How fast can you type?

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  1. Do you use the home row, or 'finger-peck'? Have you ever taken a typing class?

    Mini wants to know how fast Iwaku can type on a standard keyboard!

    My current record is 175 wpm
  2. I cannot do home row. I can remember my school trying to plant that skill in our brains and I failed every test, because I just didn't think it was effective. I can type more quickly, accurately, and comfortably with way of typing. Being a PC gamer, my left hand gets the most use. So I mainly use my left hand to type while my right one picks up the ones my left can't reach, or is too busy to move to. It's weird, I'm not sure if that makes any sense. XD I can touch type, too!

    I haven't kept track of any records and my wrist hurts too bad to challenge that. xD I can say though that on this laptop, I do about 90 wpm. I can do a lot better on just a regular keyboard.
  3. Gottdamn, 175? I can do about 100 on a good day, maybe 70-80 WPM on average.
  4. I do about 56 wpm, but that's also on a really crappy laptop keyboard. Not sure whether or not I'd be faster on a standard keyboard or not.

    I be a slow typer.
  5. I did this a lot in high schooler, so much for being an advanced 'learning how to use a computer' class. I only got like 50-60 words per min. I don't bother to keep track of it anymore.
  6. 80 to 100 depending on what Im typing. If its from the top of my head Im a speed demon.
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  7. I used to about 90 to 100 when I was at my fastest. Nowadays I don't bother checking. I'd say roughly fifty to sixty words a minute. I use the home row keys and I actually learned to type via chatting.
  8. I should clarify that while my record is 175, my average speed is 100-130 depending on what I'm typing
  9. My average is 120. I usually don't type faster when trying to break any records or whatever, also counting that English is not my primary language (that plays kind of a big role, believe it or not. In German I got ~20wpm more).
  10. Uh, let's see, what's 'finger pecking'... I suppose I finger peck. Although I can type with all my fingers when doing things like backspacing and using 'shift', as well as punctuation. The letters themselves are only my two pointer fingers. The test I took, my fastest result was about 45 wpm. With 93.4% accuracy. I'm sloow compared to most of you. :I
  11. Finger pecking is when you hit one key at a time, with no more than one or two fingers in use at a time
  12. Hm. So, watching myself type this, it seems I do finger peck. Nice to know. :)
  13. I play the piano, so my fingers tend to glide across the keyboard rather smoothly.

    I didn't see a link to any of these sites before, so I'll post it. It lets you see how fast you REALLY type, with no estimation.
  14. I can type accurately at about 70 wpm. I'm sure I can go faster, but I don't really pay much attention. I do know that my aunt could hit about 200, but she typed out dictation professionally.

    Classes? Oh, yes, I've had classes. Third through fifth grade, every Wednesday for an hour, we would be taught how to type. Or, rather, we would be taught computer things. Once we got good at typing we had to work on Powerpoint and the like. But typing correctly was a strangely big deal at my school. I didn't realize how odd it was until I got to high school, and realized that most of the people in my typing class there still two finger typing.

    What I am really good at is typing without looking at the keys. Most of the time it really messes with people, because I'll be looking over and talking with them, but still typing.
  15. I think my record is around 90 wpm, I often make mistake at that speed though. When I'm chatting or roleplaying I probably lay around 50-70 wpm.
  16. See now I never really bothered to learned how to properly type, so I just go at it with two fingers because fudge it I don't care. The fastest I've probably done is like 20 wpm, a snail compared to most people and it's generally why I avoid fast-paced chat rooms or mmos with no voice chat feature.
  17. I can do about 75 on a normal day. 90+ if I'm in the zone.
  18. When I am busy being a serial killer I typically do not type very much.

    But I'm currently unemployed so I usually type around 60.

    That was a guess.
  19. Ok, the results for that link was... 50 WPM, and I misspelled once. I fixed it while typing the word, so it didn't count it as 'wrong'.
    "You are better than 74.44% of all users" I don't know what to make of this.
    I wish I could play piano. I've realized that I tend to do fancy stuff, like reaching one finger under the rest to reach a key and stuff. I wish I knew how to, first, play properly, and two, actually remember what keys to press. (I'm sorry, that was off topic and it should be moved to a conversation, I'm sorry, I'll do that tomorrow, it's bedtime.)
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  20. Before, I averaged from 135-150wpm. Upon switching to and adjusting to DVORAK, I now average about 180wpm.
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