How do you Skateboard?

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  1. After months and months of constantly pestering my family, I finally got a skateboard for Christmas. Once I stepped onto the board, however, I finally realised that I completely disregarded a major problem: I don't know how to skateboard. Yeah. Fail on my part.

    So before I manage to completely twist my neck into a pretzel, anyone have any tips for beginning skaters?
  2. I skate like this

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  3. Hey, that's how I skate!

    Seriously, I have no idea. Isn't it like riding a scooter without the handlebars?

  4. Don't do that /\ and you should be good.
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  5. I've never seen something so relatable.
  6. How do I skate?

  7. My dad was a skateboarder. Still sort of is, he not long ago got a new long board. Anyway, when I was little, I always wanted to skate like him (and Tony Hawk, because I've been crushing on that man since forever :D). So I tried to learn how, became mediocre at it, then quit forever because I fell off and my skin got scraped up so badly that the sidewalk was streaked with blood. :s

    Anyway, when you're first starting out, you're going to fall a fucking lot. Be pain tolerant and practice your balance. Simple advice that's easier said than done. Get a feel for your board, too. Practice stances on it, upon a soft surface like grass or even carpet. Do every pose you can think of, and even some light jumping. Get to know the board like a swordsman would his sword. *does cryptic hand gestures* When you feel more confident, go back out to the pavement.

    You could look up some how-to videos on proper foot placement and all that. :] Good luck, and enjoy that awesome xmas gift.
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  8. Somehow I read that as "My dad was a skateboard." Funnily enough, I did not question it before I had finished reading. Cause being a skateboard is totally normal...
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  9. I long-board, out of your league...
  10. I don't skate.

    I'm all about the art of movement. Hardcore Parkour!
    Skateboarding is a skill, a skill I injured myself far too many times attempting. Buuuuut....

    To learn to skate, you first must learn to balance... On four moving wheels.
  11. Thanks! :D
    I'll keep your tips in mind.

    There's so much accuracy, it's terrifying.
  12. How do i skateboard?

  13. Alright, first things first learn a bit more about the board you are using. Know what brand the board is, the trucks, the wheels and the bearings. For the sake of safety... I will tell you now: if it's a Wal-Mart board or of similar quality please don't use it. Skateboarding is an extremely dangerous sport and having faulty equipment is basically selling your life away. Even though you really wanna start, having the patience and dropping a hundred or so on your board could very well save your life (and make the experience smoother).

    Brands I recommend:

    -Bones (especially for bearings)
    -Navigator (good starting off trucks, very sturdy)
    -Phantom (good lightweight trucks when you start grinding n shit)
    -Grizzly (they sell star quality griptape... you shouldn't need to replace yours unless it's god awful)

    Also, skateboarding shoes exist more than just for the looks. They are made specifically to have soles that work with the griptape, which will make you have a lot less accidents when you're learning to ollie (and believe me... there will be many, many accidents). Trying to skate with Converse might get you a few approving stares from the douchebag skaters, but you'll more than likely crash and die in a big explosion with Satan laughing in the background.

    Otherwise, definitely surround yourself with supportive people that make you feel comfortable, or just do it on your own. Skate parks can be intimidating, and unless you're super extroverted I wouldn't begin there. Watch lots of "how to" videos, and practice all the time. The one thing I see the most in beginner skaters is fear, and that's usually what keeps 'em from continuing onward.

    Here's a few extra tips:

    - Skateboarding culture is a lot about reputation anymore. I personally dislike that, but modern day skaters tend can be huge assholes. If you start wearing skateboard shirts and carry your skateboard around in public before you can do a couple tricks, you will more than likely be labeled as a poser and will get shit for it on a regular basis.

    - Learn the lingo. As dumb as it is, you'll just be making a fool of yourself if you don't speak the language. And by all means, you don't have to know it ALL... but when someone lands a 360 ollie kick-flip backside and announces it, I'm sure you'd feel more comfortable knowing what that actually means instead of nodding and smiling like a moron ^.^

    - Don't give up! As cliché as it is, you can't let the bruises and scrapes deter you from skating. Just do your thing, and stay away from dicks who just want to stoke their own egos by making you feel judged. Many people who have been skating for years can't even nail a perfect ollie, and that's the fundamental trick for all the other tricks in the universe. Skate because you want to, and not because you want to look cool, blah blah blah AND HAVE FUN!