How does an Air Gear based RP sound?

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  1. So I had this RP based on Air Gear. What it is is that a pair of roller skates are made extreme, pretty much mechanical. Their speed and performance are remarkable. And built to do extreme stunts. (And not just the normal stairwell riding. These are made for Parkour stunts.) You could be in the air and feel like you're flying. These skates are called Air Treks.

    These Air Treks have become so popular that teenagers, college students, and even a handful of elementary and junior high students have started to make teams and a set of ways to "challenge" other teams. These teams can have their own stickers designed to look like the team emblem that they can design.

    Now the Air Treks have been imported from Japan to America. And in a matter of weeks, the same fads in Japan are happening all over America. But where the Air Treks are, the Air Trek Regulation Officers follow. And with all these teams and gangs, it can get a bit messy.

    The RP is about 5 rivaling teams. Some are allies with another team and strong rivals to another. Love can happen, violence, suspense, challenges and battles, anything. c: Anyone interested in this?
  2. Seems... intriguing. might need more info before i want in though.
  3. Yeah...this is only just a snippet. I think if this gets enough people, ill post full info. Way too much to pour in on an introduction >___<
  4. I'd be interested if its not too late you can pm me about it :D
  5. Ahh oki c: It's going to be a group RP so you're free to join in ^^
  6. I think id be interested ^_^ just pm me k?
  7. I'm interested in it as well. :3