How easily do you wake up in the morning?


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Let's face it. You set your alarm clock cause you gotta go to work, or school, or you're due for the dentist to work on your teeth with sharp pointy objects. But then again, not all of us wake up well at all. So how easy is it for you to wake up?

I myself am a horrible morning person and remain in a passive "Leave me the fuck alone" for the first half hour of getting out of bed. If its the weekend my bed an I are practically married to one another as I will sleep from one in the morning to 12:30 the afternoon. When I have to wake up in the morning and my alarm clock goes off? I've mastered the art of rolling backwards and slamming the snooze button on my alarm as if I was trying to break it without even looking at it.

In short, you do NOT want to be the one to wake me up. I either ignore your existence, or I'll grunt or growl in place of actual words. Or if you're my alarm clock, I hit you...hard.

So what about you guys?
I wake pretty easily now and days.
I do not want to wake up. EVER. Once I finally roll out of bed, it takes me an hour to finally get unfuzzy enough to function. x___x I never sleep very well.
Getting up easily is for jerks and communists.

I'm late for work because I lie in bed thinking about EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE.
Once I cut caffeine out of my life it became very easy. My eyes open in the morning and I am ready to go.
the main time it's hard is when I wake up to screaming children, that takes me a good 20-30 minutes.

Otherwise I just get up when I wake up.
That's the Communism talking.
It's hard as hell to get up in the morning. My medication is something that you take at night that pretty much induces a coma - though that's not what it's for but that's what it does. So the mornings are hell. I have to set my alarm clock on the opposite side of the room because if it is within arm reach I'll turn it off without even being awake enough to realize and will sleep till the late morning.

However - I'm not as bad as my wife. My wife is a dangerous morning person. The days I have to wake her up are the days I wish I had full out hockey gear to wear. You'll touch her gingerly to shake her awake and she throws a sudden gut/ball punch out of pure anger. You open the door and try to wake her up with your voice and a random projectile flies in your general direction. She usually gets up about fifteen minutes afterwards - but those first seconds of conciousness for her are extremely violent.
On school days ~ it's like a zombie routine. Since my bed is a tiered three mattress bed, the best part is usually tumbling sideways and flipping onto my feet. It gets me awake. And before you know, I'm getting ready for school without complaining. It's only when I'm dressed and eating breakfast that I started grumbling about having to go so early. xD

So, thanks to school, I get up VERY EASILY.
As long as I land my half flip off the bed properly, I'm all HELLO WONDERFUL WORLD GOOD MORNING.
Sometimes, if I'm really tired, I'll just tumble and fall over and end up falling asleep on the carpet. Then, my dad will come in later to wake me up in case I went back to sleep xD On those days, its so HARD TO GET UP ;__;

I think, the better I sleep, the better I am in the morning. (:
... because I lie in bed thinking about EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE.


Seriously, I'm actually taking medication so I don't wake up with the entire universe on my mind, and I STILL have trouble getting out of bed in the morning just because of the sheer amount of information that my brain is trying to process. Of course, it didn't help that I could basically sleep all day for about 7 years straight since I had nothing better to do.

Currently, getting out of bed in the mornings is the thing I need the most help with in my life, I simply can't do it on my own so the government PAYS people to wake me up. (okay it's a little more nuanced, but still...)

It always depends on HOW I am woken up. If it's my alarm, I sleep through it like a rock, but if one person takes a step in my room or in my vicinity I jolt awake, wide awake. Otherwise, I sleep heavily as hell!
Well when i do sleep I'm out but when there is something going on in another room I wake up pretty easily, sometimes my alarm doesn't even need to go off and I'm up. During the weekends I sleep at least till ten or twelve depending how long I stayed up the night before. Other than that I wake up to my alarm right on time and wake up to other noises really easily *ahem* if I haven't just recently fallen a sleep.
...not a morning person...and even though I have early classes I still am NOT a morning person. My alarm is set for 6:45 am monday-friday....monday through wed. I'm up when my alarm goes off (dragging though) but thrus-friday i generally hit snooze and go back to sleep until around 8
More often than not I wake up just fine. Though I'm not in the mood for anything.
I wake up at five thirty in the morning. I actually begin my ritual of waking up at five.
My alarm clock has a ten minute snooze, so I set it then and rest for ten minutes in between until five thirty, when I roll out of bed and finally stop abusing my alarm clock (for the morning).
I have to give myself half an hour to an hour to wake up and get functional. That in itself is torture, because I despise mornings. I'm strongly considering just doing night classes from now on. I'm developing a bad habit of skipping class so I can freakin' sleep. Because then, I can get a work schedule in later morning hours.

Doesn't help that I'm insomniac, either. x___x Sometimes when I'm finally asleep, I have to get up again in an hour! It blows.
The sun is my friend, despite the fact that I have quite a relationship with computers.

I tend to wake up in the morning quite early to leave for school. Since I live in a land where the roads and traffic are treacherous, I see great value in waking up early. Sometimes I wake up too early (like 2 or 3 AM), just like my grandma. And once I wake up, I consider myself fully functional for the day, so when afternoon and evening comes, I'm burned out.
Depends, if I have to get up for work it is up at 6 to start the dryer and back in bed until 8. Otherwise I'm asleep to like 10. I go to bed around 1-2 in the morning so average 8 hour sleep. When I do wake up I do need five minutes to compose myself, one of two options happen. 1. I stare at something until I feel like my legs can move OR 2. I start thinking about a single subject no matter how ridiculous to focus my mind and pretty much get the gears turning.
Every morning I wake up at six thirty because my children are psychotic.