How do you sit and type?

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  1. How do you sit at a computer? Where is your keyboard and mouse? How do you face your monitor?

    It's something that I'm mildly curious about. I don't think it says anything about the person, but I think it's interesting to compare notes and habits. People who use a laptop are kind of excluded, unless you just have to have your laptop on a table or desk when you type.

    Personally, I usually sit with my chair at a small angle to my desk, turned to the side so I'm not sitting head on. My monitor is angled so that I get the right viewing angle from where I sit. I rest my right arm on the desk from the elbow down as I use my mouse. My keyboard rests in my lap, I find that more comfortable to type from than from a tray.

    It's partly a reaction to space issues. I've always either had a cramped room or a built-in desk that was not built with computers in mind. I started keeping my keyboard in my lap simply because I didn't have desk space for it, and the habit built from there. And then when I started to have a TV in the same room, I needed to position my monitor and my TV so I could just shift my gaze from one to the other easily. When I'm playing a video game though I tend to lean forward and swivel my chair to face the monitor more directly.
  2. I use a duel monitor system with a 22inch and a 17 inch screen. My laptop keyboard is facing at like a forty five away from my body so I can't even see the keys as I'm typing (( not that I need threm nor is this a big deal)). i sit up and at a desk when i do such because I find it the most comfortable. Ironically I feel like i'm at work now typing up a novel.
  3. I used to have a desk. When that was the case, I ran a dual monitor system with a desktop. I had my laptop off to the side. I had it set up so when I was doing mathematical research, my laptop would be the workhorse. The desktop had two 19 inch wides. There was a keyboard/mouse flip box so I only used one keyboard and mouse. The way I sat was head on facing the two monitors. The two monitors were side by side with no angle between them. The laptop was off to the right side.

    Even though my laptop is the workhorse for Mathematica, the desktop had the more powerful graphics card so it ended up being the gaming machine when I gamed.

    I no longer have a desk... >.< And my desktop is no longer with me because I sold it... fucker still hasn't paid me either... -growls and grumbles- So now I just have 2 laptops but one of them (thank god it's not my Mathematica one) is basically a paper weight. So... now I just sit on the couch with a pillow on my lap, watching TV and doing whatever on my laptop. No external keyboard, no external mouse. Just the built in stuff.
  4. Depends which system I'm on. Laptop is usually on the couch or wherever I happen to be. At a desk in my home office would be the second option. As for how I sit and type, just like the ol' school marm taught me: wrists at edge of desk, fingers at appropriate places, facing the monitor. I've only gotten slightly 'lax' with this, in use of laptops and tablets. the Modern Age.
  5. I don't have a desk. :| Can't get one until we move to a bigger place. So, my computer is set up kind funky... The rig is on the entertainment center with the Xbox 360 and the television. Next to the television is my monitor. I have the monitor turned a certain way so that only I can read the screen more easily, because I'm a private person. If my boyfriend wants to read anything I'm doing, he has to lean over to observe or just move to sit behind me. lol

    As for keyboard and mouse... *sigh* They are set up on a TV tray. .__,; I constantly have to tilt forward just to see what I'm doing and be able to type at the same time. Also, no chair. I work all of this from my freakin' BED. So we've had to set up a creative way for me to sit amongst a bunch of pillows and blankets so I can keep my back straight. Having to sit this way as long as I have has even done some damage to my bodeh. My right leg, for example, has stretch marks all up and down it. I know for a fact it's from the awkward cross-legged position I always sit in...

    The things I'll do so I can game and use Stumbleupon, eh?
  6. I usual sit by placing my ass on the chair. And type by beating on the keyboard. My mouse is apart of the laptop I am currently using.
  7. I have a laptop but for some weird reason I still sit at a desk the same way I do for a desktop. With a desktop I usually sit with my chair turned to the right and my feet propped up on the corner of the desk or an open drawer, monitor turned and keyboard in my lap. With a laptop I'm in the same position, just the laptop is in my lap haha.
  8. Sitting and typing is wack, yo.

    I do pushups while I type.

    No but seriously, I have issues sitting still and just 'being online'. Most of the time, unless it's late at night and I'm trying to sleep, I am standing or pacing. Never can sit for longer than maybe 15 minutes at a time, yes, even when writing posts.
  9. I sit hunched on my swivel chair elbow resting on the handles and one leg crossed on my other knee at the ankle. My mouse and keyboard are within easy reach on the desk.
  10. When I am typing on my laptop, I usually sit at a slight distance and face the monitor, but my back does not necessarily touch the back of my chair. I usually try to keep my back straight, but sometimes, my body posture slumps and I end up sitting crooked in front of the screen. I kind of have to pay attention to keep the proper posture, though, so I guess that happens more often than it should.

    When I am typing on my computer, I also sit straight, but I do not face straight towards my desk, as my monitor is at an angle. Otherwise, everything remains the same, though.
  11. Well, I haven't had an actual computer setup of tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all that jazz since middle school, so I have been using either my laptop or iPad to do typey things. :3 On iPad, I'm either just sitting (hunched 'cause of bad posture lol) or lying down (with a few pillows for my back) while typing. On my notebook, I mainly sit up (slouching) looking downward diagonally at the screen or I sit with my back against a wall and the notebook on my lap. Nothing too fancy or specific. XD
  12. I sit sideways, with my left arm just chillin at the space bar [if I'm not typing] and my right arm extended way over to reach the mouse. It's pretty cool, cuz then I can have my kitties in my lap at the same time ^-^