How far is too far?


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When is enough? How far can you go with ANY joke before you run into Boredom, overuse, or insulting someone's parentage?
When it starts to get into what I am. *well as in what I do kind of thing*

Because "too far" is different for everyone. It's also different based on who does the joking, and how you feel that day. x___x

I think you just have to be aware of the mood and preferences of the person you're with. You can't always avoid insulting someone, but if you're paying attention you can try. >>

TOO FAR FOR DIANA... I don't like threats of ANY kind, even when you're not serious. I get twitchie. .__.; Um... Diana-make-fun-of jokes are funny until they happen too often in a small timeframe and collide with one of my emo days. Jokes about me being dumb will hurt my feelings the most on those days. t___t Otherwise I can take it with grace even if I do roll my eyes.
Depends on the joke and the person......

My bro and I have had jokes that run for years involving both violence and gay innuendo.... But i wouldn't do that with anyone else.
One of the things you do not do around me is break out the yo momma jokes, particularly if you're talking about mine.

I pulled a knife on a friend for it. Didn't help much that I had a lot of shit piling up on me at the time, further destabilizing my sanity.
Thanks to 4chan My joke tolerance level has increased.

But since I no longer have any associates and enjoy it, I don't have to deal with any bad jokes that aren't of my own composing.
I don't like when people start joking about me or my friends, because I can never tell if they're joking or not... And then I tend to get defensive about it...v_v
Here's a true story.

One of my colleagues is so socially awkward, that he drew a cartoon in a patient chart for a progress note. The patient was clinically declining (i.e., dying) and this student had the gall to draw in a tombstone in his note.

One, all notes that go into a chart are legal documents. You write clean, you write appropriately. You do not write in opinions and certainly not cartoons.

Two, that was just really, really stupid.

So, I guess this guy thought it was funny. Yeah......