How Many Jobs Have You Had (So Far)?

How many jobs have you had?

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I really enjoy romance in my roleplays; however, I do prefer to work up to it using suspense, tragedy, and mystery. The majority of my roleplays also dive into the libertine section, though I don't prefer this to be the main genre or focus.
Random question! How many jobs have you had so far?

I've had two, and then I start another on Wednesday. My first job was at a local bookstore chain, and I was there for nearly six years. I still miss it A LOT! Currently I work as a tour guide at my University and have been there since May of 2014. Now finally, next week I'll start at my University bookstore. I've loved the two jobs I've had so far -- especially the people I work with!
Legal jobs or just any ol' thing I've been paid for?

Seven years in a computer repair/IT shop, six months in an outlet store, a year at an auto parts store, a year doing industrial filter replacement for a family friend, and seven more years in IT. The middle three are 'second jobs' while I was working the first one. That first job ended due to the passing of my boss, who owned the company.
Only three, because when I was going to college I was doing a full time course load and lived off of student grant/loan money.

I worked for Walmart as an overnight shelf stocker for a couple months. They were dickheads and overhired to prep for a big inventory checking night, of course not telling any of us that they'd be trimming down the night crew after that, and I was one of the people they let go.

Then six months as a caretaker for a place that houses, takes care of, and treats (as best as they are able) adults with traumatic brain injuries. My job was to be there for 12 hours overnight watching over this one guy who had a tracheal tube and needed someone to be on constant watch because it'd get clogged with mucus and make him unable to breath, so going and suctioning that thing out was one of my main duties. I hated that job, got out of there as soon as I had a chance at something else.

And finally the job I have now, working security, also graveyard shift. I basically sit at a desk in the lobby of an office building for most of the night and do a few patrols around the place and unlock the entrances to the building come 5 AM. It's pretty great, I get to sit there and dick around on my laptop for a good 4+ hours each night while still doing all my job duties just fine.
Bus boy.

Deli worker.

Then I sold my life to carpentry. Many years and still building shit.
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My first 'job' was as a receptionist for Puget Sound Blood Center. It was a volunteer position I didn't get paid for, but I loved it and from time to time miss doing it. Watching people get their veins stabbed into from my desk was always fun and made me wanna be a phlebotomist. Maybe one day I'll get the proper schooling for it.

As for paying jobs, I've been an office assistant for a non-profit that preserves habitats. There is where I discovered I have a fetish passion for organizing paperwork, sorting files, all that good stuff. Then I was a cashier for Cabela's. Hated that job with every fiber of my being. I do not do well interacting with customers, especially conservative rednecks who liked to yell at me for one reason or another. I was always excusing myself to the bathroom so I could deal with my anxiety.

Now? I am a simple homemaker. Seeking employment but mostly focusing on raising this child to be the Sith who will eventually slay me in combat and take his rightful place as Sith Emperor.
Five jobs.

Store clerk, warehouse worker, warehouse manager, customer service operations manager, and now technical planner :)
I'm 25 this year and if we're only counting jobs that had a signed legal contract, then I've had seven jobs.

If we're counting babysitting/daycare services and summer yardwork type things, then I've had easily twelve.

In fairness, the durations went

5 weeks (fast food gig, sped out like my pants were on fire)
3 years
1 year
2 months/4 months (at the same time)
2 years
3 years
I have had one legal, on the books job! Where I worked as a cashier and stocker at a small pharmacy/discount store! That was until they closed the store and we all got laid off. x_____x

Everything else I have done was simple or under the table things. >>

When I spent summer with my grandmother, I would work for her. She owned her Beauty Shop, I did the cleaning of eeeverryything. Sometimes I would get to paint the nails of customers and they'd give me tips. O__O

And then when she moved and started working as an Apartment Manager, I would secretary for her. Filing paperwork, being a gopher, answering phones, etc.

Then there was a stint in helping clean apartments after people moved out. That was kind of fun and I could keep stuff that people left behind. 8D This one apartment I cleaned out had a TON of cool art supplies in it.

