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  1. So I've started a game in a canon world about ten days ago. I have given cheery, encouraging posts to my players every few days apart. A couple of them have important canons and have done nothing with them other than say 'Oh, sorry! I'll have a sheet done for them this week!' Well, that week goes past and nada.

    I don't want to hurt feelings or be a jerk by pushing too hard, but at the same time I think ten days is a little long to have absolutely zero movement. Should I give the canons to others? I have spoken to this person in PMs and gotten no reply.
  2. I think ten days is way too long. If it were me, I would PM them with an ultimatum, something along the lines of "if you don't have the character to me in 48 hours, I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to give the spot to someone else," and then if you still get no response, give the spot away.
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  3. Yup, that's about where I am. I've sent notes to all of those that expressed interest and am going to just go forward if I don't hear back by tomorrow. This is killing my game.
  4. Ok first

    -staff hat on-

    Please try to be discreet about things like this, you could easily anger, frustrate, or hurt the feelings of the players if they saw this thread as it's pretty easy to figure out who you're talking about! It's fine to ask advice, but try to avoid pointing fingers. Something like

    "When you start a roleplay, but people aren't posting despite reminders, how long should you keep waiting?"

    Would be more tactful.

    Now back to your question: if enough important players are too busy for the RP to function at an acceptable pace (and it's better for everyone if you take them at their word and assume they really have just been busy; roleplay is a leisure activity and IRL responsibilities have to come first!), you may want to put a pin in the whole thing and figure out a better time to resume it, when everyone is able to be present and relax and enjoy themselves, instead of stress-posting on the fly.
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  5. I'm not willing to shelve it. I finally have some interest generated and have dealt with the matter accordingly. Hopefully people will be mature under tye circumstances, but I will reword things if it becomes necessary and am going to ad a post frequency requirement. My wording is always going to tweak on someone under the current set of circumstances and I have walked on as many eggshells as I am willing to walk in this particular case.
  6. What stage exactly is your RP in? I misread this at first and assumed you were talking about the IC being stuck, and was about to go on a whole other bit of advice about that, but then you said something about posting character sheets. So... do you have any character sheets yet? If you have enough to at least start the game, I recommend moving right ahead, or at least telling people when you plan on having the IC ready so that people can either pick up the pace or be left behind.

    Because, here's the thing: If your RP has already started, then having people not post is, understandably, very annoying, and could potentially endanger the whole RP. And if a specific person has essentially become a silent drop-out, then there could potentially be a lot of work that you, the GM, have to do in order to stop the whole RP from coming to a screeching halt. But, if you're only at the stage when people are posting character sheets? There's no reason for you to wait on every last person. Someone hasn't posted the character sheet that they said they would post? Ok. Who cares? You don't need them. They aren't holding anyone up. It's not like anyone else depends on that person's CS existing in order to continue. You can just go right ahead and start the IC without them. In fact, one could argue that doing this sort of weeds out the weak, as it were. If you don't go out of your way to hold the hands of all your stragglers, then you know that the only people left in the RP are the ones who don't need hand-holding.

    In any case, though, I would say that 10 days is still fairly young. You got time. You can wait a while longer if you feel the need. :/

    Also!! If you don't feel like you have enough players yet, here's an alternative solution -- contact specific players whose CS's you're waiting for. Talk to them, ask them what's up. You don't have to be all "write a CS for me right now!!", just tell them you want to know what's going on and what's keeping them. If it's writer's block, you might be able to help! You can offer ideas and suggestions to help move them along. Instead of tapping your foot impatiently while one of your players struggles to come up with ideas, you can actually get involved and help fix the problem. This also demonstrates that you're someone that these players can talk to about things -- so you don't come off as some scary authority figure that they might be afraid to talk to if they, say, decide to drop out.

    I realize that I essentially just gave you two polar opposite ways of dealing with this situation. But uh... I find that, either one of these strategies can be useful, depending on what situation the RP is in. I don't know enough about your specific situation to say what action is the best, but, here are some tools for your toolbox -- hopefully that'll give you enough to figure out what to do. :P
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  7. All of that is helpful in different ways and for different reasons, actually. I have only a couple of people that have put in the work, one of who has all been private becuse the group he is with has yet to be seen by the other players. I had to ask one player to release a prominent canon, which they were totally cool with doing. They're welcome to bring their OCs in whenever RL backs off on them a little. The rest of them have said little if anything, so I suspect I'm going top wait for my major canon to roll her post out and then go forth from there.

    ... which will be a right gory mess, considering the world we're playing in! Thank you for your wonderful reply!!
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