through their resumes.

    My only real peeve with the system is the few people I've come across who manage to mark themselves as "advanced" RPers and then misspell every other word, miss capitalization, etc. But I know that can't really be helped since they're set by the RPer themself (which I think is superior to having other people rate them or somesuch).

    However, I also have a kind of feeling in the back of my mind that noöne is actually going to take the time to go over the fairly long resume I've filled out, and when I see halfhearted resumes I feel like that person feels the same. So I'm curious how much that feeling is true. How many of you guys actively read resumes to find people you'd like to RP with?
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  2. I ALWAYS read roleplay resumes. It is VERY convenient for me. *goes to read your roleplay resume now because of curiosity*
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  3. I read the RP resumes of people fairly often, but not exactly at random. If someone posts something that amuses me or engages my mind in some other way I'll usually go poke around their profile, including the resume, just because I can. Reading info about people I've never interacted with just doesn't appeal to me, so I don't bother with totally random reading.

    Also, I will totally admit that I skim over longer roleplay resumes unless I have some particular reason for wanting all the details. Usually just a look at their preferred level, type, and genre of roleplays is enough to sate my curiosity. Big paragraph long responses to simple questions and huge writing samples though? Nah, not really worth the effort most of the time.
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  4. I do! Huge time-saver because it can be easy to tell when styles/preferences are just too different
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  5. Always. O__O I don't read them randomly for no reason, but if I come across a member and I might want to play with them, or they asked me to play, or they asked any sort of roleplay related question or something, I go read their resume. It gives me a really good idea of what they're interested in and what their style is like.
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  6. Absolutely. If I'm interested in role playing with somebody or they're interested in role playing with me, I fully check it out. It gives me an idea on compatibility and their skill. Oddly enough I had some ask if I play dominant or submissive characters, which I have clearly marked out in my resume. If you don't have the initiative to do a little research, I can only assume you can't be bothered to do a good job within the role play itself. With having been role playing for close to ten years now, I follow my gut and more often than not, it's spot on. I'm also rather put off when I come across one that is blank.

    Do yourself a favor and make use of the valuable tool at your disposal.
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  7. I always read rp resumes if I find a potential partner. Mostly that is when someone has replied to my partner searching thread, when I see a partner searching thread with one or many cool plots I'm interested in, or when people messages me to ask if I want to roleplay with them. Mainly I check their writing levels, favorite and least favorite genres, random notes (just in case there's something important there) and writing example. After that I always check their posting history to look at some IC posts. That way I can get a better picture of how they are in game. (I have a (self proclaimed) reputation as iwakus stalker for a reason)

    I get really annoyed when the roleplay resume is completely blank. It gets even worse if the roleplay resume is blank and they have no IC posts in their history (sometimes that's simply due to that they prefer roleplaying through PMs). There's literally nothing to go on and I have no idea if they would be an AMAZING PARTNER or my worst nightmare o.O I'm extremely picky when it comes to partners now a days, because after having done 113 (I think?) roleplays over the past 3 years, I have noticed what I can and can't do. Small posts are the worst rp killers for me. There has been one partner with whom I haven't minded one to two paragraphs each and every post, but for most parts I need to read and write longer posts to keep being engaged in the story. Fantasy, magic, super powers, historical and/or supernatural elements is a must when it comes to involved genres. If at least one of them aren't there, then I usually get bored. There are some exceptions, depending on how it's done I can do modern day survival or zombie apocalypse, but then it will have to be some really good plot. Slice of life or everyday romance in a school is a big NO NO.

    I know my limits, that's why I want to make sure my potential partners can meet my requirements so that the rp can survive a long time, and thus I need an rp resume. I haven't gotten a partner I disliked because of the way they wrote since spring, and I won't break this record now. I'm finally getting all the right partners cause I'm checking out every single detail of their existence :D

    Be scared, be very scared.
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  8. I'm still new to the site, so my resume's only halfway filled out.

    I will admit I've been lazy about the resumes. Perhaps I should start my reading right here, though!
  9. I read ALL the resumes. I like to see what other people have posted, even if there's nothing personally of interest for me. I also like to compare how they filled theirs out to how I've filled out mine, see if there're any better ways for me to phrase stuff, or fields I should really consider filling in or cutting down, etc. And I might stumble across a perfect fit, to boot. I don't really know what to think when I come across completely blank ones, though, because they seem so useful a feature they should be at least somewhat filled in. Makes me a little wary, I suppose. I'm pretty sure that's the very first thing I did on here, actually.
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  10. I don't do it at random, but I definitely check the resumes just to know if they're a potential partner. Also, if I'm doing a group RP and then another person joins, it's great to have that resume to know their style before we start the RP. That's one of my favorite things about this site.
  11. I will never rp with someone without looking the rolepaly resume o_o

