How Google is Reshaping Your Brain

Blind Hemingway

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Whether search engines like Google and Bing make you stupider or smarter is largely up to you, explains psychiatrist Gary Small,
agggh he made a WOW reference!! lolz

Carnige Mellon! That's down the street : D actually I have heard about that project too....

You are finding some very fascinating youtube clips leo-san! I enjoy these...though the thought of using our minds to control stuff is somewhat scary in my opinion. I did lke his comment about having to wear the tin foil to block spam haha

Certainly how we are using the technology is certainly an impact on why some people say that google is making us stupider and others argue that it is making us smarter or what not. I find the internet and google a good way to stimulate my mind...but again i can also use it for mindlessness.

i was also interested when he mentioned that surgeons that play video games make less mistakes...very interesting. Thank you for sharing
Very thought-provoking. Searching is the end of Memory.

I wonder how this connects to the development of Autism and the concept of the internet as the neo-spirit world.

And what does this mean for the artistic process?