How long do RPs remain in the 'Roleplay Graveyard'?

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  1. Okie doke, so I'm running an RP series known as 'The Murder Games.' We bust through one every few weeks or so - but I'm curious, how long do RPs stay in the Roleplay Graveyard before disappearing forever? A few years? A few months? Indefinitely?
  2. As it seems now, they stay in the graveyard forever. Iwaku doesn't erase anything. If you go back in the graveyard you can find content all the way back to August 2009. So you don't have to worry about things disappearing any time soon. Sites can be hacked and close down though, so if you want to be sure something is saved, you better copy it into a document on your computer.
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  3. Forever is correct. :D It fills our massive ego to have millions of roleplay posts.

    HOWEVER yes, there has been database deletions in the past from accidents and hacking. So save important threads just in case. O_O