"How Long Have You Been Standing There?"

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  1. Characters being observed when they think they are alone can equal hiliarity, suspense, and all kinds of drama! The usual answer to

    "How long have you been standing there?"

    Is "Long enough" or "Since *thing the character did/said"

    which is, let's face it, overdone and stale.

    Write a scene where a character gets walked in on and asks how long he/she has been observed; and don't use either of the above responses.
  2. Marie froze as she looked over. Her brown haired friend was standing in the doorway, watching the blonde straddling the brunette's boyfriend. "S-starry!" Marie exclaimed, still leaning over Zephyr. Her tan skin was covered in sweat as she pushed her blonde hair with pink streaks out of her face. She looked at the Starry, her pink eyes flitting around the room. "H-how long have you been standing there?"

    "8 minutes, 26 seconds and 3 milliseconds." Starry said, her blue eyes glistening with unshed tears. "How long has this been happening?" She asked quietly, her pale form shaking.

    "Starry... It's not my fault, he-he! He was coming onto me!" Marie exclaimed, quickly getting off of the blue haired boy.

    "Bullshit!" Starry yelled, her head bowed. "This is the last time you try and steal someone away from me!"

    Marie took a step back. She gasped. "What?! No! He's just a changeling! I've never stolen someone from you! I swear!"

    "What about Astro? And Ranch? And Apple? They all left me because they were dating someone else. They were dating you." Starry managed to get out, her voice strained. She looked up, pointing to the door. "Get out."

    "Starry, please-" Marie took a step forward.

    "I said get the fuck out! I never want to see you again, Marie!" Starry yelled. Marie bit her lip. She ran past Starry. A small trail of tears ran down the brunette's cheeks, her shoulders shaking from silent sobs.
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  3. Sarah was sitting on her fencepost, chewing her bubble gum. She blew it out as far as she could (not very far) before it popped, and covered her mouth with blue, sticky gum. Then she took out her yo-yo from her pocket and started to perform some tricks. After a while, she got bored and stuffed the yo-yo back into her pocket. She felt the presence of someone around her (that was a special ability she had, other than that, she was a very, very average teenager), and just turned her head slightly, towards the gate, and opened her eyes wide in confused shock.

    "How long have you been standing there...?" she whispered, leaving her mouth ajar slightly, eyeing up the stranger in front of her. He had midnight blue hair that covered his left eye, like an emo cut or something? He was wearing big, nerdy glasses, midnight blue like his hair, and a hoodie that was, yet again, also midnight blue, but she couldn't see his legs behind the gate, but presumed they were midnight blue.

    "I have been watching you unobserved for about 13 minutes, 54 seconds, 8 milliseconds, 4 micro- I could go on, but I believe you wouldn't understand, by the look on your face. I think that's the amount of time I was watching you until you noticed me... You're really weird" said the stranger softly, but putting a definitive emphasise on the last 3 words. Sarah's face contorted from the look of shock to a look of anger.

    "How Dare you say that! If anything, it's you who's the weird one. Who the hell knows the exact time up to the.. Umm.. Picosecond., or whatever... Anyway, it doesn't matter! What teenager knows and uses that vocabru- vocubu-" The stranger interuppted her.

    "Vocabulary? Mmm, you argument does show a reasonable issue. I can comprehend with what you say. I can offer you a full explanation of my high intelligence if you wish-" This time it was him who was interuppted

    "SHUT UP YOU.... FREAK!" Sarah screamed out, in an outburst. She saw the look on the stranger's face. He was emotionally hurt, as a single tear ran down his face from his eye. She was confused, where did he come from? Why was he watching her? How did she let the conversation escalate so quickly?

    He turned away, stuck his arm out into nowhere and Sarah heard a quiet 'beep' and what seemed like a portal opened up right in front of him. He stepped silently through, and vanished. The portal, however, stayed open. She ran after him, straight into the portal.

    "Gary! Wait!" She cried out, only just realising what she said. Gary? How did she know his name... of it was his name. Then she started to think what had happened, and sat down on the ground. Luckily for her, it was concrete. Whatever just happened in that short time... That was weird.

    "What the hell..." She muttered adn the looked around. The first thing she saw was the portal closing. Then she fainted.
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  4. The mirror clattered to the floor when he saw Gerald reflected in the doorway. Amos spun around, his hands instinctively covering his naked groin as he faced his friend. "H-How long have you been there?" he asked, a hot flush creeping up his neck and inflaming his cheeks. "Were you watching me?"

    Gerald smirked and walked to Amos, the other backing away as he approached. he picked up the mirror and looked into it before his gaze fell on the naked teen. "You know, you really should get that checked out. just looking at it through a mirror won't do anything, what me to look for you?"

    Amos wanted to die, right then and there. "I have a feeling you've seen enough!"

    Gerald laughed, "Oh yes, i saw more than my share of that cure little mole on your ass, but I wouldn't mind a closer view. if you are so concerned with it, why not get a second opinion?" he continued to walk towards Amos, the other's back hitting the wall of his room, trapping him. "Come on, i've already seen it, so why not show me?"

    Amos shook his head, "just get out!"

