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  1. Harry smiled and knew the kids would love going to the zoo. "They love seeing the different animals" he said and kissed Rosie's cheek. "Will you have to go to court with this whole thing?"

    Leonardo sighed and brought his legs up on the sofa and holding them. "I know, I am a fucking twat, I know I am" he said to her. "Babe how is telling her I have a son that I know nothing about going to help the situation of trying to keep my daughter in my life?" He asked her and rested his head on Sophia's shoulder.
  2. Rosie nodded "Most probably if Leo puts up a fight, if he just keeps quite then thats it but I know he won't so I will have to get a lawyer and go to court" She said and kissed Lexi's temple lovingly.

    Sophia sighed "Because at the end of the day she's mostly angry at you for the lies and if you don't tell her, then when she finds out that might be it for you! She will respect you a hell of a lot more if you tell her the truth" She said lovingly and caringly.
  3. Harry looked at her and sighed. "Rosie are you sure this is what you want to do?" he asked her and ran his finger's through her hair and gave her head a kiss. "I mean Lexi won't even want to be taken from him or stop seeing him Rosie"

    Leonardo rested his hand on Sophia's stomach as she spoke to him lovingly and caringly. "If I know nothing about him, then I am sure that he will be kept a secret because no one would possibly know, you are the only one that now knows I have a son and that's the only information I can tell you, is that I can a son" he said and sighed. "Rosie will want to know more and will assume I know more but I don't, all I know is I have a son, I don't know anything else than that, I can try and talk to her, I could"
  4. Rosie glared at him "He's a disgusting man whore who deserves jack shit in my opinion and if you want to stick up for him or whatever or you think that he's done nothing wrong than I can easily take your son away from you as well" She snarled angrily. In the truth of it all, Rosie was just extremely heart broken. When Leo had that melt down she was the only one that cared and she stopped work, she stopped her whole life to take care of her and she got treated like that.

    Sophia sighed "You know what Leo if you don't tell her I will because all of this lying crap is getting ridiculous and at the end of the day she doesn't actually deserve any of it because you broke her heart and if you don't realise that then your actually a nasty idiot!" She said and was just saying what she actually thought of the situation.
  5. Harry looked at her as she snarled angrily at him. "Rosie, Rosie come on, you are just upset and heartbroken, which I completely understand, I really do but you need to calm down just a little, I know you are hurt and I know you are heartbroken but don't take it out on me babe, I don't want you to threaten me as well and take our son away, I am just trying to help you and making sure you are making the correct decision, that is all, I'm not on his side or sticking up for him, I am just thinking of Lexi as well"

    Leonardo sighed and sat up. "You don't think I feel so guilty for everything that I done to her Sophia, she done so much for me when I was going through that break down and I made it worse and have caused her to have a broken heart, I never meant for any of that and I want to apologise to her so much because she done everything for me during that heart break, she stopped her work, she stopped everything to help me, yet I was a nasty idiot and done that to her, I could never forgive myself for it" he said before getting up. "I'll go tell her then about this son but like it will make anything better"
  6. Rosie had tears streaming down her cheeks again "Its killing me" She admitted and just sat on the floor and cuddled herself into herself "I loved him with everything I had and he never cared" She croaked out sadly and had the tears streaming down her face.

    Sophia sighed and just shook her head "Yeah you where a nasty idiot Leo" She said and gave him a shrug "At the end of the day this isn't about doing you any good anymore or making anything better its being a bigger man and admitting you where wrong and trying to show her that your sorry for breaking her heart" She told him.
  7. Harry sat down opposite her and took a hold of her hand. "Then talk to him Rosie, this is between you and him and by the sounds of it, you need to sort this out and talk to each other" he said softly. "I'm sure ever since the thing he did happen, he feels so guilty and things about it and I bet he is really sorry, but you won't know that unless you talk to him"

    "Sophia, I admitted it to her and I tried to tell her how sorry I was, how it never should've happened and how guilty I've been feeling since it happens but she never listens, when she is upset, she doesn't listen and she just gets more angry and more upset" Leonardo said to her. "I am so sorry for what I done to her and I regret it so much, never in my life did I want her to feel heartbroken"
  8. Rosie sniffled "It just hurts so much" She cried to him sadly "I did everything I could for him, I spent that whole 6 months that he was struggling devoting my life to him and all that time he was f*ck*ng other girls! Then coming home and having sex with me!" She cried to him sadly.

