How Gullible are You?

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Are you gullible?

  1. No. Cynic and Skeptic are my middle names.

  2. Sometimes, if you're really sly and clever.

  3. Yep. Here really my keys and wallet to save you some time.

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  1. At the workplace, I'm notoriously known to be the most gullible person there. I'm sure you could convince me to jump off a cliff with nary a second thought.

    One time my coworker convinced me she was the cousin of Elton John and she visited with him every July. She told me, "Damn, boy. You're gullible. Most people say, 'What a load of bullshit.' But you...I bet you would believe me if I said I was Queen of England."

    Also, someone convinced me (maybe a few days ago...mind you, I'm almost 22 years old) that you can inherit the given name and not the last name of your parent(s)/guardian(s)/spouse. So this man whose name was Ulysses convinced me he was the grandson of famous American general Ulysses S. Grant.

    Someone pulled me aside and had to re-convince me that Ulysses S. Grant died over 100 years ago.

    I drank a cup of hot soy sauce. How? Someone told me it was exotic Peruvian coffee. I still wasn't sure it was soy sauce after I drank it because they managed to make me believe I had such "a commoner's taste. What do you drink, that Starbucks that you drink to be ostentatious?" I then agreed, "Wow, this coffee tastes great. But I like a little cream in my coffee." So I put creamer in hot soy sauce.


    Kinda embarassing exactly HOW GULLIBLE I truly am.

    What about you guise? Are you gullible?
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  2. You do know the word "gullible" isn't actually in the dictionary, right?
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  3. It honestly depends on the situation at the time. If I'm tired, or in a bad mood:

    Yes, I am easier trick.
  4. I'm hard to convince of stuff like that (mostly because I have google in my pocket and I'm not afraid to use it) but I am TERRIBLE at discerning sarcasm
  5. Yes! Oh my God! This is me!
  6. Th-that's sincere, right?

  7. Yes. It is. Sarcasm is my weak point. Especially when it's typed.
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  8. I question things most of the time. So gullible isn't much of a thing to me.
  9. I'm not particularly trusting, so no. I'm not gullible.
  10. I always aim to question things.
    But sometimes (especially when tired) some things might slip by.
  11. Only in the company of the those who are closest to me. I trust them the most, so it's easier for them to trick me. Most of them know that if they severely embarrass me or hurt me in the process, I'll get back at them ten fold. So most of the time I don't have to worry about it.
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  12. I'm skeptical to the point of paranoid sometimes. I actually have a harder time getting past my own preconceptions of reality blocking away knowledge than being fooled by someone else.
  13. Which dictionary is that?
  14. I am EXTREMELY gullible o_o Just some years ago I would have fallen for almost ANYTHING! But lately I have started to think about things more. While I want to believe everything people says cause I don't want to think that people are lying or tricking me, I do check stuff up if someone tells me a 'fact' and I don't just say yes to everything now a days. I'M GETTING BETTER!

    I learned from facebook actually xD First I trusted a thing that went around on facebook about you being able to save yourself if you're having a heartattack by coughin, then the second time I came across it I was like "... mm... Maybe I should check this up.." So I did, and apparently that coughing thing could kill you without a doctor whom could guide you. xD NEVER TRUST FACEBOOK STUFF GUYS!!!

    So, I do trust people very easily at the moment they tell me something, but then during an afterthought minutes, hours, days or weeks later, I tend to think 'is that really true?' and then check on things, just to make sure. Facebook chain letters is always checked up on. I DON'T TRUST ANYTHING FROM YOU ANYMORE D: -But apparently a lot of my friends do...-
  15. Being the most cynical and sarcastic asshole this part of Sweden, I'm not easily fooled.

    Unless we're talking family members or friends, they could probably get me to do anything.
  16. I assume everyone is lying to me until proven otherwise. >:[
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  17. I used to be overly cynical and sceptic, but at some point I found that if you really drive this point home, you're subconsciously closing your mind to new experiences and insights. I'd rather be fooled once or twice than miss out on that because I'm too cynical. It'd be difficult to change my mind for the better if I'd break everything down before exploring it.
  18. It usually takes a lot to catch me, although if I'm not really invested in something, small things I have no reason to question slip by me on a rare occasion. However, if it sounds off or somebody is trying to convince me of something, I fact check.
  19. Gullibility comes from Gull, as in seagull. It's a reference to the "Language of the Birds", a scientific mumbo-jumbo used by charlatan alchemists to bedazzle rich clients.
  20. Only my brother can trick me, because he's an astonishingly good actor. And I trust him. Everyone else I'm going to question until I've either got proof or the truth.
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