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I was watching the Regular Show (I live for that show) and it was a specific episode in which Benson (the bubble gum machine boss) has been yelling at his employees far too much, and the temporary park manager, Pops, can't take it anymore! Pops gives Benson the Ultimatum, if he yells at Mordecai and Rigby once more, he is fired.

So the episode is basically Benson trying to find a way to cool himself down and vent his anger. Of course, it doesn't go well, but I'm not gonna spoil it!

So I was wondering, how do my friends on Iwaku vent their anger? Do they punch walls? Say "Ommmm...." like some sort of mantra? Rub their ears and say "Wooo-sahh..." or just grit their teeth through the anger?

How do you guys vent your bottled up anger?
i tend to make a short rant, and then my boyfriend helps me relieve the stress.
I pace while raging to myself. I also rant to my brother. I tend to apologize in the middle of my rant(s) for ranting but he never seems to mind and tells me to rant whenever I need to since we're trying to get me out of the habit of bottling up my anger
My first instinct is to hit something or hit the person who made me pissed...

Although a few seconds later, I'll either start ranting to someone close to me. Either my boyfriend, my best friend, or anyone who will bother to listen. The rants are typically very long so props to those who actually listen. XD
I tend to play games, masturbate, sleep it off or just cool off.
First off... Regular Show!!!!

Secondly, I usually plot ways to murder the animate/inanimate object that caused the anger. Then I feel better, without ever actually executing my plans... Most of the time :D
Regular Show = Complete, Undeniable Love<3~

I, Staci, find that talking to others about what is bothering me helps relieve the stress, and pain of whatever irked me in the first place.
I also like to put in my earbuds and listen to music loudly. It doesn't have to be hard metal stuff. It can be whatever. I just want to drown in music.
I also do a lot of yoga, so I can meditate for quite a while, if I know I have time to spare.~
I also play League. >:D THAT HALPS A LOT.~

But, most of all, my friends at Iwaku, and some friends irl, and my mama, make everything bettur.
I hit a pillow, scream at the pillow, scream in the pillow, telling the pillow that the person or the thing that made me angry are a dickhead or something like that then scream a bit more, then I bite myself in my fingers then I take some deep breaths and then I'm for the most fine. xD I can't vent my anger on other people so I wait to do it untill I'm alone x)
I used to blog about it! I'd blog everyday/every other day and when I needed to rant I'd bitch it all out.

These days, I rarely have anything that really gets me super pissed and deserves a blog rant. XD So I usually just post in the rant thread/s or rant at a friend.
I usually vent with video games. Virtually pounding someone into the dirt or shooting them in the head over and over will usually help me calm down and it's better than doing it in real life. The Gears of War series is very useful to vent some anger and rage with how brutal it is.

If that doesn't cut it, I have a select few friends who are willing to listen to my rantings.
... I go into cbox and yell at people.

I'm a mix of Diana and Staci. I write my anger out. I write it or type it in a blog or something. Words express my anger more than anything, whether verbal or written. most of the time, when I'm angry, I don't yell. It's a silent sarcastic type of pissitivity.

Either that, or I drown myself in music. Any kind would do, as long as it is a song...with instruments.

If all else fail, I take a walk outside and blow off steam by either jogging or running, making me believe that im running away from all stress and things. It helps.
I recycle all the emotional energy into a more... productive emotion. Like love.
I feel like shit and isolate myself, either that or get stoned.

Alone, if possible.
I'll usually ponder over whatever it is for a little while and then I'll just laugh at the silly thing and move on.
I am usually a nice person but I have a dark side too...I don't like seeing people in pain/Depressed in Real life so I Usually take it all my frustrations on my fictional characters...I am a bit sadistic. So If I'm being totally Evil/Cruel to my characters on here or In the Novel I'm writing I usually feel like doing that to someone in my Real life. It helps me avoid Jail time and makes me feel better all at the same time! x3
Exercise works wonders for everything, that's how I deal with my anger.

Back in the day I used to hit things, drive recklessly, take my anger out on undeserving people...I've chilled out a lot.

Sex is good, too...and way better than hitting walls.
Rage sex is the best sex.
At first it seems to be slowly building. Like a constant headache, and then I have the urge to argue. I tend to pick fights, and if I don't want to hurt people's feelings I go talk it out with my mom. She usually puts up with my yelling and anger pretty well. We are each others' verbal punching bag.
Listen to music, write, read, or play my xbox and take it out on the enemy in Gears of War 3.