    Gerald cupped Amos' cheek, lifting his face so their eyes met, "No. I've been watching you for far to long to let this opportunity go, Amos. I'm done just looking. Now i want to touch..."
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  5. "This'll teach that bastard of a history teacher to fail me..." Serafim grinned as he soiled said teacher's desk of papers. The teacher had been on his lunch break and Serafim decided it the perfect opportunity. When he'd finished his dirty work, he zipped his fly on his pants and turned towards the door. There stood a girl, unknown to him from his class, standing in the doorway. She had the utmost disgusted look on her face with him and looked about ready to go tattle on him.
    "How the hell long have you been standing there watching me!?" Serafim instantly demanded as he marched towards her.
    "I can't believe you just did that! That's soo disgusting!" she exclaimed snobbishly. Suddenly Serafim had her pinned against the front corner of the classroom, closest to the door.
    "You aren't gonna tell anybody, now are you?" he sneered to her, his mouth right at her left ear. She shuddered and shoved him away from her.
    "You creep! Buzz off! I'll do what I want!" she proclaimed. She immediately regretted doing so when he roughly grabbed her right wrist.
    "Ow! That hurts!" she whined and tugged at his arm with her left hand. She opened her mouth to say more, but Serafim pressed his mouth against hers in a soppy kiss. Her protesting soon stopped as he continued to kiss her.
    Their lips parted and she panted, her face red from embarrassment.
    "What was that for?" she questioned him, confused.
    "You girls all talk too much." Serafim told her matter-of-factually. She frowned at him and let out an angry sigh.
    "If my boyfriend finds out he'll--" she was cut off by Serafim.
    "He'll? Nothing! He won't find out." he raised an interested eyebrow at her. She squinted her eyes at him, wondering what he was going on about.
    "I mean, why not have some fun? Play around a little with him. Dating doesn't mean married..." Sera smirked at her and wriggled his eyebrows at her. She gasped at what he meant. It was true, dating didn't mean married, but cheating on her boyfriend for Serafim?
    "Impossible!" she spat at him. Serafim grabbed her chin and kissed her again, shorter this time. She broke away from it, furious.
    "Cut. That. Out." she told him firmly. Serafim grinned at her anger.
    "Boy you sure are adorable when pissed," he started, grabbing her hand "lets go see what you look like in other ways. Back at my place, hmm?"

    Funny thing was, she didn't protest.


    Wow that took some time, I actually wanted to go deeper but you can all imagine what happened afterwards. His place, 'fun', beat up next day by said girl's boyfriend. Detention for a week. Haha pissing on the teacher's things haha! Oooh boy Serafim gonna get himself killed if his Huntington's Disease don't get him first haha! He'll get killed by infuriated boyfriends!
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  6. "How long have you been standing there?" A strong voice asked her, his words hitting her ears in shallow waves, his sounds far away even though she felt his presence close by. She trembled, staring at her reflection downcast in the mirror that hung sadly before her on an old wall with peeling, aged paint. "I-I don't really know," she admitted after several moments in tense silence, wrapping her arms around herself, her fingers tightly enclosing around her skin. Her eyes concentrated on the dull white sink in front of her. The facet was worn and way past its prime. She suddenly realised that it had been steadily dripping the entire time, without her ever having noticed. Dripping slowly in time, just as she felt. She needed to be shielded, covered off from the world for a while. Something was awry, but she was too hazy, tired, just too disoriented to keep one thought together or recall a whole memory.

    Strongly afraid, an underlying fear bubbling in warning right beneath her skin that she didn't understand and couldn't derive clear sense of, forced her heart to a race, her skin to cry and weep down her body in salty streaks, her anticipation and worry building with each passing drop. Her lungs were held in a tight crush, her heart encased in a vague feeling of danger and despair. Disjointed terror washed over her as she recognised movement behind her. "I just don't know, I don't remember a single thing," she heard come out of her mouth, the words dry and desolate. She wasn't even consciously aware that she was speaking, her body was just living through the necessary motions demanded by the primal terror racing through its bloodstream.

    "I thought so."

    His words hit her deep inside her core, and her body began to shake, just noticeably at first for a few seconds before quickly escalating to suffering near convulsions from the searing anguish of her recollections. Flashes and snaps of the past night fitted across her memory and would not stop as she heard approaching footsteps from behind her. First, walking home a little drunk with her love. Then lots of blood. A car, fuzzy clips of men shoving their hands in front of her face, their fingers in other places. A prickling pain in the crook of her elbow, the unmistakable feeling of injection. The clips got hazier from this point on with most of her memories being audio clips, frozen in time: "They're so fun to own and play with-" "It's so nice when they just stop like this!"

    The woman grasped her hair in fists and rapidly shook her head back and forth, pointedly ignoring the continuing onslought and realisation of what all deranged acts were done to her last night. She couldn't even make out a clear number, but she did know that the voice behind her - the man behind her was part of it, and wasn't through yet.

    "You weren't supposed to recover to quickly, see? You wandered around and got lost.... Come home now, pet."

    Upon hearing his words a short moment of release was granted as her knees gave way, sending her crashing onto the floor in a trembling pile of sobs, gags, and moans. A shower came over her as the man leaned forward, one hand clamping her mouth shut and the other harshly pulling her up by her hair. He half dragged her away, taking her "home" - his home, her new home, the home so many were brought into and later died inside of.
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  7. Her breath hitched in her throat. It wasn't the laced up back of her dress, squeezing her into desirable - yet ultimately untrue - shapes, or the seasonal allergies she'd placated in the morning with a fifteen minute ritual that stopped just shy of blood magic; no, it was weight. Everything in the world seemed to be upon her shoulders as she stared at the woman in the mirror.

