How make your grandchildern need therapy

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xnijmai, Feb 16, 2015.

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  2. I've seen this before. And it still haunts me.
  3. o.o

    Thank goodness my mother is too straight for that kind of thing. I'd need therapy right along with my kids.
  4. Jinx. Dafuq, dude?
  5. ARGH



    Now if only I was going to have future children. I would so do this.
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  6. Fuck.

    I had just forgotten about this ;-;
  7. I find this far more amusing than shocking.
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  8. I wish my grandparents were that cool.
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  9. Jinx... As Muna said.... Dafuq??? I am going to have nightmares! >:C
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  10. And now I'll never need to do drugs. That video itself is like a drug trip gone wrong. XD
  11. I wonder what type of cookies she'd bake
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  12. I wish she was my grandma. She seems awesome.
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  13. The kind loaded with THC.
  14. My parents made me need therapy by rapping at me...they are to white to rap!
  15. How do you disturb the already disturbed?

    That video.
  16. Your sig works very well with this.
  17. 2/10.

    Less traumatic then the moment you realize your grandparents have sex.
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  18. No words. No words.
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