    Sophia sighed and just shrugged "Leo stop feeling sorry for yourself then and go and find her and explain this to her!" She told him sharply.
  9. Harry moved to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head. "Talk to him then babe, talk to him and tell him how you feel, then hear him out, you both just need to talk babe, I totally understand why you are so heartbroken and upset, I do but talk to him"

    Leonardo sighed. "Sophia she won't listen to me or even let me get a word in" he said but sighed. "Don't be surprised if I come back with marks on my cheeks or something from her" he said before going out his trailer and going to hers and let out a breath before knocking"
  10. Rosie looked up when he knocked at the door "Can you get that please?" She asked him softly and smiled a little bit when she was Lexi cuddled up to Alfie and them both out cold asleep.
  11. Harry nodded his head and gave hers a kiss before going and opened it to seeing Leo. "Rosie do you want to talk to Leonardo? It's your choice but he seems like he really wants to talk to you"
  12. Rosie looked up with sad, tear stained eyes and she shook her head "No I don't" She said and sighed as she wiped the tears from her face and got onto the sofa and cuddled closely into the blankets and Lexi and Alfie.
  13. Leonardo heard what she said and he sighed. "Then you don't have to talk to me face to face and just listen to me" he said and sat down on the trailer step so she wouldn't have to see him but thankfully Harry kept the door open and standing there. "I want to get everything out to you, no more secrets and no more lies" he said and let out a breath. "With them fifteen girls I slept with, I do have a son with one of them but that's all I know, she didn't want to be in contact with me, nor did she want me helping her out it anything, all I know is that I have a son, I know nothing else, I don't know his name , his age , where he is or anything" he said and played with his fingers . "The most important reason I came here though Rosie was to apologise and also thank you, I wanted to Thankyou for trying to take care of me in those six months, for stopping your job, for stopping everything for me, Thankyou for that and then I want to apologise for the disgusting thing I don't while you done all that for me, I never in my life meant to hurt you or your feelings or heartbreak which I realise now I have caused, I loved you Rosie, oh believe me I did and to go and treat you the way I did was so disgusting and uncalled for, I am sorry for the pain and heartbreak I have caused you and I mean that Rosie, I really do, I'm sorry and I know that me saying any of this will help but from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry and Thankyou again for everything you done at the time"
  14. Rosie suddenly stopped breathing and felt like she couldn't actually breath until a few moments later when she finally caught her breath back. She couldn't actually believe he had a son, the tears where flowing heavy now and she couldn't actually look anybody in the eyes but she listened to him anyway and just couldn't stop crying. She had no words let to speak anymore, she just felt so heart broken and weak and she needed the tightest cuddle that she could possibly could get.
  15. Leonardo got up from the steps. "I know it's maybe broken your heart even more, which I didn't want to happen in the first place but there is no more secrets and no more lies between us, I was told to be a man and come tell you" he said. "Again Rosie, I am really sorry and I never meant for you to feel all this pain and heartbreak because it stills hurts me to see you like this, I feel so guilty for everything, I really do" he said and patted the side of the trailer. "I'll leave you alone with the two kids and Harry, again I'm sorry and tell me what you are doing with Lexi as well, that be taking her away from me or not, that's your choice to make and not mine to fight against" he said and left with a sigh and going back to his trailer.

    "Babe" Harry said softly as he closed the door after Leonardo had gone. "You alright?"
  16. Rosie had a completely tear stained face and she just looked so heart broken about it all and she shook her head, completely and utterly heartbroken and she just broke down into his arms.
  17. Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around her as she broke down in his arms. "Shhh it's okay" he cooed and rocked her gently and holding her close.

    Leonardo had tears falling down his cheeks. "I most likely just made it even more worse by telling her everything and the honest truth, she hates me" he said to Sophia and went to his bedroom and took his shoes off and buried himself in the covers and pillows on his bed in the trailer. "I'm a horrible guy, I don't deserve anyone"
  18. "B-B-B-But its not Harry its not!" She cried into him "T-There I was thinking Lexi was somethig special to him but he had another child all along!" She wailed sadly "And he didn't even tell me! I was his wife! I have up everything for him so I could give him everything!" She wailed into him "I loved him so much!" She sobbed hysterically, she always had and always would do.

    Sophia sighed and curled under the covers next to him and held him "Its must be hard for her baby, She loved you a lot, you loved her a lot and to find out this must be honestly quite painful! If you did this to me if be distraught, if I did this to you I'm pretty sure you'd be atleast angry about it" She cooed to him softly "But she will forgive you, she's the Mother of your daughter, she has too" She cooed lovingly.
  19. Harry sighed and cuddled her to him, kissing her head and just trying to comfort her. "And Lexi is very special to him, you can tell that she is very special to him, him having another child or not, he said he didn't know anything about this child other than he was a boy, the woman obviously didn't want the boy in his life and he doesn't want to lose Lexi, you can tell he doesn't and he loves you as well Rosie, you can tell he does, he spoke to you, you listening or not, he told you everything and the truth, he was being a man and telling you everything"

    Leonard took the pillow off his head and wrapped his arms around Sophia and kissed her head lovingly and tried wiping his cheeks. "I know and I messed up and made a huge mistake and I regret everything, I've spoken to her, I've told her the truth about everything, nothing else I can do" he said. "At least I'll still have you and our baby if Rosie means what she is saying"
  20. Rosie sniffled and kissed his lips quickly "I think I need to go and talk to him" She said carefully and she got her coat and went out of the door and to Leo's trailer and knocked on the door and slowly opened it.

    "Dada where's Mummy gone and why was she crying?" Lexi asked him sweetly.
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