    It was her - almost. It was who she would be. The lavish hair and makeup was something she'd never repeat, and white really wasn't the best colour for her skin tone, but those things didn't matter. The woman staring back at her was Mrs. Yeomans. Not Miss Harper. Not even Ms. Harper. Mrs.


    Her voice stuck again and she smiled to herself, finding her chest heaving against the bustier. She wiped her palm along the base of her left eye quickly. A black smear appeared on the pale skin. “God damn make up lady. God damn mascara.” She began to turn to her left and right, looking for something to wipe her hand on that wasn't blindingly white. “They should know that a woman's going to -”

    Her hand, which she'd been holding precariously in midair to avoid any mishaps, fell limply to her side. A smile crossed his lips and she felt her knees knock together, finally glad this damn dress puffed out like a blimp. His hair was neatly packed onto his head, the wild curls tamed into tight ringlets, a few hanging down over his broad forehead. The teal tie was more vibrant than she'd expected, and she noticed for the first time that he'd gotten matching shoe laces. Leave it to Peter to outdo the teal mani-pedi she'd gotten. After a minute, she raised her jaw from its open state and formed words, realizing that was apparently required in social interactions. “How long have you been standing there?”

    His grin softened, and he took a step forward. It took every ounce of strength she had to stand stationary as he moved next to her. Breathing became secondary – maybe even tertiary. Peter planted himself before to his bride-to-be and slowly extended his hand towards her. Cupping the side of her face, his thumb ran gently along her cheek, wiping away the streak of black that was sliding across its pale surface. They held this moment for an eternity.

    Finally his hand fell from her cheek down to her hand, which he held tightly. “Too long.” With his free hand he cupped the back of her head and brought her forehead to his lips. Another eternity. “Let's go, Miss.”

    “It's Mrs, to you.” Finally a hint of her sass decided it was done running in frantic circles in the corner of her brain.

    Unfortunately, his was waiting with the volley. “Not yet it's not.” A gentle squeeze of her hand. “Let's right that.”
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  8. Sunlight streamed in through the glass ceiling, falling over the still forms of four young men waiting patiently in the chapel. Waiting by the unlit walls were their families, but they alone were illuminated, armor shining bright as their souls. A quartet of young men, about to be knights. They had trained for years, dreamed since they were but boys, and now their dreams were about to be fulfilled. In truth, Ser Ector's dreams were being realized as well. He loved seeing young men achieve their dreams like he had his own so long ago. They had opportunities, and not all young men did.
    He stepped forwards with the first sword, which bore the name Matter-of-Fact. It was a strange name for a sword, but young men were doing all kinds of strange things nowadays. After he pressed the hilt into the youth's hands, Ector glanced up and did a classic double take as he realized his youngest son was standing in front of him, looking not pleased in the slightest to be a knight.
    Somewhat shaken, Ector picked up the second blade, reading the name Never-Was-Meant. When the boy reached out to take it, he wore the face of Jessor, of Ector's oldest son, who had perished in that fire so long ago. He grasped the hilt with a grimace, as though being forced to take the path of the knight rather than than the bard physically pained him.
    And the third sword, by the name of Blame-Her-Not, was handed to the middle son, who fumbled and nearly dropped it but at least looked pleased. He had, at least, shown some enthusiasm, even if he had no talent.
    Ector had but three sons, so when he took the final sword and read the name Meant-To-Be he handed it over, glad that at least one lad knighted that day would be a true knight. But the face that greeted him was that of his eldest, his daughter Ymber, now twenty-odd years disowned. "And how long have you been standing there, pretending to be a real knight?" He snarled, reaching for the sword but unable to tear it from her iron grip.
    "I've always been here, father," She replied, her gaze fierce. "I'm the only one of your children who was always here."
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  9. (hm,most of these responses have something sexual in them *snicker* I'll make sure mine is different in that aspect)

    Her blood thundered in her ears as Sheridan stood in a forest clearing. The past week had been a special kind of hell for her. Since she was a snow leopard humanoid everyone assumed she was weak! They all thought she was going to be some dainty little sissy afraid to get her claws dirty! And she couldn't even prove them wrong because if she showed them that she was a fighter even in the slightest bit everyone would become suspicious of her! She couldn't be herself because of the stupid,racist,HUMANS. So today,she was venting her anger on the trees. She was using her magic that she had kept secret all her life and her weapons she hid every day to lash at and gouge the trees lining the clearing while her tail lashed side to side behind her. Her ears were folded down and her eyes were wild as her hands sent out crescent shaped blades of purple magic at the surrounding trees,making deep gashes in their trunks.

    As she kept thinking about it she kept getting angrier and soon she spun on her feet with an angry yell and sent a large wave of magic behind her to cut down a tree. She barely managed to stop it before it cut someone who had been standing behind her in half. They were standing there frozen and she froze too at seeing them. It was her neighbor who also happened to be a very racist human. He was standing there glaring at her with a evil smile on his face. He also happened to have anything he says trusted by the police. Before she had a chance to even ask him to wait he spun on his feet and took off running. Sheridan however just cast a spell that would knock him to the ground and make the roots of plants reach up and hold him there. She then ran over and crouched by him. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked,her voice smooth but low and cautious.