    Even with it there to help, chances of a successful, long-term rp is highly luck based. Without it there would be chaos and confusion and broken stories everywhere! D:
  12. Nobody seems to read rp resumes anymore (for me at least) ;n;

    Two people came by yesterday 13 and 15 years old when I stated specifically on my roleplay resume that while it is not preferred, I only roleplay with 16+ only. They both came to me with questions/statements for a crime drama genre- which is on my favorite list- and I swear they didn't look completely at my roleplay resume- I told people in my status I was in the mood for a film noir roleplay, the 13 year old asked if I wanted to create a group film noir modern rp with her. After I told her I only roleplay with 16+ only, she told me okay thanks for letting me know. I don't know how others would feel about this but to me, that was a clear indication she hadn't checked out my roleplay resume. As for the 15 year old, well, she just PMed me with the statement that she had a plot for a crime drama rp id I wanted to hear it. Both the girls roleplay resumes stated they prefer to play female, their sexual orientation of characters are straight, and they want their partner to play male while I have the same exact expectations... I'm sorry if this derailed the thread but I had to grt it out there... Don't know about you guys, but I have had more of these issues in the past- primarily focused on my comfort level with ages... :/
  13. I don't, mainly because I keep forgetting they exist but also because I don't see much use in them.
  14. Yep. I'm guilty of stalking as well. I look through resume and also through previous posts. (I don't feel as bad for doing so now. :D )

    Not only do I do it to see if I would be okay with RPing with them, I also make sure that I meet their desired expectations as well. Since I'm generally pretty flexible in my desires to roleplay, it's nice to have guidelines to help me figure out what a complete stranger might like to enjoy.

    I'm also pretty new to the site, so reading other people's stuff gives me guiding points to what I should and shouldn't do. :D And yes, including changing up my own RP resume so it doesn't seem so bad. Haha.
  15. I love it when potential partners have resumes.
    I always read them, not only because I find it interesting, but because I get to see if they really are a type of person I could cooperate with and RP with.
  16. Hrrmm, I do, when a person initially shows interest, but, I did mine ages ago and probably need to update it. Any-who, I managed to put all I was looking for in a partner in my interest thread... Sadly, it just seems like people skip past the requirements and look only at the pairings or whatever. I've had people completely out of the age bracket I was looking for contact me, or people who type like they are a thirteen-year-old. I've had guys ask to rp with me, and I've had to awkwardly turn them down on the pretense that, had they read my requirements, they would have known that I wasn't up for that...

    And that's just the initial phases of getting an rp set up... most of the time, a person posts small posts that are hard to work with, or, posts that are just padding. That leaves me with very few rps that I am actually still playing, and only one I would die inside if I lost. (Which is a very good thing!)

    Finding the right people is hard sometimes, you know?
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  17. So, after reading this thread I found time to fill out the rp resume :bsmile:
  18. Majority of the time, I look at the resume. But there are times that while I am interacting with someone, it just feels right to role play with them.
  19. Reading the resume is extremely important to me. How else will I know what you are about?

    Here's an example to explain: When you walk into a restaurant and you sit down, what do you usually do? You look at the menu of course! The menu will tell you what is available and what exactly is inside of the food you are preparing to indulge in. I mean, who would want to order something and then after waiting for it to be prepared and for other people to be served, that when your plate is finally placed in front of you and you take that long awaited bite ... you realize it's not your cup of tea. DISAPPOINTING.

    Same thing applies to a writer.

    We are all at different levels and experiences. We have different tastes and preferences. The RP Resume is the role players menu. If there is little to nothing there, how will we know what you like and do as a writer? I personally don't bother writing to people who don't fill out their resume. If I find that someone doesn't take time to properly fill out their resume I am also wary of sending a PM. When I see time and effort is placed into your advertisement (that is also what a resume can be looked at as) and that you are actively trying to lure other writers to you, I will be that same little ladybug to crawl into the spider's trap. Though I do admit, I will go through previous posts to confirm my suspicions. Better to be safe than having to awkwardly explain why you need to drop a story. All the hurt feelings and apologies tend to be of the bothersome sort.

    People need to be willing to type up their resume and others need to be equally willing to read what is on there. Let's avoid the uncomfortable pains that laziness brings and just be considerate to the time people don't have to waste.
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  20. People are obviously not reading roleplay resumes if their grammar and spelling is decent, they type a paragraph full of fluff, they consider themselves at an intermediate level, and ask to roleplay with someone who has the prestige posting expectation and writing level along with a personal expectation of semi-novella replies. Apologies if this came out blunt and rude to others but this is the truth. I'm seeing it around here and it's frustrating me. I feel bad for those people who have to deal with people who don't take a glance at a roleplay resume, much less have one filled out for themselves and for the convenience of others.