How late (or early) do you sleep?

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How late or early do you sleep?

  1. 8-9 pm

  2. 9-10 pm

  3. 10-11 pm

  4. 11pm-12 am

  5. 12-1 am

  6. 1-2 am

  7. 2-3 am

  8. 3-4 am


  10. Other: I will put it down in my post

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  1. It's 12 am where I am and I still don't plan on sleeping soon. :))

    How late does everyone on Iwaku like to sleep? Do you sleep earlier or later during weekends? How long or how much do you sleep in when you do?

    @Sen the girl I stay up for < < Well, she technically stays up for me since screw two-hour timezone differences >:c (no not really ; ;)
  2. Yes, fuck timezones, bb.

    School days I sleep 12am - 2:30am, depending on whether or not I napped earlier that day and don't completely die and fall asleep and sleeptype nonsense.

    During the holidays I can stay up till 4am or 5am which is unholy as hell but I don't even care because it's worth it <3
    And because I wake up at 2pm HAHAH
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  3. Hmm I usually try to sleep around 1:30-2 am. I tend to stay up later than I should because all my friends are on the other side of the world X'D But no later than mentioned because I have to be up by 9 am. Six hours is usually enough for me anyways.
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  4. < < I should be the one staying up later than youuuuu but noooo stupid timezones
  5. I sleep better during the day than I do at night. With my kids in school though, I can't really stay up all night because I have to get them up at 6 in the morning to get ready. On the weekends and during the summer though, I usually stay up till about 3-4 A.M then sleep in till about 10. During the school year I usually go to bed around 11-12 then wake up at 6.
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  6. My sleep cycle rotates and I'm an insomniac so I don't have set hours for bed. I just sleep whenever I can, which usually means I keep unholy hours
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  7. I go to sleep between ten and midnight usually, depending on how much I want to hate myself at 6:30 the next morning.
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  8. When the cocaine runs out.
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  9. There is no set sleep pattern, so I have times (like now) my sleep schedule is normal, and others where I'm Nocturnal.
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  10. I go to bed very late -- but only because I work late shifts. My work schedule is from 2:30 PM to 11 PM, sometimes 11:30 PM. This means I'm never home before midnight xD
    Going to bed when arriving home would be boring, so to maintain my hobbies and a somewhat social life online, I go to bed around 4 AM. I get to hang out with the West coasters!
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  11. I think you meant PM on some of those 8P

    I wake up around 9-ish these days cause my house is so bright. If I'm protected from the sun then I sleep into the afternoon
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  13. For all of Highschool, I hit the sack at 5-6PM and woke up at around 2AM consistently. International Baccalaureate could rend a young student's soul in two, so generally the only thing that could keep me up after having the capacity for bed is events or occasions in the late afternoon.

    Yeah, I'm that kid that would pass out at parties at 7PM and shit like that.

    I've always found that having a time constraint of not being able to stay up until 1AM doing work encourages me, the grand wizard of procrastinating, to get shit done. The last period of the day for me (study hall in 7-9th, physics 10-12th) was always "fuck the books I'm going to bed" period.

    Now that I'm in college, that shit doesn't fly. Adjusting to a normal human's sleeping schedule has been hell for me, and I usually get a strong urge to find a resting place around the 5-6PM time no matter what occurs. However, if I successfully stay up, I usually hit the sack around 1-2PM 'cause I don't understand how to go to sleep in the dark.
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  14. I have a toddler, and I have insomnia. I don't know what 'late' and 'early' are anymore, I pretty much just sleep when I can.
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  15. I fall asleep any where from 10pm to 4am
    Don't get up anywhere from 7 am to 1pm
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  16. Could be around 9 or 10pm that I fall asleep. I can wake up at 5am or maybe 8am. Sometimes I stay up all night if I can't sleep. I don't have a set schedule.
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  17. Insomnia sooo really the time changes depending on how much it's acting up. So my goal is to be in bed around midnight, but 90% of the time that happens. The latest I'll finally fall asleep is usually around 3 am. I make myself get up everyday at 9:30 and don't take naps @_@
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  18. my work schedule bounces drastically, so i'm either sleeping 6 hours behind everyone in my local time and going to bed at 2 am or, 2-4 hours ahead depending on the day of the week (7-9 pm).
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  19. I have a stupid sleep schedule. I work evenings so I guess I can keep up with it. I go to bed anywhere between 2AM to 6AM, depending on whether or not I can fall asleep, and if I currently have an obsession in my life - usually a video game.

    However, I also nap a lot. I could sleep for an entire day - and have. Sometimes I'll have a 'nap' at 10PM, wake up at 3AM, get up and do some stuff, and not go back to sleep until 5 or 6 AM.
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  20. My sleeping pattern is so inconsistent I'm surprised that I am still functioning as a human being
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