I was a weekend in-house babysitter for my Aunt for a year or two! I'd stay at her place all weekend and manage the kids while she and her hubby worked and had had dates.

Aaaaaaand, a few times I have done website and design stuff for people. It's not something I like to do for payment though. @___@
They may not be counted as "Jobs" per se, but i'll say them anyway.

One was kinda under the counter, the manager wanted a place clean and there was no janitor position, so he/she paid me a bit to clean up the complex every week. (Out of his/her own pocket, so it's not official, it was more of a favor that he/she rewarded me for doing)

The second one is modeling. (Yep, I'm a model ^^ I've also done a few shows too though beginning shows don't pay you money, they're meant to get your name out there)
I could be in it for money as I'm all set with my agency, but I don't think I'll be a fan of the modeling career XP But if I gotta do it, then I gotta do it.
I'm also registered to be an actor through the agency too as they deal with both modeling and acting, though I don't have confidence that I'll be a very good actor DX Maybe i'll try one day though, it won't cost me a thing as my agency will deal with most of the stuff so yeah ^^ Both are a very viable option worse comes to worse.

And I swear there was one more, but I just don't remember it DX
Well if your counting those little jobs you do when you are younger six. Paper route, baby sitting, lifeguard, House Keeper, Cashier at Canadian Tire and now McDonalds. I'm hoping once I'm done school, I'll get my set job and be on my way!
3-4. A range from the food industry to retail. Currently I'm in retail. Not looking forward to the holidays though.


I alienate people!
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My first job ever was as a Veterinary Assistant in a tiny little town... My duties included stuff like cleaning and feeding and medicating, and developing x-rays. It was an interesting job. We had a bull there that had dwarfism, and a raven with a 5 foot wingspan. It was a pretty awesome first job.

I've also worked retail (both in department stores, and gas stations), I was a diesel clerk for a while, a waitress, and I worked in home health.
I've had/have nine jobs:

Catering assistant
Teaching Assistant
Customer Service
Adjunct professor
Teaching Assistant
Online tutor
I'm not sure how to answer this question, does the work I did at my parents' businesses count? Babysitting? My own business I started two years ago even though I'm still in the red? Well for other people employing me that are not family and they have to file paperwork on my work, 3. I worked at a hard ware store for almost a year my junior & senior year in HS until the company had to file for Chapter 13, then I got my job at the grocery store 2 months later, been there over 18 years. For 2 years I did filing part time for a child psychologist too, about 7 years ago.

Oh, I also worked as a Census worker for a few months, but it was a horrible horrible job and I now have a better understanding of how stupid the government can be when it comes to bureaucracy!
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Technically 2.

The very first one was a paper route as a kid.
The pay was awful, the company gave 50$ a month and expected the neighbourhood to do the rest via tips.
Most of them got really hostile about that.

Then for Grade 12 I worked as an ABA Therapist Assistant, at the same Center I had went to for the last years of my own therapy.
Then I went off to College and focused full-time on the ECE course work being done there.

Though technically I had another 4 "Jobs" while there because I got four placements during that education (The last one ended just a few days ago actually).
Though they don't pay you anything unlike placements for just about any other college program in existence.
Holy shit, I've had 11 jobs. I never really thought about it until now.

First job was KFC. It was a dump that I infrequently burnt myself and nearly died from after slipping on the shortening encrusted floor that was slicker than ice.

Second was IGA in the deli department. I actually really enjoyed this one because of the people I worked with/ no managers worked afternoon shift so it was a party central where we basically treated each department like micronations where we engaged in trades of food stuffs, like fries for cookies.

Third was a brief 2 week stint at No Frills as a stocker. Decided I didn't want to do two jobs so I jumped ship.

Forth job was as an armoured reconnaissance crewman with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. Sadly, that meant light trucks instead of armoured vehicles, but it was still an amazing experience I am super proud of having done. Only reason I left was because I was 17-18 at the time and wanted to go to college, and it would have been impossible to keep with it since I had no ride to get there anymore and college was super far away.

