How do you take your coffee?

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  1. Normally my answer to this is black.

    But I've realized recently that how I take my coffee depends on what kind of day it is and weather or not my coffee is cold or hot.

    Before work I always drink it black
    On a day off when I have time to sit back, relax, and enjoy it I tend to put hot chocolate mix in. Today I even added whipped cream on top.

    If the coffee's cold I'll add a little milk and a touch of nesquick. By cold I mean I stash my leftover coffee in the fridge so it's cold cold ^_^


    @Midian - tagging you because I know this is your kind of topic :P
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  2. I'm a non-coffee drinker. Many people ask me how I wake up in the morning.
  3. 60 - 70% cream and the hearts of those I have slain.
    I mean..
    Just creamer.
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  4. Hot. A shitload of sugar. (and when I say shitload, I mean shitload. I don't drink coffee if it isn't at least 50% sugar.) And preferably some milk.
  5. For some reason I can't drink black coffee. I love the taste of the kick that comes with bold coffees, though. If that makes any sense at all. Anyway, I take my coffee with flavored creamer. Just enough so the drink is sweetened but I can still taste that kick. Has to be hot, I can't stand cold coffee unless it's a blended something-or-other I got from the coffee shop.
  6. Black. Anything else just ruins it.
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  7. black

    you never go back
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  8. Double double!

    Unless it's the good shit I make at home, then just two lumps in a big mug
  9. Triple-Triple (At least) Cream and Sugar
  10. Lots and lots of creamer, usually French vanilla or Hazelnut, sometimes peppermint mocha if I can find it.
  11. Dark Roast, Five healthy (or unhealthy depending on how you look at it) scoops, light (very light) cream, one scoop sugar or hot cocoa.
  12. I don't Coffee.

    I drink tea, and I drink it by itself. No milk or sugar.
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  13. Iced, preferably. Hot rarely.

    I like it over ice with sweetened condensed milk for the sweets. >:3 OR I'll do heavy cream and a lil sugar. OR I'll do a flavor syrup. I love just about all flavors of coffee except peppermint for some reason. I don't like the way mint tastes with coffee. @___@

    I make my coffee in a french press. 8D 4 - 5 scoops. Fresh ground beans.
  14. I don't drink coffee. Too manly for that.

    Now, pass me some warm milk, and we'll have a frickin' party!
  15. I like my coffee like I like my women: strong, sweet, and acknowledged for their contribution to the work force <3
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  16. Black is usually my preference, but...

    1. I have lived with people who bought/drank nothing but flavored coffee, and flavored coffee is fucking gross without cream and sugar. In which case it's more like dessert, so that's cool.

    2. If the coffee is burnt/watery/just shitty coffee, I sometimes put cream in it. But not sugar. NEVER sugar. Sugar in normal coffee (i.e., not flavored) is the grossest thing on the planet.

    3. Iced coffee needs cream.


    4. Turkish coffee is the best thing.

  17. Black with sugar.
  18. It depends on the time of day....

    Morning: Hot and blended with coconut oil and a teaspoon of stevia.

    Afternoon/Evening: Cold, iced with (unsweetened) vanilla almond milk and palm coconut sugar. (Sometimes I blend the ice and the coffee)
  19. If I have it at all it's either iced coffee or doused in cream. Otherwise I stick with my tea. :)
  20. 3 cream and 3 sugar. Or I'll take a white mocha.
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