How do you work a world, and the people who fill it in one on one roleplay?

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  1. I've never understood how to actually roleplay with people in one on one roleplays despite my want to. I love the sound of it, but how do you work a world and NPCs without one person being settled with having to run both of them. I find most people are not down to act as a DM despite me wanting them to.
  2. I'm exclusively a one-on-one role-player, and over the years I've learned that it's really important to find a partner that really jives with you first and foremost. Since there aren't any other players that can help move the role-play along, you have to find a comfortable balance just between the two of you. For me, personally, I find it very difficult to write with partners that are super passive and don't contribute much to the story on their own, I.E. not pushing the story forward, or waiting for you to introduce new characters or ideas. If my partner does this, then I lose interest very quickly.

    It's a delicate balance, and it can definitely take a while to find someone that you work really well with. Once you do, though, it's easy to push a story along. Just make sure you keep a line of communication open, and make sure your expectations are made clear.
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  3. This seems like really good advice, as it seems like that is the best way to run one on one roleplays. I haven't had a really good one on one for a long time, as the last one I had was based around a modified version of D&D 3.5 that had space stuff. Thanks for the advice, and thanks for actually taking the time to respond. ^.^
  4. Opal said it really damn well.

    So damn well I lost what I was originally going to say, so here's this tidbit:

    Try to keep your worlds flexible if you're not doing displacement (one or more characters are grabbed from one world and thrown into another, be it alternate dimensions or even just a change in socioeconomic level), and you'll have an easier time finding a passionate partner who wants to explore more of the world. Keep your notes brief when you're making a thread, but don't be afraid to go a bit more long-winded in discussions, because having a wall aimed at a general population can seem like more of a pain to read, while a similar wall aimed at a single person is much more likely to get a good reaction.

    Once you have your passionate partner who's as psyched up for the story as you, discuss with them needed roles and ideas. Who will take which NPCs? Will you alternate? Will you share control? Sometimes it's helpful to take turns with the GM role rather than share it, and other times it's the other way around. Keeping communication open beyond the planning stage is absolutely vital, and means the difference between an RP that falls flat and an RP that both partners love—often, if a partner keeps talking with you, that partner is also going to be an active player and will help drive the plot forward.

    Also, don't be afraid to turn down the first few people who come to you. If something about them seems iffy, ask them about it, and if it's one of your limitations, just politely decline.

    Um, what else was it that makes a 1x1 world-based RP work?

    Oh, right! Have a wiki or a google doc and take notes with your partner. Ensure both of you have edit privileges, and you can take notes as you go on plot points you want to see and things that you want to avoid because you have this BURNING idea that you absolutely want to use, but can't happen if event x happens first. Again, it's a communication thing, but it's also a memory-refresher.
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  5. One X one RPs are more likely to be democratic than group RPs, where the GM can rule as God in their own right. In a one X one, while one player may have come up with the starting idea (ie the plot, the setting, the pairing), their partner is usually able to add to and modify those ideas. If both parties like it, it's all good! Compromise, compromise, and as Moody said, be flexible!

    This applies to plot direction as well! Usually - as with Worldbuilding - you propose the idea to your partner and come to an agreement before implementing it (ie: "hey what do you think about having Joe's little brother be kidnapped by the villain?") but typically both players are able to contribute and implement plot twists and ideas. It's a collaborative effort!

    This kind of shared control is a big part of why I love one X ones; I love seeing what my partner will add to my ideas. Often it's things I would never have thought of! Group RPs sometimes have a mechanic like this too, but typically the GM has veto power even if they are open to suggestions from players, so it's not *quite* the same.

    In terms of Worldbuilding, you can still make world's as big and complex as group RPs, there's really no difference there except that (unless one or both of you likes playing multiple characters) you'll be populating it more with NPCs. You may also share NPCs with your partner, whereas in a group they're typically exclusive to one player (often the GM)

    Of course some one X ones do have a GM/player relationship, and this works if one of them is a more passive player and doesn't like to do much Worldbuilding or major plot-planning, but as you've said, it can also make the more aggressive player feel like they're doing all the work.

    Personally I love creating worlds and stories and don't really mind if a partner wants to run with whatever I come up with, but like I said it's a lot more fun for me when they're an active participant, because then they'll throw in stuff that wouldn't have occurred to me, and I get a much more complex and dynamic story.

    /me runs to tinker with a quickie guide on a 'need-to-know' of the differences between group and one X one RPs
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  6. It really depends on who you have a one x one roleplay with. If you are wanting someone to co-DM/GM with you, then it would be better to look for more aggressive-styled partners, as others have mentioned. ^.^ I'd be willing to start a role-play with you if you wanted?
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  7. That sounds like a great idea. Send me a PM with some of your rp ideas! Or would you prefer I PM you first?
  8. I can PM you!