    "I followed you here,you should really get your ears cleaned." He said,smirking up at her. His deep voice was grating and to her even worse than nails on a chalk board. "And now you get to go to jail for attacking me as well." The damn cocky bastard... She couldn't go to jail...she wouldn't survive it. Without her weapons she would be defenseless and if she used magic in jail she would get the death sentence. If she escaped she would become a fugitive. She didn't know a memory wipe spell either..."I am so TIED of your bullshit! You are no better than me Henry!" she yelled in his face. His response? "You are a furred freak,I am a thousand times better than you. All you are good for is a fancy looking slave or a decorative rug. Now you get to rot in a cell though which is just as good,you belong in a cage. You're a monster" he sneered though he was the one trapped at the moment.

    At that she clenched her teeth so hard she was sure they would break before she stood and looked down at him. She couldn't let him ruin her entire life. What she was about to do made her no better than him but no one would ever know and she would get to continue her free life,keeping her magic and weapons a secret. "You're the monster Henry,and you're the one who belongs in a cage. But I can't give you that luxury,I won't let you ruin my life." She said,her tone grim as she stared down at him before she sent a blade of her purple magic down at him. It went straight through his neck and several inches into the dirt below with a sickening slice sound. His ugly head then rolled to the side,the eyes wide and void of all light as the roots went back into the ground and she put a foot on the corpse so it turned to sticks and leaves under her feet. She then put her foot on the severed head which she changed to dust which blew away in the breeze,leaving a patch of dead plants where it had been.

    "Now I'm the monster." she whispered to herself.
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  10. "You're a piss poor bar tender and and even worse peeping tom. What the hell do you want Morgan?" Adrian asked, bitter sparks flying through the air in his tone as his tongue lashed against his teeth of flint. Morgan pushed himself off of the door frame and stood now in the door way, his arms crossed and his face stone. His sleeves were rolled up as they usually were and his hands were still damp from washing the dishes. The thick mustache over his upper lip gave the impression or sternness but his eyes showed the truth: The concern that was hidden just beneath the pupils was obvious for anyone to see. Adrian chose to ignore it though. "How long have you been standing there anyways?"

    "You should go back," Morgan began, only to be cut off by Adrian's uplifted hand and knowing smirk. He knew this was coming. It had been three days since he showed up at the door, drenched in rain and practically seeping with anger. It had taken two days for Morgan to find out what had happened, and he had taken most of the third to mull over what he thought he should do. Now, as the sun was setting in the west, was as good of a time as any he had thought. "Let me stop you right there and tell you to go fuck yourself Morgan. We're not having this conversation," Adrian interrupted, flicking his fingers idly with irritation.

    Morgan was unmoved and stood still as a sentinel, continuing on, "You haven't left this room except to come down to the bar for drinks. I haven't seen you eat anything. Talk to her, I'm sure that-"

    "What you should be sure on," Adrian interrupted again, his voice raising and his eyes catching fire as they pierced daggers through Morgan's head, "is what I told you yesterday. Put yourself in my shoes, how the hell would you feel?"

    "There has to be a mistake," Morgan said, taking a step into the room. Adrian turned away from the bar tender, opening up his dresser drawer directly in front of him and rustling through bundled socks as though looking for something while looking for nothing at all. "Angela wouldn't do that, you know full well she's not the type of woman-"

    Adrian slammed his fists down into the pulled out dresser drawer, causing the entire dresser to shudder and the floor to quake from the force, though nothing broke. Silence reigned over the room as the floor boards creaked under the sudden inertia and the table side lamp debated whether or not to tip over and die or stand steady and live another day. The blond man was fuming, his fingers digging into his palms and his eyes burning holes through the woman he saw in his minds' eye. "I saw her do it, Morgan. I saw her," he spat, fuming through his nostrils, his temple pulsating with rage. "She was only three months old..."

    Morgan said nothing. What could he say? He had gotten all of the details the day before and he was still finding it hard to believe. That Angela could do something like that to her own daughter was unthinkable in his mind. Yet Adrian's rage was palpable and as real as fire. There was no reason for him to lie, and why would he over something like this? Adrain was not that kind of man, and Angela wasn't that kind of woman. An impossible situation with no good outcome, and a dead infant whose blood stained her mother's hands...

    The blond man picked up a pair of socks at random and turned towards the door. "I'm going out," he said quietly under his breath, brushing past Morgan on his way to the door and the stairs beyond. Morgan stood still for a few moments, his eyes dark and his body tense. He noticed that Adrian had left the drawer open and he crossed the room to close it. The sound of the bar door slamming from the story below let the bar keep know that his tenant was out. Stepping in front of the drawer, he began to push it closed before stopping, a glint of light catching his eye. He reached into the sock drawer and pushed aside the bundles of socks, finding a now broken picture frame. Glass had shattered and scattered everywhere upon impact, and this must have been what Adrian was looking for. Morgan reached down and picked up the picture that was lying there, crumpled and slightly torn from the impact.

