How do you write the number 4?

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How do you write the number 4?

  1. Option in pic one

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  2. Option in pic two

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  1. 4 is the only number with two ways to write it... I've noticed I am the only one I see around here writing it like option 1..

    Most people seem to write it like option 2.

    Option 1


    Option 2


    I was wondering is it just people in America that draw 4 like option 2? and why is there two ways to draw 4 anyway?
  2. Matter of choice, preschool kids and primary do the 4 like in option 2 a lot.

    Yeah, I just called you a preschooler, bro.
  3. I like using option one. I'm so odd.
  4. "Lucius can take it. Lyra doesn't need it and Melissa can't take it."
  5. "Lucius can take it because he has you. I reprimand him but he still has you to be comforted."
  6. "But he has had time to learn, he is nearly four hundred years. Just because he looks young doesn't mean he is of a feeble mind"
  7. Wat? How do you get those number of strokes? OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG, PIRO. Both for me take two strokes.

    Option 1 is what they taught us in elementary school. TO HELL WITH PRESCHOOL I DIDN'T GO TO. I JUMPED RIGHT INTO THE SRS BZNSS.

    I only use the 2nd option though.1st one looks too much like a 9 with my handwriting.
  8. No obviously you were never taught it by the master of numbers. I am officially right on both accounts and you cannot say otherwise. The proof is in the pudding foolish mortal.

    But I am happy you like option two welcome to the club.
  9. My seven has a line through it, to make it more diferent from my one. Its common enough.... and I think one was 3 way to write it.....
  10. I switch it up between the two. I also do all my lettering different from time to time as well. I also change my signature depending on what I'm signing. This is all just to keep "The Man" or "Big Bro" from getting a good read on me. Damn, I'm weird.....I need help.
  11. I choose option 2.
    And, I find that one the lazier one. I always have a hard time doing the first one. lol

    for 7's , I put a line downard off of the left of it...if that made sense to anyone...haha
  12. I don't even know what pre-school is. why do so many people go to that? what do you learn there anyway?
  13. I use option 2, I used option 1 for a while in high school, but it got old and I just didn't like it anymore. ;_;

    As for 7's, I still do mine with the line through it. ^^
  14. My line is a short horizontal stroke through the middle, its something i've only recently picked up.

  15. It's what their people send their kids to when they want them to get a headstart on learning. Over here it's actually called "Headstart." Pretty much all they do is glue macaronis together and stuff, try to learn colors and numbers, whatever. Most times it's just a glorified daycare that tries to have some sort of structure.

    I could always tell a kid went to Headstart because they were dumb, mean perverts.

    *casts sneaky glances around Iwaku*
  16. Preschool is silly. Why give a year headstart on your child's already 12-year torture sentence?
  17. *glares back at ampoule*

    You mean you don't remeber your own pre-school, the cold metal bed, the straps, the men in white coats, all those little needles that made you sleepy?
  18. Option 2.

    Option 1 is ugly when handwritten, in my experience.
  19. it's first option for me, using two strokes. (the first is an angled stroke top-down first, and then left-right, just like the capital letter L; and a vertical line, top-down). however, in my handwriting, it almost always ends up like the second one.

    in writing '4' that way, it is hard for the gap between the first stroke and the second stroke to close. hence, it looks like a hybrid version of options 1 and 2.
  20. Option Number two, for me <33

    Ne, ne, So what other numbers do you guys right in weird ways ? And why?
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