How is the server loading for you?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, May 1, 2012.

  1. As of TODAY and the rest of this week, please post here and tell us how the server is working for you. We've applied some updates and tweaks. (Should be doing a few more too.) And with ~hope~ we should be solving the majority of laggy issues.

    Starting today, please take a note of how the server loads up for you and later post to let us know if it has improved. 8D Thankyoooou!
  2. It did the server to busy for a few minutes today, but thats it for me.
  3. Interesting ... I used to have problems with the CBox when I was on Chrome, but not after I moved to Firefox. (But that was more like, the browser crashing.) I haven't noticed any problems ... so far. =D

    Also, just curious ... is it the CBox that gets the main load of the site or something else?
  4. Nope, not this cbox. We actually use this cbox because it DOESN'T put a lot of load on the server. O___O It's all text file and php based.

    Server load usually comes in the form of high mysql usage, which is stuff that happens on the forum. Anything that uses search functions are the biggest. D:
  5. Every so often I get "The connection was reset while the page was loading". It usually loads again right away.
  6. It seems to be running as well as before. Good job. =)
  7. Just was unable to get on at all for about half an hour. 4:15p-4:45p server time. It wasn't just me either. Wouldn't even give the server too busy message for a long time =/
  8. Had Database error's before, bout 4-5pm.
  9. I keep getting bouts of "Safari cannot connect to the server", such as just a moment ago. (1:50 or so Iwaku time)
  10. Did the issues continue for more than a short time? I had been reconfiguring apache and other things and it caused some people to see timeouts.
  11. No, they're pretty short spans of it refusing to work. If you've been doing that, I assume that's what it is. Never mind me then!
  12. I'm still having some trouble loading into Iwaku, doesn't matter what time of day it is. I have to press refresh a couple of times to make it load. Don't worry, I don't spam the button. I wait about 3-5 minutes before I hit the button.
  13. What is the error you are getting?
  14. Hmm like 2 days ago, I think. The server was taking a lot of time to load for like 2 hours I think. Then after that it started working normal again
  15. Didn't experience crashes~
  16. HAving some major major lag issues. It's so slow, and it's only started this today. It also keeps giving me the message when I go to post it asks me if I want to leave the page. If I don't click leave page it's stuck loading. If I do sometimes it posts sometimes it doesn't.
  17. It is being really laggy for me. It might be my internet but it is only for this site.