    Their wedding day, Adrian and Angela's. Morgan had taken the picture himself, and it was not far from the bar that it had been captured. Not so long ago had it been that this had been the happiest day of their lives, now it served as a cruel reminder of the apparent lie that Angela represented. Morgan let out a sigh and folded the photo in half, tucking it into his shirt before closing the drawer and walking out of Adrian's room, grabbing the door handle and shutting it quietly on his way out.
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  11. Luna stared out the window, it had been a long night filled with the sounds of battle and screams of pain. Turning she saw Lucas leaned against the door. "How long have you been there?" Lucas turned his eyes from where they stared blankly at the sky behind her and then back again. "You know, I to have nightmares about the battles we have to fight. I see the faces of every friend I have ever met, and every time they look at me they ask why I let them die. Then when I wake I remember why such battles must wage. I see the children in the streets playing and the mothers laughing as they watch. I remember that every person lost on the field is another saved here at home." Lucas sighed and opened the door but just as he was about to go he turned back. "Get some rest, tomorrow we fight for those we lost as much as we do for those we still have." And in a flash he was gone the door closeting softly behind him.
  12. " Sir how long have you been there?" The cop asked him. " Ever since she left " The cops look at each other for awhile and the other one looked at me with pity eyes " Kid i think its best you go home " I look at him with weary eyes " No . . she's coming for me i just have wait here " They were still not conceive" you teenagers this day. * Sighs * come on we'll give you a ride back home " He then extends his hands and declined his help " i'm staying here no matter what " then the other cop grab me by the neck and slammed me into the restaurants brick wall " This is police brutality you're doing " he then let me go and i saw the other one came in and inspected me for marks " What the hell Mathias this is Police misconduct you just did " he said to him sternly " I didn't damaged him or break his bones or something " he said " Still why would you do such a thing." i tried to stay still and i notice it was raining i put on my jacket and hoodie on " Did she cheated on you " that question struck my heart but i know its a possibility " I don't know . . One day she was with and the next she was . . Gone " Tears fall down my cheeks and the cop was comforting me " I figured i'll find her in the place where we first met " I said he then came towards me but the other cop blocked his way " Oh no you're not going to hurt him anymore " he said " Step aside Steve i just . . want to tell him something " Steve was suspicious but agreed " But if you lay a finger in him . . " " I know Steve i know " he then kneel in front of me the rain and the darkness was masking his emotions then he put his police cap to me " Get a life kid . . " He then stood up and went inside the car while Steve was looking at him with worry " I honestly never seen him like this kid . . well kid sorry for the commotion do you got food " i showed him my stash of chips and drinks inside my bag " Good . . are you sure you don't want to ride with us " I looked down into the floor " I won't move until she sees me or i found her " He then salute " Wish you luck kid " he then gets inside the car while Mathias was wiping his face he then lowered his glass " Hope she finds you or the other way around " i watch as the rain fell heavy as the police car was out of my sight " I won't move "
  13. "I'll talk to you tomorrow." I call, shutting the door behind me and grinning. Jess had finally dumped her good for nothing boyfriend, and we'd had celebratory alcohol free cocktails. We all also had placement interviews in the morning- hence the absence of alcohol. None of us wanted to be hungover for them. Especially because the company I had the interview with had an excellent reputation for employment after graduation.

    In contrast, my flatmates were out. Probably drinking. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hair down from the bun I'd worn to the mini-party, kicking off my heels. The buzzer on the door informed me rather loudly of someone wanting to get in. I pressed the button, thinking it was one of my flat mates, having forgot their pass to get into the building or something.

    A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. "Honestly, you'd think you'd remember your keys-" I stop my monologue abruptly as I wrench open the door. My best friend, Adam, stood there, shivering and soaking wet. "Adam! How long were you standing there?" I ask, ushering him in. He's soaked, and I can't help but feel sorry for him. "They kicked me out... They told me I was a shame to them..." He muttered, his voice trembling. I want to hug him but he's so wet. I turn on the heaters as I walk through the apartment. "Adam, go have a shower. Calm down a little, and then we're going to talk." He nods a little numbly.

    I sneak into one of my roommate's rooms and steal a pair of pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt that's going to be huge on Adam. Me, Jess and Casey are convinced that my only male roommate, who is verging on the level "too gay to function" from Mean Girls, is also part elephant, or alternatively is an engineered super soldier.

    Adam comes out a few minutes later, swamped in the t-shirt, his hair still wet and clinging to his face, and water still streaming from his eyes. I hug him and we go to sit on the couch. He doesn't want to talk. So he sleeps on the couch that night, and I have to leave him there in the morning, hoping that when I get back, he'll still be there.
  14. Asa
    I stand at the very edge of the roof, staring out over the once-bright and a loud city, now silent and dead. The wind howls, blowing my hair every which way and I howl along with it, tears dripping down my cheeks. Suddenly there's a clatter behind me and I turn, seeing a human shape moving across the rooftop. I stalk towards it, but when I get closer, I see that it's my friend May. "How long have you been standing there?" I ask quietly, grey eyes watching her closely. She shrugs. "About 20 minutes." She responds, and I sigh. Long enough to see my fit of destructive rage and the depression that followed. "Don't do it." She says suddenly, and I look at her with a dull expression. "Do what?" I inquire. "Go over the edge." She responds, pulling me away from the edge of the roof. I had been thinking about just killing myself and not having to worry about the world any more... I pull away.

