How do you sleep?

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How do you sleep?

  1. Messy bed.

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  2. Clean tight bed.

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  3. I don't sleep in a bed.

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  1. Me and my boyfriend were having a small debate the other night, so I told him I would solve this via Iwaku.

    The question is, how do you sleep? Me, I sleep with my blankets all messed up and don't care if I even make the bed cause the messier the better! AND I like to have my toes sticking out so they can breath. My boyfriend on the other hand likes to sleep in a neat and tidy bed, where the sheets are so tucked in that the bed might as well be strangling you.

    How does you bed look? Take a picture of it if you want! ^-^;''
  2. I like to sleep on top of a made bed with a fleece blanket. My pillows will be scattered across the bed because I toss around a lot. I'll also ave a fan going on high so it can blow on my face. >w<
  3. Messy bed cause whats the point of making it look good when you're just going to mess it up again withing the next 15 to 16 hours
  4. ..... ........... Does it help anything that I sleep on the floor? >_>
  5. My beds always messy as hell, as opposed to my room. While I straighten out the blankets and stuff, I still don't tuck them in or anything.
  6. Wheres the option for "I don't sleep"?
  7. I Killed the option for I don't sleep with Expresso : D Sorry Vay.
  8. I clicked on this thread expecting a discussion about post-homicidal trauma.

    I am disappointed.

    I drive Gibs insane. For I must, MUST have the blankets perfectly aligned and straightened. Pillows plumped. I love the feeling of comfort and luxury that comes with slipping in to a newly made bed. BONUS if the sheets and blankets are recently cleaned so they have that nice fresh linen smell.

    ...and I never make the bed when I wake up. I only make the bed right before I go to sleep. Whether Gibs is already in it or not. x__x
  10. I only straighten up the bed if we're having company. Otherwise, the pillows and blankets are usually tossed wherever on the mattress.

    When it's time to sleep though..! I'll tidy it up so we're guaranteed warmth and covers. >>; Gotta stay protected from my demon cat's claws. Plus, it gets cold in the bedroom. We don't keep the heat on too much because we wanna save money. Waking in the middle of the night, freezing, with no blankets... It's not fun.
  11. I can do a nice, made bed, but I have to have one thing: None of the sheets can be tucked under the mattress. I really really can't be comfortable when I'm being strangled by my own sheets. I'll usually wind up kicking some layer or pillow off the bed in the middle of the night, and don't make the bed unless it's bothering me. Fan has to be on high(or some kind of soft white noise be present). I can live with one but I prefer both, the noise and the moving air.
  12. I make the bed every night when I go to bed. I don't know HOW my husband can untuck all the sheets and wiggle the pillows out of their cases every night- I'm a light sleeper usually so I know he doesn't toss and turn that much- but he does. EVERY NIGHT. I don't make it completely, mostly I just straighten stuff cause to me there are few things worse than sleeping on a wrinkle.

    Please don't make any princess and the pea jokes. I got enough of those growing up.
  13. Rockin' the sofa scene for four(?) years now. +1 balled up sheet when it gets cool.
  14. A firm mattress made from the corpses of my enemies whilst I am lulled to sleep by the lamentations of their women. :|
  15. My bed usually has books and papers on them. Other than that, it's neat. I *have* to make sure the sheets corners are tucked in but that's about it. It's warm in Hawaii so I just need two blankets and about four or five pillows to prop my head up.
  16. Tegan is Conan?

    What is this I don't even
  17. Drunkenly pass out on whatever or whoever looks comfy?
  18. I generally like the blanket loose so I can arrange it how I need. Sometimes I like parts of me covered and parts uncovered. The only thing that I have to fix is if the bed sheet corners have come untucked.

    And I need a fan on me. Even if it's the winter. I need it.
  19. This but formed into the shape of a couch. I like throwing my arm over the back. It's almost like I am...embracing someone...;_; Someone that I can see, but I know loves me and must exist somewhere in the world...I just...I JUST GOT SOMETHING IN MY EYE, OK?
  20. You and my boyfriend sleep exactly the same!!! I'm in bed sleeping and he fucking ruins my messy blankets by straightening the blankets and fluffing his damn pillow. >.>;''