Fifth job was in car parts factory called Ventura. I got fired before my probation ended because that's when that 2008 recession hit. Their "we weren't satisfied with your performance" claim when I asked why I was being let go contradicted the 3 line leaders over the previous month telling me how much they loved having me on their lines because I was a good worker.

Sixth job was another factory I can't readily remember the name of. I quit that job after almost a year because I was getting constant headaches from the paint and welding fumes.

Seventh job was a lumber yard called Ratcliffe. I loved that job even if I was on the afternoon shift, but I had to leave because it started to go downhill very fast because the guy who owned the place literally walked out on the job. Yes, the guy who owned and founded the business quit on the spot. Can't say I ever seen that happen before or since.

8th job was with a Walmart Supercenter where I worked deli, grocery, and garden center at various points. It was hit and miss and the only redeeming parts was when I had good managers and had awesome coworkers. Otherwise, if you've worked retail, you know how it draws the very worst of humanity, both as customers and managers.

9th job was with a municipal county where I worked there for 3.5 years, I loved it but it got to be super stressful because it was a super small department and I was kind of managing about 80% of operations and I ended up slipping on small details and not remembering how to do some major troubleshooting and repairs, and the pressure that was being put on me to shape up was causing me massive amounts of stress. I think if I had some proper coaching and I wasn't the only operator (not counting my supervisor, who wasn't usually doing the run and instead doing more contractor/ maintenance stuff) I would have been able to keep that job. It was a hellish last year there, and I was actually relieved when I was let go. It would have been better if it wasn't my first job in the industry. The thing is, I left on good terms with my supervisor and superintendent and they both offered to be references for me. Sure enough, that helped me get my current job. They gave me a lot of skills that are invaluable, so overall, I chalk it up as a win.

10th job was a 2 week stint at a spill containment company. I left because it was like being permanently on call, where you didn't have a fixed schedule and would be told to come to work the same day and be prepared to be gone for days at a time, sometimes even in another province. With my health problems, I need a routine and a predictable schedule. Plus, I didn't like the people who worked there and the work wasn't really enjoyable.

11th job is my current one with another water treatment company that is more private and contracted out rather than municipal. It's really good so far, insanely busy (I've only had two days without overtime), and it's very sink or swim. My third week into the job, where I am now, and I've been doing the entire run of 14 sites alone, as in no supervisor or coworkers. A lot of trust, but I'm also keeping up and the experience I had before is immediately transferable. And I get to see the Rocky Mountains every day; it's honestly a fantastic job that I am loving so far.
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I am a professional cat lady.

Just kidding.

I wish I was a professional cat lady.


I had 6+?

Boomers! - Small amusement park that I worked at for 3 years and hated every moment of it.

Dental Office - Hated it. Worked there for two months.

Liberty Tax - Loathed this job. Had to dress up in a tacky costume, stand on street corners and had to spin a sign. I made 12 an hour for it, couldn't complain. Only worked there for a month.

Save the Children - One of the best jobs I had. Look them up, it is a good cause. Worked for them for a couple of months.

Party Staff - Hated this. Temp agency that sent us out to serve at fancy dinner parties. I hated this job because I saw how much food people wasted at banquets. Perks was I got to work at football games and watch games for free even if I hate my home team (Chargers, ew). Worked there for three months.

Anchor General Insurance - Current job. Eh. Could be better. Not complaining. Worked there for 7 months so far.

Eh. I just kinda sorta hate all the jobs I had. Lol
Two jobs so far, and I'm actually working both of them at the moment.

One has been a rough but stable relationship for over two years. In the past couple weeks, I've been flirting with another similar position, stealing away for a few nights when my real commitment isn't paying attention. It was just supposed to be a couple nights at first, but things kept rolling, and it's starting to feel like I'm cheating on ol' faithful. But to be honest, they've been getting into bigger and bigger trouble—I don't know that I can keep pulling them out of it. I love them so, but after two years I might just need to break off this abusive relationship while I can.

After all, they haven't even proposed yet. I've been meaning to take this relationship to the next level for a while, but the way they look at other guys—it's hurtful.

They're both dishwashing jobs, by the way.
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