    "Why not?" I ask, perhaps a little more harshly than I had intended. "I have nothing left here, except you." She makes no attempt to touch me again, only speaks. "Because the kiddos need you- I need you." She says quietly, and I take a few stuttering steps towards her. She reaches out for me and I practically collapse in her arms, hugging her tightly. "Maybe I'll stay a little longer then." I murmur.
  15. Nathan Flynn stood at the edge of the pier leaning against a lamppost. He was watching the ships come in and out of the harbor underneath a midnight fog. This felt like the most appropriate place to be for what was about to happen, and only one person in the world would find him here. Arthur Dodson a man who was once like a father to Nathan, and now the man who had to kill Nathan. It was on these docks in September of 2008 Arthur "discovered" Nathan working as a pick-pocket. He admired the kid's grit and style, and recruited him to work in the "operation."

    Nathan thought about lighting up a cigarette, but since he didn't smoke that was not a possibility and having a drink wasn't going to help either. Nathan wanted to have his wits about him, and he wanted Arthur to look him the eye when he pulled the trigger.

    Nathan heard the sound of footsteps and felt the vibrations through the wooden planks. Nathan didn't turn around because he didn't need to he knew who was there.

    He heard a voice deeply gravely voice ask, "How long you have you been standing there?"

    Nathan shrugged his shoulders and replied, "When I got here the sun was just setting over the warehouses, and there was no fog."

    Arthur said, "Half of the operation and a majority of the Police are looking for you Nate. You got a lot of information that can bring down a lot of people and screw things up for the operation. Sorry kid I can't let you just walk away."

    Nathan turned around and said, "All right then if you gotta a job to do then do it." Nathan unzipped his jacket and said, "Go ahead do your job Art, but know this I die the information I have still goes out. Not to mention there's no way any of you all will find it in time either." Nathan saw Arthur standing there in an gray Armani suit with a cardboard box next to him.

    Arthur shook his head and said, "Damn it Nate why are you doing this? To prove something? What? Whatever your motives are they can't be worth your life."

    Nathan replied, "I'm doing this because the war between the politicians, the cops, and the mob it's all gotta stop. It's Judgement day for everyone. " Nathan looked at his watch and said, "In about 15 minutes Kate will be out of everyone's reach and safe."

    Arthur chuckled and said, "Ah yes love the oldest motive in the book. So you set up this elaborate goose chase that had everyone tearing the city apart while you waited here, and Kate gets away." Arthur nodded and asked, "Is she worth it?"

    Nathan replied, "Worth it all and then some."

    Arthur shoved the box between them with his foot. He then walked over and stood on the side opposite of Nathan. Arthur looked at the box and said, "I want to give you a fighting chance kid. In that box is two guns one is loaded with blanks and one has live rounds. You pick one I pick one and then we fire on the count of three. If you win you're free. If not well let's just say this isn't how I would hope it would end."

    Nathan replied, "Me neither."

    Arthur opened the box and looked at Nathan. He motioned for Arthur to pick up a gun and said, "Age before beauty."

    Arthur smirked and picked one up, and then Nathan picked one up.

    Both men held their guns to each other. Arthur said, "For what it's worth kid. You were my favorite student, and I'm sorry it's gotta end this way."

    Nathan nodded and said, "I'm sorry too Arthur. You're the closest thing I've ever had to a Father."

    Arthur said, "On three. One two three." Both men fired at the same time, but neither man fell over. Arthur said, "I aimed at your chest which means..."

    Nathan took a deep breath and Arthur said, "Do your job kid, and then go live with Kate happily forever after."

    Nathan's hand began to shake and Arthur started to get frustrated as he yelled, "Do it!"

    Nathan started to lower his gun, and Arthur began to pull out a gun from behind his back. Nathan then shot Arthur in the chest. Arthur grabbed his chest and said, "I thought...that might push... you if necessary... Good luck kid."

    Arthur fell into the water and sank quickly. Nathan threw his gun in the water and walked away.
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  16. Everything was gone.
    She felt like her life was slowly slipping away at that, but every time she tried to think that, she remembered that she wasn't even alive to begin with. She had died long, long ago, and was now nothing but an empty shell depending on human blood to survive.
    It was a night with no moon. No stars, either, even though there were no lights for miles and miles. Yet, she stood there. It was storming. She was silent. No thoughts, no words, nothing came to her mouth or to her head. She wanted to kill herself, she wanted to disappear, but she couldn't. She couldn't do any of that.

    Rin didn't care about the rain, or about the thunder, or about anyone that might see her. She was standing inside a graveyard, right in front of her best friend's grave. "Deceased 06/02/2014". It was yesterday.. He had died yesterday, and she didn't know. She couldn't help him. She swore she'd help him, she promised on her life that she'd always protect him, and now he was dead and gone because she wasn't there.

    A young, black haired man holding an umbrella and smoking a cigarette walked into the graveyard with an expression of who doesn't care. He looked over the graves, then saw Rin. After that, he sighed, having known Rin for a long time now. So he walked over to her and looked at her for minutes, until she finally noticed him and turned her face - tears streaming from her eyes - to look at him.

