How It's Made

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  1. Some weeks ago, I was wondering how sliced bread is made and finally, I remembered to actually look it up:

    <div style="background:#000000;width:440px;height:272px"><embed flashVars="playerVars=showStats=yes|autoPlay=no|videoTitle=Bread - How It's Made !!" src="" width="440" height="272" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" name="Metacafe_243325" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></div><div style="font-size:12px;"><a href="">Bread - How It's Made !!</a> - <a href="">Click here for this week’s top video clips</a></div>

    I really enjoy watching shows about how things work in a factory. GO EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION~
    Anyway. If you have any interesting 'How It's Made' videos to share, or just some words of knowledge, please post them. I am very interested to know and I'm sure other members are as well. :D
  2. My hubby and I both love that show. But I"m so doped up on cough medicine I can't think of anything right now... I remember tube socks was fascinating!
  3. My brother watches it. The puns make me groan =/
  4. How It's Made is awesome. I wish I could get Science Channel upstairs so I could watch it. =(
  5. I can, and have, watched nothing but How It's Made for three days. I don't even know why. It's probably the same reason that if there are Cheerios in the house, I will eat nothing but the Cheerios.

    The clips about how to make saddles and violins are my favorite.
  6. Watched an episode with my brother and remain unimpressed.
  7. :D I think I'm now addicted to watching 'How It's Made' videos. XD That too amusing for no reason.
  8. It is amusing, yes. >:] Also, knowledge is power! These episodes make me feel more powerfullll... *creepy smile*

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