How I juggle Iwaku life and real life.

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  1. Wake up. Turn on computer. Make coffee while it starts up. Potty break. Get on Iwaku. Check alerts. Like and reply to everything. Realize I forgot about the coffee pot - the coffee is old and partially cooked. Drink it anyway.

    Back to Iwaku. Reload page, waiting for alerts. Browse threads while waiting for alerts. Make a fresh pot of coffee - BOOM, an alert! Reply eagerly. Play the waiting game again. Forget all about the coffee...again. Check the time.

    Damn. Five minutes late for work.

    Rush to get ready and turn off computer. Leave for work. Spend the entire time there thinking about character ideas, new RP ideas, wondering if anyone has replied to my threads/posts.

    Rush home. Turn on computer. Shower can wait - must RP!!

    Yay, alerts! Like and respond to every one. Spend the next few hours derping around on the site, hoping for more alerts. Cellphone rings - it's my bestie.

    "Hey! Wanna come over tonight? We're having wings and watching [insert awesome movie here]!"

    Me: ", I'm sorry. I can't. I have so much to do around the house tonight!"*

    *Note: not a lie. Laundry needs done. Dishes. Still haven't showered.

    Say goodbye to bestie, feeling guilty (it's okay...the guilt will pass in time with more rp). Reload page - YES, alerts! Like and respond to every one of them. Remember the laundry. Get it started, all the while rushing back and forth between it and Iwaku to see if there are any more alerts. Nope. Get a little sad. Get dishes ready to be washed. Some of them need to soak...that's okay - I can just check Iwaku while they do.

    Oh sweet heavens, MORE alerts! Like and reply to all. Stay glued to the screen, browsing and waiting for more alerts. Don't realize how late it is...why am I so tired?

    Wake up. I fell asleep on the keyboard again. I hope I didn't drool...that would be bad. Reload the page. ALERTS! Like and reply. Turn off computer, because the need for sleep is strong now. Go toward the bathroom. See that there is still laundry sitting in the washer, probably getting that annoying mildew smell that's nearly impossible to get out, as well as the lonely dishes in the now cold sink water. Shrug.

    I'll get to it tomorrow.

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  2. PS - I have no life. =]
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  3. i just play on the computer or iwaku after work is done and my minions are doing the rest of the grunt work
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  4. Wake up. Go on Iwaku on my phone, check alerts. Like posts. Get up, take a shower, eat breakfast. Check Iwaku again, go to work. Check Iwaku on my phone at work, RP on Iwaku AT work.

    Get out, have some fast food. Iwaku on my phone, ALERTS ALERTS EVERYWHERE MUST LIKE THEM ALL. Go gome, Iwaku, Watch tv, Iwaku, Play PS3, Iwaku. Take a shower, Iwaku. Friend calls me "Hang on man gotta check on something" *checks iwaku.

    Tell everyone goodnight yet I don't really go to sleep. I stay on Iwaku till like 3AM on my phone.

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  5. Awhhh least your
    Least your life is interesting. Mine consist of work and food :) lol and sleep
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  6. Sleep? What is this "sleep" you speak of? xD
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  7. Haha sleep makes me concentrate on the roads when I'm driving early morning. I shall never sleep again :P
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  8. Soon you'll realize that you're sharing the site with parasites who will never appreciate you, and as your own talent grows the wave after wave of rock-rubbing newbies only emphasize the gaping, cancerous hole that exists between you and others.

    *points to the scowling picture of Asmo mounted above Diana's office desk*
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  9. Nooooo! D=
  10. @Asmodeus

    now i am curious what "rock rubbing" is supposed to be a euphemism for

    dammit asmo, stop making me think of unusual things!
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  11. Y'all got problems.

    Says the man who checks Iwaku every fifteen minutes from his phone all day and night.
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  12. I'm with you there brotha. Every 14 min for me
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  13. [​IMG]
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    Wake up and go potty.

    Check my email. Delete all the spam and reply to Help emails from Iwaku peeps. Get slightly annoyed because most of them could have found the answer just by reading the FAQ.

    Check facebook. I need happy pictures of kittens and owls and motivational quotes!

    Check my DRAAGUUUUNS. Dragons dragons dragons.

    Sign on to Iwaku. First say hello to ALL THE NEWBIES. ALL OF THEM.

    Check the staff area. Groan because someone did something stupid and got reported. Sigh in relief when someone else handled it. GROAN REALLY LOUD because the staffer that handled the case got reported.

    Proceed to check private messages. Reply to all of the help requests and questions.

    Say hello to more newbies because I got several more alerts.

    Now continue to check threads and reply to things on the forum. Give thank yous and likes to people that have replied to my exercises and challenges. Reply to threads that look cool.

    Forgot that I hadn't eaten yet, go to make "breakfast" even though it is prolly lunch by now.

    Handle drama case reports. Yell at a lot of people for being dumb.

    All messages are checked and done, GO TO DRAGONS AND DRESSUP DOLLS.

    Games are played, yay! Do I feel good enough to write roleplay posts? Yes? ROLEPLAY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, FUCK WORK! Do I not feel good for roleplay posts? Stare at threads sadly, then go find Iwaku work to do. ;_;

    Proceed to try and figure out bugs and/or work on a project until I get pissed off and am too frustrated to continue.

    Holy crap, it's time to make dinner already. Make dinner and have TV time with the family!


    Ban somebody because they were STILL being dumb.

    Flip between fiddling around on the site, playing games, replying to help messages, greeting newbies, hanging in chat, working on stuff, and shameless procrastinating until BED TIME.

    Watch a show until sleepies. Forgot that I prolly should have done some errands or chores today, swear I'll do them all tomorrow.

    Can't go to bed because something stupid happens, yell at all the people.

    Watch another show and then finally go to bed.
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  15. See, this is kind of a loaded question for me. There's not really a separation between the two; if I'm not working, then I'm glued to my two computer screens. Iwaku open on one, and a game/Skype open on the other.
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  16. “We'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent lifeforms everywhere and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.”
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  17. Click. Click. Click.

    Its not working, @Asmodeus !

    Better try rubbing rocks together.

    Skrtich. Skrtich. Skirtch.
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