    Both of them just stared at eachother before he spoke a single sentence.
    A sentence that she did not answer.
    " ..How long have you been standing there? "
  17. The group of friends laughed and chuckled at their hilarity, lovin' the jokes and optimism, that is, until the gloomy cloud seeped in on their conversation. Their heads turned and saw the emo kid in the corner, dark as hell, hoodie over their face 'n everything!

    "How long have you been standing there?" one of the group's members asked.

    "As long as your dick," the emo kid grumbled out, pivoting and walking away.

    "Uhhh..." That was awkward.
  18. I didn't feel like reply to anyone today, yay for being emo, but I still wanted to write. Though this was a perfect opportunity to incorporate this challenge into my story. Believe it or not this is only a portion of it. And the least amount I felt like I could fit in with out fussing the back ground information up.


    Her round face tilted as she pulled the moth closer to her face, watching the moth’s antenna wiggle around as it walked in her hand. “Have you a message from the Goddess for me? Something that will help me?” She sighed softly, her soft young voice not helping her low confidence. Her other hand was brought to cup under the other as she spoke again. “My strength… fails me in this hour…” She lifted her bright blue eyes to the moon as they started to water. “Elder Gaio… is leaving this world. Great Forest Moth, I fear I do not have the strength to carry the tribe without her guidance… I am just a child… I won’t even enter the adulthood trials for two more seasons.” Until she was eighteen is what she meant. Muri walked the forest looking out at the night. “The alpha warrior Rhoan doesn’t even respect me… I don’t see how the rest of the tribe is supposed to.” She said as she came to a stream still within her tribe’s territory. “You know… the elder told me to walk the forest… Told me I would find my strength here…” Suddenly the moth fluttered out of her hand, clearly disturbed by something.

    Like a predator she snapped her head up and around, looking for danger as she coiled her empty hand to her chest. She saw and heard nothing but the moth was trying to tell her something. It zoomed quickly and fluttered frantically near a bush. Muri narrowed her eyes and held out her hands. While most druid merely held the power to shape shift, sages held the ancient power of the forest and the elements in their bodies. Muri called upon her element of earth, asking it to bend to her will. The brush and trees near where the moth fluttered groaned as the gently moved aside and laid to the ground. She gasped as they revealed a man, a very surprised looking one since his cover had been blown. His grey eyes shot open as he jerked his head and around, tossing the dusky brown hair and braids. His skin was olive in color, suggesting he spent more time in the sun than the girl. His strong arms and chest suggesting he was either a hunter or warrior. His squared masculine face took that of shock then calm. His cover blown he simply stood up.

    “Wow… Okay that answers my first question. You are a sage.” He said in a rather upbeat tone. He stood up, causing the bone necklace he wore to clink softly. He placed his hand on his dark leather pants as he took on an air of mischievous innocents. Seeing him more clearly he was an adult, albeit still young. Early to mid twenties possibly. Muri took a defensive stance, ready to wield magic at him should he come closer. For he was not of the Rockridge tribe. There were three tribes that lived in the region, and though they were not at war, a tenuous pact existed. Trespassers would be killed on sight, no matter the reason. And there would be no retaliation from the trespassers tribe. Skirmishes were common but all out war had been avoided so far. But this man was clearly trespassing and Muri had every right to kill him but there in lie a dilemma. Sages existed to save and protect life, not snuff it out. Faced with a trespasser, could Muri kill this man? “What are you doing here!?” She bellowed in her most intimidating voice, which wasn’t very effective. The man chuckled and calmly walked towards her, bowing his head and blinking slowly at her. “Um trespassing obviously?” He retorted in a musical tone. His actions suggested to the feline within that he meant no harm but of course Muri didn’t trust him.

    Muri scoffed in annoyance as she followed his pacing, scowling at him further as he sniffed the air around her. “Okay, why are you trespassing?” She gave a low growl as she watched him, she did not smell him back. Muri wasn’t as curious as he was. But he seemed to be almost indifferent to her reactions. He shrugged as he smiled. “I was bored and wanted to explore.” The young girl didn’t expect that response and it made her pause. Was he serious? “… That makes no sense…” She said placing her hands on her hips, the great forest moth fluttering to land on her shoulder. He gave a shrug and paced around to a nearby tree, taking a moment to lean on it. “What? A guy can’t be curious about other tribes?” He said in a care free tone. Muri scoffed again and crossed her lithe arms over one another. “That curiosity could kill you.” She retorted in a flat tone. But again he replied with a confident chuckle and a head shake. “I’m pretty good at running. Besides, you’re a sage. You won’t kill me.” Muri opened her mouth to reply but it was true, she’d not kill him. “My fellow tribe members wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. And there not far from us now.” But to her surprise he called her bluff.

