How is this gonna work out?

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  1. A new rumor was spreading along the school, it was said a new teacher was coming, they said the teacher was both nice, kind yet had a side where they had to get responsible for the class. It was spreading so fast almost every student knew who it was. Then there was a student, different from the others. Just a plain ordinary student who doesn't believe anything in fairy tales. Until this certain student developed feelings for someone step by step, it disgust the student yet was certainly glad to fall in love with them. What's the terrible thing you ask? It was the teacher!

    - - - - -

    " From what i heard he's cute! "
    " Are you sure? Kyaa! I can't believe he's gonna be our teacher! "
    " Hold you're horses, how are you even sure? "
    " Everyone says so! "

    Every second that past was a talk all about the new upcoming teacher who was rumored to be perfect. Well that's what everyone says. At the first moment Lacie even entered the building everything she heard about was the new teacher. " Lacieeeee! " someone from behind tackled her while she was walking, " Did you hear?! I'm sure you did! He's gonna teach our class! Can you believe it! "

    Obviously that topic didn't that much matter to her but, she decided to play along. Eventually. " Yeah.. that's great. " she said while walking. " Sooner or later maybe you'd even fall for him. Kaytln, Lacie's best friend always made fun of her wherever she went. Mostly when it's the topics she hated the most. Finally they arrived to their class room and opened the door to take a seat.
  2. A young man stands behind the teachers desk, maybe between 22-23 years old. He has long medium slightly blonde broken hair pulled up in a ponytail and glasses. His stature is tall, thin, and elegant, with a confident kind air to him. He's one of those people who was born to be and look smart. He's in black pants, a white slightly tight button up shirt with slightly looser arms and gorgeous features for a man.

    Takashi Naroko always felt at ease in the class room. Even though many students liked to jeer and call him a pretty boy. But that never lasted more then a day. He commanded respect without even trying. This particular morning, he'd left his home, and come to school, with a rushed breakfast.

    Mr. Naroko writes his name on the board as Lacy and katlyn enter the class room, moments before the bell rings. He doesn't look over, too intent as he writes his name in neat elegant cursive.