How long has this site existed?

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  1. I don't know why, but it seems very new.
  2. Actually, this place is really damn old and it wasn't always called Iwaku from what I've been told. It's been through a lot of changes. I personally have been around for 7 years, I think. This place was still on Proboards at the time. There are people who have been around much longer than I, though. :3

    Diana, Rory, or someone else who knows the history better might be able to put a number on it for ya.
  3. Whoa, 7 years? I was thinking maybe a few months, 6 at most.
  4. It's been around since at least 2005 and it was called Iwaku then.
    I don't know if it was something else before that though.

    I was one of those members who joined and then had to disappear thanks to life, school specifically. Only found my way back last year.
    It's a great place! hang around awhile ^^
  5. So almost 10 years? I was in barely in diapers at that time!
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  7. Thanks for the help! You've given me what I asked for and more. ^.^
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  8. It's all an illusion. We were tricked to believe Iwaku had been created in 2005, but that's far, far from the truth…

    you see…


    ...Iwaku was the start of creation.
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  9. :o OMG! xD
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  10. I'm not sure exactly how old Iwaku is, but the community that makes up Iwaku has existed for years (and has come from several sources). Before Iwaku, I came from a place called Moonwings. Before Moonwings... Honestly, I don't know what came before that. Can't remember. I do know, that it all started at a small corner of the internet called Sailor Moon Universe. I don't think there are many here that remember that place, but I know there are a few. Diana for one, and I think Ocha.

    PROTIP: Diana used to be known as "blueberryprincess", and Ocha was... Enchanted something-there-other. Damn, my memory is fudging up again...

    EDIT: Holy crap, I've known Diana for over 15 years. Now I feel really old...
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  11. Moonwings reppin' woop woop
  12. Also from Moonwings. Been there for nearly a decade before coming here. I'd say this place is about what they say it is.
  13. And that dun count all the other communities that merged in to Iwaku over the years. O___O

    I think we seem new, because we're suddenly on the top google spots, where we have never been before, and now we're everywhere!
  14. I know Iwaku's physical site has changed a few times too, and there was a server reset or something a while back, there's a reason Asmo is like the 8th oldest member or something (he was the 8th account to be moved over when we moved servers or something)

    I've been here for.. uh.. 8 years? no.. it might be 10 now.. AHHHHHH

    Bloody hell..

    But yeah it's been going a long time.. as im sure you already know from the other posts.
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