    “I didn’t know sages lied!” He said with amusement in his voice. “The elder told you to walk the forest, which I’m sure she meant alone.” He said in a cocky tone. Muri’s jaw dropped when she heard this. Her brows scowled and her hands clenched into tiny balls as she took a fierce step towards him. “How long were you standing there!” She bellowed in her child like voice. The man laughed and held his hands up submissively. “Whao! Well erm somewhere around you won’t enter the adult trials for another two seasons.” He said with a somewhat submissive smile. “Although with your beauty and womanly figure I would’ve guess you were older.” He said with a cheeky flirtatious tone. Was he seriously commenting on her body!? Muri gave an appalled gasp as her cheeks flooded with pink. This stranger so brazen, she flung her hand out at him and willed the forest to react. Vines from the tree grew with lightening speed, wrapping around the man. Curling around his arms and chest. The more he tried to fight the more he was ensnared in the vines. “How dare you speak to me in such a way! Of my tribe or not I am a sage!” His grey eyes widened as he yelped and tried in vain to tug free. Looking up at her as she moved closer to him.
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  19. Alec heard the gasp come from behind him as he rose from the ground. His face was drenched in the viscous ooze of Nathan's life. The crimson liquid dripping slowly from his face and down his neck. The coppery tang filled his mouth again as he licked his stained lips. Without warning, he abrupty turned his head, his silver eyes locking on the small boy huddled beside the trash cans of the alley.

    "How long have you been standing there, child" The brunette, turned redhead asked, voice laced with venom and malice.

    The child simply wimpered in responce before shutting his eyes tightly. However, there was something different about the child. Alec had been on the earth for more than four centuries and as such had become attuned to the sour taste of fear and the skipping beat of a frightened heart. The child may have shown visable signs of terror, but his heart was steady if not a bit faster and he smelled of excitement. This alone brought a sinister smile to the Vampire's face.

    "Child, what is your name?"

    "A-al-allen, mister. Allen Ivory." The boy said as he brought on of his hands up to grasp at his soft blonde curls.

    "Well Allen, I have to ask you a question or two. Alright?" The silver eyes man asked, getting only a nod in response.

    "What did you see? I want you to be honest, if you lie I will be able to tell." Alec said in an almost soothing tone, though his eyes spoke of danger.

    Allen finally opened his big, electric green eyes before speaking softly, though his voice gre stronger with every word.

    "I saw you talking to that man before biting into his neck. He tried to fight but he was too weak and you broke his arm for trying before you tore a chunk of his throat out and ate it while he gurgled for breath. It was scary and bloody and then you started tearing pieces of his face off and eating them. It was amazing."

    Alec couldn't contain the toothy grin the boy's words brought to his face. As a small test, he tensed his muscles before quickly moving his face in front of Allen's, letting out a genuine chuckle when the boy didn't even bat an eyelash. In his centuries on the earth, he had never once met a human that did not fear him in some respect or another and very few who delighted in seeing him in his element. This boy was something else.

    "Alright, now for my final question for the night Allen. Would you like to join me?" The brunnette asked, letting his fang lengthen.

    "Yes, sir" There was not even a tick in his heartbeat, the boy spoke the truth.

    "Close your eyes."

    As the boy did as he was told, Alec crept close and slowly began sinking his fangs into the slender neck, two words etched into his mind.

    'My child.'
  20. I thought about making it longer. But then I got lazy.
    sat on the ground, a pair of scissors in hand, scraps of paper laying around him, like snow on the ground. He hadn't seen Levi yet, as intent as he was to destroy the papers. All the photos, certificates, and achievements that belonged to Levi. And, for a while, Levi just watched, silent, as the piles of scraps grew higher and the proof that Levi actually used to be something disappeared, paper by paper. Until finally, he spoke up.


    Matthew's reaction was immediate. He jumped up. Turned to the door, where Levi stood. The scissors clattered to the floor beside him as he looked at his brother in surprise and guilt.

    “Levi!” His face was frightened, his tone feigning casual surprise. “I didn't see you there. I, um... How long have you been standin' there?”

    Levi laughed dryly, as he moved forward, out of the shadows of the hall. “Not standing, remember?” he said, gesturing at himself, at the wheelchair he sat in, his paralyzed legs.

    His brother flushed, whether it was from embarrassment or anger, Levi couldn't tell. “Sorry. I keep forgetting. You know, I've always been so used to you disappearin' for hours, to go runnin' or to practice or to do whatever the fuck you've got goin' on in your life. Weird to see you rollin' around the house all day.” He would have seemed apologetic, if not for his swearing and the way he flexed his fingers slightly as he spoke.

    Well, it ain't my fault this happened to me, it's yours! Levi wanted to shout at his brother. But instead, he spoke with a forced grin and a light-hearted tone. “Ah, yeah. Those were the days, weren't they? You had the whole house to do what you wanted all the time, unless mom and dad decided to swing by for a bit.” He looked down at the papers, not bothering to hide his doing so. Looked at a picture, the spot where Levi used to be cut out, leaving just one person. Their friend, Evan. Or Levi's friend, anyway. Evan had often talked about how he didn't really like Matthew too much. Not with Matthew around, of course. “Oh, you found my picture, I was looking for that. I think I looked pretty cool. Why'dya cut me out?”

    His brother said nothing, looking down at the picture as well. Still, for a moment. Then, without a word, he left, pushing Levi back into the hall to get past him.

    Levi watched Matthew as he disappeared into the kitchen, his(Levi's) eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. His brother was always so moody, so strange. Perhaps they looked alike, but on the inside, they were nothing alike.

    Levi contemplated going to ask Matthew what his problem was, for a moment. But then he just turned himself around and went to his room. Matthew would just have to get over it.
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